lol i know not funny


I post mainly porn yes I know so it’s funny when I post crazy shit to see how lil likes I get like some y'all thinking this bitch is weird 😂😉😂😉😂

My best friend is a sleep talker/walker and these are things i've caught him saying part 2

• “Go ahead, i dare you

• “Jesus christ Denice i swear to God”

• “Hashtag too cool for school”

• “Pop lock and drop it”

• He started speaking romanian

• “You are just-” *cue universal okay sign*

• “Thats where you went wrong - never assume i’m adult enough to do things by myself”

• *In the most deadpan voice* “Do you wanna fight?”

• “That’s what happens when you don’t Jesus enough”

“Kill her”


• “Well……. Looks like the tables have turned haven’t they?”

• “Time heals a broken heart but not that bitch’s window”

• “Tis’ but a scratch!”


And my personal favourite…..

• Sat up, looked at me, said “Your mother ate my hotdog - I will send her to the seventh circle of hell” then collapsed

Lol I may not know exactly what this mom was saying (I don’t know Spanish) but The Count is something that’s universal 😂 These kids wouldn’t go back to her and I hear a jumble of fussing then “Uno..Dos…” and you better believe them kids hauled tail towards her 😂😂😂 A parents anger transcends language.

gay-white-bread  asked:

Just,,,,,,, the entirety of the plant episode has so many gay vibes even if they're low key they're there lurking,,,,,

YES AGREED…but every episode has low key gay vibes. Some of them are even high key. Lol

gay-white-bread said: Bethan and Saricah are end game everyone can fight me

For sure that’s been the end goal all along the writers are conspiring in secret to gift us with the power couples

And Rory, uhh…he can get a nice boyfriend too lol


I KNOW LOL IT’S SO FUNNY I love it when TV shows rebrand things, especially vintage memes like Rick Rolling lmfao

Anonymous said: We all know that if either benny or Ethan were a girl they would’ve ended up together WE ALL KNOW

Yes definitely there’s no doubt in my mind

I’m honestly surprised they didn’t comment on how the other looked, at least explicitly, in the episode where they dressed up as cheerleaders I woulda liked to hear Benny say “Hey you’re pretty hot as a girl” lol

Anonymous said: “Can I boite your head” god what an idiot I love benny

That’s one of my favorite episodes honestly and just!! How Ethan got so concerned about Benny like “Why didn’t you tell me you got bit?!” and the part where he’s like “Stay with me…I mean not right with me but you get it…”

“Can I bite your head” though lol what a dork of course he’d say it that way too

Anonymous said: So in the first episode of the MBAV series, when Benny is trying to bring back some chicks dead dog to get a date, and Ethan is just completely against it and trying to stop him. Just 👌👌👌

YEAH…he was prolly really jealous Ethan is always the voice of reason but Benny only ever listens to him when his plans backfire lol Ethan’s always getting dragged into this stuff I feel so bad for him;; But he loves Benny so he has a hard time saying no

cyan-sketches-things said: Remember when Benny and Ethan dressed up as cheerleaders and Rory kept flirting with them?? It was so great


Both of them gagging while Rory horrendously flirts with them I crack up every time

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Have you ever noticed that when you're showing something on your instagram stories, like when you don't show your face (e.g. the breakfast bowl you posted today) you keep pointing to the food when you are talking? lol Random i know. I just noticed it and thought it was funny and cute!

haha nope but I’m sure I will now! 

gemini, leo, aquarius sun/mc when you don’t laugh at their joke:

lmao ok..? im laughing tho cause it iS funny haha! whatever right? lol ur weird why aren’t you laughing? anyways i know i’m funny so it’s kay. im not red with embarrassment it’s just my face. I Am a funny Person. thanks

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i just read all ur anons/ political opinions. theyre everything i always wanted to say to my liberal sociology teacher. i am in love

lol fr u know what is so funny though is that all these anons r most likely self proclaimed “liberals” but disregard the fact that the founding base of liberalism is freedom of speech and to freedom to think 

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So hw knows that you know Valentin has feelings for you but assumes he's who you're talking about and directing your lyrics to and since then he hasn't mentioned it again lol your mom knows what he looks like now??

Yeah haha he thinks he knows but girl I just love the song lol it’s funny how he assumes things right away. Yeah I showed my mom a Snapchat he posted and he’s like oh that’s him I’ve seen him around

The Plumber Hoedown

I was gonna gif it (well, I still might) but you KNOW no gifset is ever going to be as hilarious as this video is so W A T C H it.