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Since I didn’t get to do inktober sob….but you guys can have thissss instead.My rp stuff.

Mahaad and Mana’s warlock+witch designs for a vampire au I have with @elynnae.  I have Mahaad without a hat too! You can see the front of Mana’s outfit in the rough sketch.

**Mahaad is a warlock who owns a little strange shop deep in the woods.  Mana is his little witchy apprentice. The location of their shop always mysteriously changes from time to time.  

lol sorry for being trash again but i feel like it’s expected, by now.  Idk how many of my followers are puppyshippers, but that’s like all I post and draw, so I’m assuming it’s a decent amount of you lol

I just wanted to say thanks to all 50 of my followers; that’s a milestone I reached this week, and that just seems like so many people! So here’s my gift of the OTP xoxo

the preview image is blurry af but oh well you can click and then open it in a new tab if you gotta

the left is a request for @etiolxte who wanted jou being a dork (altho i guess that’s this whole thing), and the right is a request for @setoxjoey who wanted puppyshipping. I hope you two don’t mind me sort of combining the two requests, because fuck I had this idea and I thought it was maybe funny or cute? possibly?


if you want to request something from me, you can follow the instructions in this post

It just occurred to me: how much of Kaiba’s anger is actually due to low blood sugar (being “hangry”)? We never see him eat or drink in the context of the original series, so it’s pretty safe to say he might forget to eat while wrapped up in a project, etc. So I wonder: how many times could his irrational behavior have been “cured” with a sandwich or something? 😂😂😂

(Somebody needs to do a Kaiba-themed Snickers meme now lol)

request for @kaibaboss​ who wanted Joey with Priest Seto. You were super sweet in your request so I really hope you like it!

I was determined this time around to not have my light source be a warm colour! Also idk what this ship is called someone tell me so i can tag it appropriately thanks


These are the only photos I have atm. One of my staff peeps took a set of me and when I am able to get some copies I will share them. I also had quite a few people at the con take some of me from roaming the halls so I’m hoping to track those down at some point. I know it takes a while for people to post stuff after a con so I’m both patient and won’t be upset if they choose not to post them here. There is always facebook. Anyway.

If you see yourself here please let me know! Like a dummy I forgot to ask if these lovely people had a tumblr or facebook I could tag them. Honestly, I was so nervous just asking to take photos that was the last thing I was thinking about lol I will scroll the metrocon tag in a week or so and see if anything pops up. For now, have these lol

request for @coffeevamp who wanted Jou bonding with Mokuba. 

You’re a really awesome follower! uwu I wanted to go back to my normal style, which unfortunately is a sketchy-ass mess, but hopefully you will forgive me RIP im sorry,,,,,

also inspired by the fact that I lost my gameboy colour connector cable today for the 40 billionth time in my life yay yes good