lol i know not funny

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3, 5, 7 and 11

3. answered this one :)

5. What do your friends and family think of your love for One Direction? my family doesnt care. once they tried to tell me to do things my age and i asked what that meant exactly? and they said “idk, go to the restaurant with your friend and have a glass of wine?” and i just said “i already do that.. but there, we talk about one direction.” lol as for my friends they dont care and i spend most of my time with @payneasfuck and shes a 1d fan too so :P my bf doesnt care and my kids love it hahaha

7. Are you sometimes embarrassed of liking the boys? honestly? no. not really. everyone at my job knows i love them lol idc :)

11. Name three of your favourite funny moments. 




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I don’t know why I still love watching this old classic anime of my childhood days. It makes me excited, anxious, and inspired still. The plot of the story still makes sense to me, though maybe I’ve watched it almost a thousand times now. 

A lot of good stories has been made already since these old anime series ended. But, they could still kick the joy out of me. Funny I know. LOL


Hey Guys been busy moving into my house and I miss you

I’m hungry as hell here but I wanted to let you know I’m not dead lol

not funny 

But Happy Halloween 

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Did you know that there are like "BTS members" on Tumblr? (They're like roleplay/satire but they're really funny)

Yeah I know lol-Skies


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They all went to emo night I don't think it's that deep. It's not like you saw them hang out with her. Ash was never seen around her at all and cal was in a snap with Derek and you could see her on the other side. She wasn't even near cal. She had snaps of her bday dinner at the table and the guys weren't there

Again I don’t think anyone is going crazy over it lol, I didn’t know about it at all. It was funny in the beginning but now knowing they had little to do with her even though they were at the same party just makes it hilarious lmao. Now them still disliking her, more than a year later, that’s deep lmao

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i feel like if someone looked into my mind all they would hear/ see is screaming, me wondering where i put down anything ive ever grabbed , ocean man on 10 hour loop with a slide show of lance and keith playing and memes

LOL relatable u know what’s funny i meme on ocean man but i’ve never actually heard it and i kinda dont want to bc i have a Tune in my head (it sounds vaguely similar to the adventure time…come on grab your friends tune) but omg me..earlier i was thinkin abt them holding hands and i was like wow..welcome 2 my twisted mind