lol but this was funny asf

Be Careful Who You Call Ugly In School:

CLEARLY this is just a little joke. I love BTS to the moon & back. Some people are just sensitive asf. Anyway I love these boys & they make my heart go thump lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️

the signs as bts lines

aries : stop playing hard to get before I kick you in the butt - v

taurus : even my shit smells like jasmine - namjoon

gemini : I hope all the mosquitoes go to you tonight - jin

cancer : I don’t know what the words on the menu say so I’m just gonna order - jungkook

leo : my handsomeness is staining my life - jin

virgo : I have to talk to my mother about this first - namjoon

libra : the bladder is solid, the urine is like a lotus flower - jhope

scorpio : I really want you to hit me right now - jimin

sagittarius : I thought, “wow that guy over there is really hot and sexy”, turns out it was me - jungkook

capricorn : do you [jhope] still want my respect? - v

aquarius : she’s my religion so I call her she-sus - jungkook

pisces : I want to be a rock in the next life - yoongi

nct vers

BTS reaction: how you meet


☆ meets you due to a friend

☆ thinks your incredibly funny

☆ asks his/ your friend for your number

☆ randomly messages you w/ a quirky pick up line

☆ „did it hurt when you fell from heaven?“

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☆ at a meet and greet

☆ you give him a drawing

☆ He appreciates it a lot

☆ „wow I look just as handsome as in real life“

☆ then tells you a dad joke

☆ you laugh = Jin happy

☆ gives you a vip ticket

☆ „I have a lot more funny jokes I have to tell you“

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☆ you meet at a party

☆ this boy is wasted asf

☆ „mhm babygurl, why are you alone here?“

☆ you tell him that your date left with another girl

☆ „don‘t worry baby gurl, daddy‘s here“

☆ [insert smut]

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☆ secretly has a fan account

☆ talks to his fans w/ his yoongi fan acc

☆ starts talking to you

☆ see‘s a pic of you and thinks you‘re pretty

☆ „so who is your fav?“

☆ it‘s him lol

☆ „same he‘s really hot.“

☆ starts talking to you like everyday ‚ past midnight

☆ calls you one day via facetime

☆ lolol it‘s yoongi lolol

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☆ (same as Jin) at a meet and greet

☆ thinks you‘re really cute

☆ writes his number into your album

☆ „please text me, jimin.“

☆ you text him

☆ he texts you the cutest things ever

☆ „so, wanna hang out sometime?“

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☆ he see‘s you in the crowd of his concert

☆ „aye you, you‘re style is awesome“

☆ you literally die

☆ wont stop looking at you

☆ both of you start a facial expression contest

☆ you win

☆ after the show he tells a security guard to bring you backstage

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☆ randomly meet at a starbucks coffee

☆ he sits down next to you

☆ as soon as he sat down, both of you started to notice another

☆ awkward/ embarrassed smiles

☆ giggling at how awkward both of you are

☆ „Hi I‘m Jungkook, what is your name?“

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