BABA B1A4 2 EP.44

Prologue 2

these are my favorite moments

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MC: “I’m sure they’ll be shocked when they find out he’s a mobster, but I want my grandparents to get to know Soryu because I love him so much.”

Me: “No. No, no, no, no. No. Noooooooo. Nada. Zip. Ziltch. No mobster talk. Lie to them. Please for the sake of your old grandaddy’s beating heart and bad cholesterol, just lie to them. Tell them he works at McDonald’s.”

World of Winx 2 Finale (Spoilers!)

Okay, so, I’m shook! I finally finished watching World of Winx (I’ll be writing a review about it later) and the final episode is truly a very serious turn for the Winx! Venomya, the music critic, is actually a witch! She calls herself Baba Yaga, the Dark Dame. She states that she is going to summon a coven (a group gathering of witches!) I’m honestly surprised, I didn’t see that coming at all! We’ve just got a cliffhanger for the third season, or possibly something else! 

KBTBB HC - If there was a fire and you were still inside (or thought to be) [w/ GIFs]

Hey guys, I know I’ve been kind of M.I.A lately. Haven’t had the time to write as much as I’d like, so whenever I get a chance I’m going to post up little headcannons. This one is for the KBTBB boys. Got the idea from a scene I saw in another Voltage game (you’ll know it lol) Hope you enjoy :)


Baba had just returned into town from another heist. He hated leaving you home by yourself, but you couldn’t afford to take off work to go with him. He had a present he’d gotten for you tucked under his arm, excited to see your reaction to him coming home a day early. He hadn’t told you so as to surprise you. But it was him that got a surprise when he turned the corner to see the building you two lived in up in smoke, fire bursting through some of the windows on the upper floors. Baba dropped everything and took off at a dead sprint towards it. The two of you lived on the upper levels. 

He sprinted towards the door, guarded and blocked off by the firefighters trying to put the fire out. He knocked several people out of the way, throwing them to the side like rag dolls in order to get inside. He had to get to you at all costs. It took several of the firefighters to eventually wrangle him and prevent him from running inside. Baba fought them with all of his strength, screaming your name as they dragged him away from the entrance. 

It was then that he heard someone call his name from behind. He immediately stopped and looked over, seeing you emerging from the crowd. You had soot on your face from the flames, but you were there. The firefighters, seeing the situation and understanding what had happened, let Baba go. Then, like a flash of lightning, he ran to you and gathered you in his arms. He pressed his face into your neck as he trembled, holding you to him as if he would never let go. 

“Thank God…. Thank God you’re alright.” He whispered, feeling you wrap your arms around him in response. 

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A guest in the hotel had poorly discarded a lit cigarette, and the small fire that resulted erupted into one that consumed several floors. All within the matter of minutes. Eisuke had been in the conference room on the first floor when the fire started. The alarms had gone off and everyone began fleeing, the overhead sprinklers raining down water on them. But Eisuke didn’t follow the others. It was the second that alarm went off and he realized what it was for, smelling the smoke, that he realized that you were up in the penthouse cleaning. You’d be trapped there with the flames coming up towards you. 

Eisuke shoved through the crowds of people rushing out of the building, sprinting towards the stairs. If he got t you quick enough, he thought, he’d be able to get you out safely. But he had to hurry. He took several stairs at a time, his thoughts solely on you. He began to panic as he ran, wondering what would happen if the flames blocked his way up and he couldn’t get to you. Or blocked you as you tried to come down. 

But as he turned the bend towards the next flight, he saw you running down the stairs. Relief slammed into him and he took the next several stairs to you and grabbed your hand. Your eyes met for a brief moment, as if to confirm that the other was alright. But then as the smoke began to thicken, Eisuke pulled you behind him as the two of you ran back down the stairs. You had your other arm in front of you, covering your mouth from the smoke.  

The two of you managed to make it out before the flames consumed the top floors, only by a few minutes. The two of you panted as you stood on the street next to the building with the rest of the crowd. It took a moment or two for you to catch your breath, but when you did, the two of you looked at each other softly. Glad that you both were alright. Eisuke gently pulled you against him, holding your head to his chest protectively. 

“I’m glad I was able to get to you in time…” He whispered against your hair, rubbing your back soothingly. 

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It had been a rival gang that had started it while Soryu had been out one day. He’d gotten a threatening phone call, eluding to an accident you were about to have. He didn’t even listen to the rest, he tore out of his office and rushed home as quickly as possible. His worst nightmares became a reality when he turned the corner and saw the flames licking the sky above your house, consuming it. 

Without a second thought, Soryu broke through a window as passerby’s gathered around the house, sirens wailing in the distance as the firefighters neared. But he had something precious in the house that he couldn’t wait for them to get there for. Breaking through the glass, he held his arm in front of his face to shield himself from the smoke searching for you. He called your name several times, worried distantly that he was too late. You called out a few moments later to his relief, your voice hoarse and weak from breathing in the smoke. You were trapped in the bedroom, the door leading to your freedom consumed by the flames. Soryu took his foot and kicked it flat, rushing in and gathering you in his arms. 

You didn’t protest, too weak from smoke inhalation to do anything but allow him to carry you to safety. The air outside felt crisp and fresh in comparison when the two of you made it outside safely. Your lungs protested to the contrast, causing you to cough as Soryu continued to hold you, walking towards one of the ambulances to have you checked out. It was about that time that you felt the tears falling down your cheeks, realizing what would’ve happened had Soryu not shown up. You wrapped your arms around his neck and held onto him, gently sobbing against him. 

He continued to hold you up against him as you cried, refusing you put you down. “I’ve got you baby… I won’t let you go I promise.” 

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A kitchen fire had broken out at one of the galleries Ota was having his displays at, and with all of the grease that had been around from all the cooking, it exploded quickly into a all-consuming fire. Ota had stepped outside just beforehand in order to speak to one of the gallery attendants. You’d been inside with him when he’d stepped out, with him asking for you to remain inside with everyone else while he spoke with the attendant. It was the screaming of other guests that caused him to come running back. 

He kicked himself repeatedly as he ran towards the building, wishing he’d just asked for you to come along with him. He knew you were still inside and had to get to you. People ran out of the building in droves, slowing his efforts as he tried to shove past people to try to get back inside. What if you’d been hurt in the grease explosion? Thoughts raced through his mind until he was shoving and pushing through the crowd in a blind panic. 

But that was the moment his eyes met yours as you rushed out behind a couple. You appeared to be unhurt, though you did appear to be quite fearful. For good reason. Ota could’ve cried in relief knowing that you weren’t hurt. His life had flashed before his eyes when he thought something had happened to you. And he felt a twinge in his heart at knowing that it was your heart that beated in his chest, not his own. It had been yours the day he’d fallen in love with you. When you saw Ota, you rushed forward to him and threw yourself into his arms, so happy that he was also safe. 

“Are you hurt?” Ota asked gently, and when you shook your head with a small smile, he let out a breath, “Thank goodness.” 

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It had been a bomb that’d been planted in the building you two lived in that had caused the fire. Mamoru had been returning home to you after a long day at work when it had gone off. He heard the explosion from down the street, and he dropped all of the groceries he’d picked up. Screaming your name, he ran towards the building. His feet pounded against the ground as he ran to you, ignoring everyone else who had gathered around watching the building catch fire. 

He ignored the other policeman and firefighters who’d quickly gathered to the building, shoving past them without a second thought. His very existence was still upstairs, at home waiting for him. His heart shattered at the very thought of anything happening to you, and him not being there for you. He momentarily hated himself for it, thinking about how he hadn’t been able to protect you when you’d needed it most. He took several stairs at a time as he ran up towards you, racing against the rising heat as he ascended. 

You practically ran into him as you ran down the stairs. The world fell away for just a moment then, feeling himself able to breathe once again seeing you. He grabbed you then, checking you over. You’d been heading down to go pick something up from a friend when the explosion had occurred. You told him that you’d been a few flights below and were unharmed. Knowing that you still needed to exit the building, the two of you rushed outside to the waiting ambulances. 

As you reached safety, he gathered you in his arms then, unable to keep himself from touching you. He needed to hold you more than he needed to breathe. It hurt to without your touch. He realized how close he’d come to losing you, and that thought caused him to squeeze you tightly. As if someone were going to tear you away from him. 

“You scared me sweetheart…” He said, wrapping his arms around you and leaning his forehead against your shoulder. Your own heart tore as you felt his hot tears hit your shoulder, knowing you would’ve felt the exact same way had it been him inside. You ran your hand through his hair soothingly, assuring him that you were okay.

