lol i know not funny

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That's a far ass swim lmfao I can't say I have any plans to go to London, I'll show my face 😜 unless you come to Ny lol

You know what’s funny, I was actually thinking about going to USA next year or something… but more like Florida or California? Because I’ve already been to New York and, no offence cos I thought it was pretty and all, but i don’t wanna go back 😂

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You like horror/scary stuff right? have you ever watched the channel 'Mr Nightmare' on YouTube? He tells ''true'' scary/horror stories. It sorta reminds me of Are you Afraid of the Dark. I thought you might like it. I've been binge watching his videos all day and honestly this morning I was so spooked tbh. lol 🙊

u know what’s funny? i was tempted to look him up after bunny (grav3yardgirl) mentioned him in her latest vloot tea blog. but i forgot and was a little too chicken shit cause she said some of the stuff is nightmare inducing. i’ll be sure to give a video or two a shot. what is your favorite?

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You go to sleep so late! .... Well I guess you do live in the city that never sleeps right? (haha sorry I thought that was pretty funny lol)

hahahah, ya know college life 

This is the shit my friend used to do to me lol. Like she ignored valid points I made and tried to take whatever sounded irrelevant and escalated and twisted it and it fucked with my mental health so much and I left her. lol like i know this is a joke and funny and all but please leave people who do this to you get the fuck away from dismissive people who don’t value what you have to say and only care about derailing the issue to win the argument. It’s really disgusting please take care of yourself.