Less than a week until Alolaaaaaa

this was my countdown piece that I did for the @sunmoon-count but due to school and stuff I couldn’t find time to digitalize it ha ha…

Still!!!!! I had fun drawing for it and yeah! 

please dont remove the text please

Alright I’m gonna describe the gems just based on pictures in honor of su coming back

You know she’s up to something look at that grin
She always got something to say
The school girl outfit don’t fool me I KNOW YOU’RE GONNA BE A SNAKE
I don’t trust her but I love her

Looks like she can be trusted BUT THAT SQUARE HEAD HAS SECRETS IN IT I CAN SEE IT.
I would let her murder me
She probably would murder me anyway.
She’s gonna get me all in my feelings then stab me in the back just like navy.
I’m watching her but I love her


I’ll stop the whole world
I’ll stop the whole world from turning into a monster
And eating us alive…