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hi can i ask you about kimura ryohei facts? ^__^

Well….. to be honest, I don’t know that much about Ryouhei lol so I only know the general stuff about him…

And I’ll gladly point you into the direction of one of his fans here, tatsu-to-mamo-no-atm for more info… >w<)v But here are some I found out about him:

  • He joined Gekidan Himawari at the age of 3. (Same agency as Mamo)
  • As every one already knows, this man cannot function without alcohol. I think it’s pretty obvious with his Twitter handle, @Ryouhey_Drunk LOL And he is now in the process of converting Eguchi Takuya and Okamoto Nobuhiko to be his drinking buddies.
  • His hobbies include reading books, watching movies and listening to music.
  • Apparently, locusts can be eaten, and his grandfather likes them a lot, so when he tried to make Ryouhei eat some, he ran away. (Who wouldn’t?!)
  • His family owns a toy store.
  • He also has a cat in their family home and loves to dote on it.
  • As a part time job, he used to be a tutor for grade and middle school students, usually teaching Japanese and sometimes, English.
  • He has three open piercings on his right ear and one on his left. He had one pierced in a hospital when he was a student and some by himself, using safety pins (which I, as someone who has lots of piercings, do not ever recommend! D: ).
  • When he was in middle school, he liked to play soccer a lot and would usually spend his lunch break and every after school to play but would not join the soccer club because he “just would like to play and not practice”.
  • He introduced himself as Alibaba’s seiyuu in the Magi Majaragan event, just to piss off Kaji-baba. LOL
  • And this, happened backstage of said event:

KBTBB GIF - Boys doing something sexy for MC

Anonymous Request: Is there any chance you could do a gif one where the Kbtbb boys are doing something sexy for MC? *blushes and runs away*

Do not run away my pet for this request made me very happy! lol 


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KBTBB Gifs- Wedding nights (funny and a little sexy times)

Anonymous Request:  KBTBB GIF: What they would do on a ‘special’ night on their wedding/honeymoon. Doesn’t need to be smutty. It can be funny… :3

hehehehehe i’ll tell you what, i’ll do a little of both ;) (first one’s the smuttier one followed by the funnier one that i could see the guys doing/being like on their wedding night/honeymoon lol) 


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Can you do kissed by bidder guys reaction when they discover their girlfriend has the ability to create things out of thin air (Kinda of like a genie except no three wishes rule)but she didn't tell them because she worried that he would leave or something ?

*peeks out* Oh my gosh, apologies, this took so long. Oops? 😳
We’re road tripping to Myrtle for honeymoon vacay, and cell service is sucky, so yay- time to write. At least I finally got it done lol.


“I’m so hungryyy.” Baba whined, dramatically tossing away his folded hand of cards.

“No you’re just losing.” Eisuke commented without glancing up. He casually added a large number of chips to the growing pile in the center of the table.

“Food after I whoop his butt.” Soryu rolled his eyes at Baba’s childish behavior. He then called Eisuke’s bet.

“You wish.” Eisuke retorted, smirking as Ota also folded.

“Food does sound good.” Mamoru called from the couch. Having been the first one out he had been relaxing there for quite some time. The other bidders knew it had all been a lazy ploy, but allowed it nevertheless.

“A thin crust pizza, with chicken and onions, all smothered in cheese and barbecue sauce.” Ota rattled off moaning slightly. Remembering his recent, and very delicious, discovery during his last overseas trip.

“Thin crust?!” Mamoru shouted disgruntled, shooting up from his snoozing position. “The fuck? With all those damn toppings you need a thick crust.”

“Sure, go ahead. The crust could match your waistline then.” Ota retorted back with a crooked, devilish smirk.

“You asshole-” Mamoru stumbled to his feet. “Your gun Soryu?”

Stuck in the middle between Eisuke and Soryu was MC. Remaining blissfully ignorant of the increasingly dangerous situation occurring. She rested her head in her hands, staring off dreamily in space. The barbecue chicken DID sound amazing. And she was oh so hungry… Without thinking she snapped her fingers, and a moment later there was a large steaming hot pizza atop the pot of poker chips.

There were shrieks of surprise at the unexpected delivery. Ota pokes at the crust with a chip, testing its realness. Soryu just blinking, double checking his vison. Eisuke nearly fell over backwards in his chair. Baba greedily and impatiently grabbed a slice, and took a hearty bite. Moaning at its perfection, the slice was soon nearly gone.

“The fuck you eating it for?!” Mamoru shouted at Baba, his cigarette dropping from his mouth in surprise. “You don’t even know where it came from thief.” He complained while stomping out the cigarette on the carpet. Hoping Eisuke wouldn’t notice the teeny burn mark.

“Oops. Not again.” MC mumbled, just loud enough to capture Soryu and Eisuke’s attention.

“Was this you?” Soryu questioned. He had seen it with his own eyes and yet he still couldn’t believe it.

“Maybe?” MC had covered her face with her hands, peeking out between her fingers at the shocked bidders. Eisuke recovered first. Pulling her tight against his side, receiving a thunderous protest at the motion.

“Now this is worth paying $20 million for.”