lol i know not funny

Finding gay things from your childhood is always fun

I was going through a box that was full of toys and books and junk from when i was in middle school and i found this thing

im pretty sure my mom got it for me when i was in the 6th grade or so.. of course i had to see what was on it

what could little ol’ 6th grade me have on this thing… pictures of the dog, or family, or friends, or even pictures from an anime i watched back then..

but nah…

6th grade me put 35 pictures of Blake Lively on a slideshow keychain lol

I was and probably always will be really gay for Blake Lively.


If you thought your father is overprotective, you haven’t seen Klaus Mikaelson lol. I don’t know why do I find this episode funny at the end but it was hilarious when he was so evil and then he just came for his baby and became so soft and sweet.

The Signs At The Beach
  • Aries:dares their friends that they won't go as far out into the ocean as them
  • Taurus:gets excited because it's an excuse to buy boardwalk fries
  • Gemini:complains about it being too hot every five minutes
  • Cancer:just wants their friends to be having a good time
  • Leo:spends the whole time taking cute selfies
  • Virgo:either reading a book or listening to music - not to be disturbed
  • Libra:flirts with the lifeguards
  • Scorpio:kicks your ass at beach volleyball
  • Sagittarius:spots out all the hot shirtless guys
  • Capricorn:wishes they were at home watching netflix
  • Aquarius:wants to get a good tan but is too bored to just lay out
  • Pisces:is low key afraid of a tsunami happening while they're sunbathing

When someone starts giving you excuses, but you’re already over it:


Location fails (1 of 4)

I just wonder, since they did film and use the footage, if they had to actually ask for permission. How did that go? “Excuse me, can we film 30 seconds of footage of you kicking us out for not having permission?”