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I went to the website that had all those B pap pics and searched the tag "Louis Tomlinson" and looked at his pap pics, guess what i found? Pap pics of D tangled up with a dude leaving Crique Le Soir after Louis' TXF performance. He refused to hold D's hand and held Lottie's hand and got papped with her instead, but d felt so left out and desperate for attention that she was clinging into other dude and he had his arms around her (looking and smilint directly at the camera) LOL

i’m CRYING, those aren’t just any dudes (there are two).. one of them is annas the club promoter and one of them is simon jones YIKES. not that it matters a whole lot now but it’s.. interesting that these weren’t circulated at the time hahaha 

(here are the photos x, x, x, x)

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are you excited for the new bts vlive coming soon???? i should probably sleep because it's 3:36 am but at the same time it's already 3:36 so might as well stay up ya know LOL i cry though because i have class at 8 am hahahahah


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age- 21
biggest fear- forever being haunted by bad decisions/regrets
current time- 18:54
drink you last had- orange juice
every day starts with- getting a heart attack from my alarm clock
favorite song- i don’t really have one
ghosts- ???
hometown- i moved out years ago, but the hague/ den haag will always be in my heart tbh
in love with- books
jealous of- cats and flowers, they don’t have to deal with society’s pressure lol
killed someone- ???
last time i cried- i always cry tbh, whether it be physically or internally
middle name- i don’t have one
number of siblings- 4
one wish- peace of mind
person you last called/texted- my dad
question you’re always asked- idk probably ‘‘are you moroccan’‘??
random fact- i don’t know how to swim, which is actually kind of a big deal as a big part of holland lies below sea level. if the dunes break i’ll probably be the first one to die lol
time you woke up- 7:25
underwear color- ???
vacation destination- i’d love to visit turkey and japan
worst habit- overthinking
your favorite food- moroccan food
zodiac sign- sagittarius

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12 + lirry :)

this is probably NOT what you wanted at all, but i hope you like it anyways! i know that zombie apocalypse aus are maybe a bit over done, but here i am with 1.3k (also i apparently cant write things unless they have harry crying to i apologize for that too lol)

for the prompt “having to put up holiday decorations together after a big fight”

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Awwwww I'm your sweetest bean, I feel so loved! :D and yeah, I can get the Mad Max vibe a bit (and you should totally see it! It's so good!) Ahh the parts where they are dancing on the mirror in the desert looks like part of a Britney Spears video lmao. (Work Bitch, I think?). Lol~ Also, your selcas/selfies are sooo cute. I cry. T.T 10/10 would recommend to a friend. Aha~ seriously, though. V cute. I hope you have a lovely day! x - S

-hugs hugs- you deserve all the love in the worldddd!! hnggg i love that mirror part so much like w o w. ahhhh, after rewatching the mv tons of times, i think the biggest contributor to those bang bang bang feels was jimin’s pink hair. it was so taeyang-ish and i’m like THEM FEELS R HERE.

kdjvnkdfjnv thank youuuu ;v; hahahaha, you’re too sweet, S~! i hope you have an amazing day ahead~~~! 

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal