lol your hat


Flug- “You can’t be ugly if you don’t show your face”
BH is just regular “I H8 U ALL”

It was a pleasure painting them public and share with world.

(Also little Anxiety Person in bottom corner painted also by me lol)


I bet Robin buys Morgan the same book every year for her birthday.


hi my name is gay and i’m becca


I finished doing banners of all my toons! So far only the top two are OCs but here’s the whole crew.  The backgrounds are the core game’s dialoge cutscene images with a few edits.
From top to bottom is
Wraithbloom the necro / Traveler Sorrel the thief / Aria Azureblade the guardian
Amathia Snapdragon the mesmer / Willoa Wisp the ele / Ghostberri the rev
Gael the Lost the ranger / Apis Honeycomb the engi

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends ever, @spitboi-mcriffs Hope you like this and that you’re having a wonderful day! (Am starting to have regrets about posting oops)

Anyways!! You are amazing and talented and fun and wonderful! You deserve the best year ever

30 Days OTP Challenge!!

Day 4: On a date:

I can totally portray them going to a theme park as the perfect date >w< 

Cause that’s my perfect date too //Cough cough


the good wife + zodiac signs