KBTBB Guys React to Fanfics
  • Mamoru: “They write fan-fiction about us? Creepy. As. Hell.”
  • Eisuke: “It’s about time.”
  • Ota: “I’m used to it.”
  • Baba: “I think it’s sweet.”
  • Luke: “What do you think their collarbones look like?”
  • Hishikura: *cringes* "I can’t have such unsavory stories about me in the public; I work at an embassy.”
  • Hikaru: “You think THAT’S bad!? I’m an assassin and they have me written as being all lovey goo-goo! I’m not lovey goo-goo! I’m more like ‘I kill you!’”
  • Hishikura: "Obviously, as displayed by your rhyming."
  • Soryu: *takes out gun; shoots computer*
  • Everyone: "!!!"
  • Soryu: “Problem solved. Should we find the authors now?”
  • Everyone (excluding Hikaru): "No!"
  • Hikaru: "Yes."
KBTBB Christmas Party Headcanons!


  • While Eisuke usually drinks coffee, he switches to hot cocoa around the season! Of course, he only drinks Mc’s. He takes his extra sweet with marshmallows.
  • Eisuke gives everyone the most expensive of gifts. His presents toward Mc are actually pretty thoughtful, though. He usually gives her stuff he thinks she’d like or use. He won’t admit it, but he’s willing to buy her anything~
  • Eisuke’s ten times nicer to Mc around this season. He lets her take her vacation breaks, gives her way more time to do tasks, doesn’t give her as much worse, etc.


  • His gifts have slightly clumsy wrapping, but everyone always appreciates it! Everyone can tell he wrapped it himself. (It’s also pretty fun for everyone to imagine him spending hours wrapping all the gifts.)
  • Soryu is super familiar with the holiday songs! A lot of the Ice Dragons keep on singing it, so it ends up stuck in his head.
  • Soryu is the one who suggests a lot of the ideas for the Christmas party. He’s the one who proposes they do a Secret Santa.


  • He’s the one who sets up the mistletoe at the entrance. It’s always amusing seeing who walks in and who doesn’t. He teasingly dangles one right above his head whenever Mc walks by as an excuse to kiss her cheek!
  • Around the holidays, he usually steals from bad people and gives the item back to their rightful owners. He always signs it with “From Santa~”. Aside from that, he doesn’t steal during Christmas though. The only thing he plans on stealing is Mc’s heart ;;))
  • Baba always writes a little thank you message for whatever he receives. He gets particularly emotional when he gets something he wants.


  • He makes everyone wear Christmas sweaters! He likes making designs that he sees fitting. He specifically gives Mc her oversized sweater. While he knows her size, he really just thinks they’re cute on her.
  • He usually gives two gifts to everyone, one being a joke gift and the other being an actual gift. You can usually tell that he’s the one who brought it as his presents have the nicest wrapping.
  • He always gets art supplies for Christmas around this time, even if he doesn’t ask.


  • Mamoru always steals all the blankets while everyone’s watching the movies!
  • Mamoru usually pretends he doesn’t put that much effort into his gifts, but he actually does! He spends hours trying to figure out what to get everyone.
  • Mamoru, surprisingly, is a lot more active! He’s willing to get up and do some good deeds, once in a while. He’s also pretty generous with helping people out!


  • He usually thinks the holiday is used for money making purposes now a days, but once Hikaru and Mc invited him to the party, he couldn’t resist.
  • Shuichi surprisingly is fond of the Santa hats and reindeer headbands! He also really likes the Sweaters. It’s a nice change from his usual formal clothing.
  • Shuichi definitely lets the holiday mood get to him. He laughs a lot more, smiles a ton, and is a bit more affectionate.


  • Christmas is one of his favorite holidays! He much prefers cold weather over hot weather, and he enjoys that he gets to wear sweaters. While Luke usually doesn’t enjoy food, he really likes drinking peppermint drinks, hot cocoa, and snacking on cookies.
  • One of his favorite movies to watch during the party is The Nightmare Before Christmas!
  • Luke writes little notes and cards with his gifts! He always adds a little kitty wearing a santa hat with the note.


  • While Hikaru and Mc are usually very busy during the season, they both get a couple of days off to celebrate! He takes advantage of what he gets.
  • Hikaru actually really loves the holiday season! He really likes how festive it is, the weather, etc. He’s a lot less grumpy, haha. + Hikaru usually gives Mc and Shuichi their gifts first! He thinks about what to get them the most. As for the others, he usually gives what he thinks will be the most useful to them.
  • He always feels a little bit guilty around this time because of his career, but he uses it as a chance to redeem himself a bit!


  • While she can’t get gifts for everyone as expensive as the ones they get for her, all of her gifts are really nice! She makes them all personalized and such. While they might tease her about it, everyone cherishes the gifts she gives them.
  • Mc loves watching the holiday movies with them all, as cheesy as they may be. She loves wrapping herself in a blanket, drinking warm drinks, and eating baked goods while she’s watching.
  • She always hums Christmas songs as she works. Everyone finds it adorable!

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Places in Norse Myth- [2//?] Fensalir

Fensalir is the hall of the goddess Frigg, chief among the Ásynjur. The name means “fen halls” or “swamp halls” in Old Norse. Fensalir is attested in the Poetic Edda, in Völuspá (quoted above) and the Prose Edda, in Gylfaginning, wherein Snorri describes the hall as “splendid.” Whether this was a true facet of Fensalir or whether Snorri knew nothing other than the name and needed an empty embellishment, we cannot know. Several 19th century scholars believe Fensalir’s etymology denotes not a swampy area but rather a wet, sea-side atmosphere, making Frigg a water goddess. Some others believe that Frigg and Sága are the same goddess, and their names and the names of their halls are simply interchangeable forms, for use of alliteration in lines of Eddic poetry.


The penthouse crew would like to battle!

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