lol your hat


I bet Robin buys Morgan the same book every year for her birthday.


Flug- “You can’t be ugly if you don’t show your face”
BH is just regular “I H8 U ALL”

It was a pleasure painting them public and share with world.

(Also little Anxiety Person in bottom corner painted also by me lol)


the good wife + zodiac signs

pre-announcing ‘show choir blogs’

So, robinalaska​ and I have been planning this quietly since… before s6, since we started getting too behind/overwhelmed with the rewatch between s5 and s6, I think.  After Glee is over - (which it now is) - we’ll do another rewatch.  Of everything.  Only one episode a week, just like when it was airing, so that there’s enough time to write things for each episode before it’s time for the next.

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