Hilarious Moment of EP 45

Usually I just post wMatsui stuff but this part was really funny and I’m in a good mood so why not!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you a troll from the SKE family:

So…During lunchtime…

Shizuku-chan, elementary 6th grader asked: 「People in SKE cannot fall in love right?」

Akarin, Aya, Kanon and Yukko all nodded.

「You can’t.」they say.

Shizuka-chan:「You can’t have someone you like? (Meaning, you can’t have a crush?)」

Teppei said 「It’s a good question, isn’t it?」

「できない. You cannot.」Akarin and the other members said. 

Aya mumbled something along the lines of: 「Since oneechan has always been in a joshiko, I don’t [get crushes].」

Which makes no sense to me whatsoever. Young girls…are usually falling in love left and right. 

Shizuka-chan:「Then you guys don’t talk to boys at all?」

Akarin answered 「We don’t talk [to boys at all].」

The camera ended there, but I think Yukko choked a bit on her food, surprised at the answer, and she then touched Akarin’s arm.

Now obviously, it’s not true that they don’t talk to boys at all. But Akarin answered so quickly and ironclad that Shizuka-chan was all:「Eeeeeeeeh!」

Poor kid lol. If she had any intention of joining SKE, it might have died. xDDD


A bit afterwards, Akarin said to Teppei: 「Sensei, Akarin likes guys who can drink their milk in one fell swoop.」

And so this happened: