lol i know not funny

upinsmoke-sims3 replied to your post “So like I feel better after this gem..”

lmao <3 she sounds spunky and amazing. this is the same woman that decorated with brick so i know she has good taste as well ;)

LOL Indeed. Amazing, funny, and a great decorator. xD

But thanks. This comment made me LOL and smile. You’re too sweet.

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I have not seen you get an anon yet but I saw someone else already so I WANT TO SAY THIS. There is nothing wrong with Harry being on SNL so soon, Niall was out there real fast doing promo on Major morning shows. So anyone who wants to get their panties in a bunch exit left :D

There’s people complaining about this already? lol well thanks! 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I hope we get a skit of jimmy being a parody of Harry likes he’s done before but also harry being a parody of jimmy lol I know they’ll have skits they’re too funny not too

I’m not ready…. 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:ask this two boys seriously to calm down..!! listen i have got my hospital rounds to complete.. i cant just stick to twitter and wait for their sweet slow love make out between their twitter profiles..!! =@_@=

This next few days are going to be crazy I can feel it  haha I’m sorry for you, nony 


I don’t know why this cracks me up as much as it does. Also I randomly hum it whenever.

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Sorry if the question sounds stupid but what is kinning?

its not stupid!! honestly kinning is… uhm how do i explain this

so first i gotta explain otherkin / fictionkin, both often shortened to ‘kin’. to be kin with something in this sense is to identify as something other than urself, whether that be non-human or a fictional character. some people take this more literally than others, its often a spirital belief, or a coping mechanism for mental illness, etc. sometimes its just kinda fun. im not as intense abt it as i used to be but ive got some kintypes. kinning is just the like.. verb form of it. like to kin a character.

bc of my own experiences w kin stuff and also the way tumblr kin community tends to be FUCKING WILD i make fun of it a lot wrt characters (joking abt sasuke bein fictionkin kjdhds) but like. im not anti-kin or anything lol its just funny sometimes. 

i hope that makes sense?? lemme know if have more questions or anything 

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Back at uni now and am doing a history unit. 'British identity in the 20th century.' spat my tea out when looking at course outline, as 2 WREKS are devoted to the Kray twins? Werent they a big thing on this blog ages ago? As people were debating those incest rumours, as lots of people thought they were sleeping together? We have to watch 3 films about them. 'Legend' (which I think is the film that was talked about here a lot) and two others, 'The Krays' and 'Rise and Fall of the Kray brothers'

If we talk about them they come back!

It’s funny, really. Apparently JK Rowling took some inspiration from them when it came to Voldemort, including the part about not saying their names. Here I am, so many, many years later, wincing anytime their names come up because I know what’s about to happen lol Funny enough, I actually have a couple of messages about them sitting in my inbox right now, though I suppose they could be from you. There was a lot of discussion about them so, if you’d like to read it, you can find it all under the Kray tag. I actually was talking to my Mum the other day and realized that my Grandad was a policeman in London at the same time the Krays were running things. She remembers it being a big worry back then. My Grandad passed away last year so he’s not around to ask, but I wonder what kind of stories he’d have had to tell me if I’d ever asked him about it?

Confession 5

I have no clue “who i am ”
To some im this crazy ass girl who does whatever i want and say what i think.
2 seconds later i can be all shy and stumble over my words.
Then i can be rude as fuck to one stranger trying to approach me and super nice to the next even if its only a minut after the first.
To some friends i Will tell them i love them and have that friendship you see posts off and then with others we Will call eachother whore slut bitch cunt.
Maybe i even do this to same person on the same day.. maybe within same minut
You just never know what you get from me. Not even i do