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Hello I just wanted to let you know that the jungkook roommate au pt 11 made my cry😭 at the end. I LOVED it so much and you are an amazing writer. 😄💕 my heart can't take all the fluff. Can't wait for pt 12

Why cry thoooooooo T_T !!! LOL IF I RECALL THE ENDING, IT WASN’T THAT EMMOTIONAL. I bet you cried in frustration then ;) I love writing fluff tbh <3 Thank you so much for the support >< you’re the sweetest!!

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girl.... i need to get something off my chest... [dramatic pause] ....ur edits are so amazing wtf!!??? the black sails fandom should put up a statue of u honestly

fhjdkljsfnsk !!?!aaa?? [pans to me crying on the floor] that seriously means so much to me im??? like tbh all i wanna do is give the fandom [batman voice] the edits they deserve /infect everyone who doesn’t already watch the show lmao BUT SERIOUSLY OH MYGOD this has made my day/life ily <333

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Would Jade care at all if she just randomly walked in one day and saw Wes and Crystal making out on the couch or something lol, I know you said she's over her crush, but I'm just assuming Wes has told her about how Crys did him dirty, and would think she'd be somewhat concerned


okay but like even though Jade is just like “lol i’m over you”.. if she seen Wes and Crys behaving the way they are now she’d feel some type of way sooooo much. she’s okay with him being single and not wanting her but seeing him with other girls would definitely bother her. 

and yeah she does know about Crys and how she cheated so she’d be pretty pissed off at Wes for accepting her back into his life.. she’d think he was being stupid and careless and if she ever got the chance to say it to his face she would. 

I legit wanna cry lol. My holy grail lipliners got stolen today at school, MAC Stripdown and NYX natural & coffee. I’m so fuckinggggg mad, they’re legit the only ones I wear like everyday and I can’t repurchase bc I’m saving. Dirty nasty ass high school hoes and their petty hands smh (they stole my fucking eyebrow brush too)

((also sorry for not updating for a while, I was doing my voltron keychains then my laptop cord decided to stop rip and i bought one thats supposed to arrive 3-5 days then they decided lol no u dont and now it’s coming late aug early sep soooo… then i was finishing stock and did my con and now i’m back so hopefully sometime it’ll come and i wont wanna cry lol))

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48, 91, 92, 100 pls 😊

48. who is your role model? 

I got different role models for different things in life! =)

91. have you ever been high?

If I have it was from 2nd hand! I used to be best friends with a hugggge pothead and she’d smoke a fuck ton around me and hot box

92. have you ever been drunk?

Nope! I don’t drink

100. who was the last person you cried in front of?

tbh i dont know lol i dont cry like… at all lol and if i do its usually alone cause im reading fanfics or watching shows?? I mean i teared up watching Nerve but my friends didn’t notice but I mean I was around them?! lol