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Reasons why the Lost Special needs to exist, and why things can’t simply be resolved in Series 5

It will look like Mofftiss are trying to sweep up their mess to appease people. It would look, and feel, more like damage control than the epic finale it deserves to be. It would make them look bad, like they truly don’t know what they’re doing and are just making things up as they go along. (This would also be a danger if the episode wouldn’t have been secretly filmed already.) I think we can all agree that they can both be pretty arrogant. Would they let their egos be damaged like that?

Everyone involved with the show thinks s4 is the best yet. It’s been described with these phrases:

“Insane wish fulfillment”


“If we can pull this off…it would be…television history”

“Never been done before”

“Love conquers all”

And there are more, of course, those are just the ones right off the top of my head.

Steven Moffat said he may be more proud of TFP then ASiB. Even a complete amateur like me could look at both scripts side by side and know there’s no contest between them. Moffat is a professional, so is Gatiss. There’s no way Steven would even think this unless it was part of something bigger. I refuse to believe that they would throw all of their rules of writing out the window, especially right after TLD, which was beautifully written. If TFP is it, if there’s nothing else, then surely Moffat should be more proud of TLD? Wouldn’t that make more sense? (Not that, y’know, anything about this is making sense. But I try anyways. The joys of insanity.)

This series was very deliberately marketed to lead the audience to believe that Sherlock would be given a love interest. The I love you trailer was edited in such a way that made it seem like Sherlock had a dark secret, and that this secret was that he was in love. The “I love you” was the climax, the cliffhanger of this trailer. And the actual context of the lines within the episodes themselves do not matter. It’s all about how the trailer’s narrative, on its own, was structured, the way the audience would perceive it in the context it was given in. And everyone was buzzing about who Sherlock could be in love with; there were countless discussions of it in the Youtube comments alone. The vast majority of the comments were about just that. People wanted to know why Sherlock was saying it, who he was saying it to. This. Was. Deliberate. And even if you can shrug off the trailer, can you shrug off the BBC iPlayer tweeting this?

This is not how you market your show if you’re not going to pull through.

This goes beyond queerbaiting. This is leading the audience on, all of the audience. And then there was TLD, and the whole “romantic entanglement” - “would complete you as a human being” thing. This isn’t just about Johnlock. It doesn’t matter who it’s about because again, this is another way of saying that Sherlock will be given a love interest. There might be Chekhov rifles hanging everywhere in this series, but this one is the biggest of all. A huge amount of attention was drawn to it…only for nothing to come of it in TFP.

So a romance was all but promised for s4, and they didn’t deliver. Would they have built up all this hype if the plan was to leave us to wait for years for it to happen? Um. No. Not unless they didn’t know what they were doing.

In fact, believing that there truly is nothing else coming requires you to believe that nobody knew what they were doing. Not one person, because otherwise TFP would not have happened the way it did…unless there is more.

Steven Moffat said that the cliffhanger of Series 4 would leave fans “desperate for series five”. TFP ended on…the complete opposite of a cliffhanger? Not to mention, they’ve said they’ve had things mapped out for five series for years and years. If they leave things as is, with things “””””resolved””””” the way they are in TFP, s5 will look completely tacked on to that.

Let’s be real, if they let TFP just sit for 2+ years as is, I’m not even sure if there can be a Series 5. The reviews were terrible. The ratings were the worst they’d ever been. Most people hated it. If this is left cold long enough, if nothing happens soon, people will become indifferent. They won’t care anymore. They’ll move on. This is why we need the Lost Special, and this is why it needs to come out sooner rather than later. Otherwise, there is no hope for this show.