lol you're the only one who would actually do it

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TAOHUN QUESTION SET 4? (I lost count already OTL): 1) who would be the more jealous boyfriend and why? 2) Who would you give your only chocolate-chip cookie to if both asked for it and why? I'm random, I know. Hope you're doing well :) -Cherry ♡

lol i think it’s the fifth one?? actually idk either….


this is a tough one…but i think it would be sehun. mainly because of this

and this

and let’s not forget

half the time, i think tao doesn’t realize the jealousy sehun feels when he gets touchy with other members but when he knows, i feel like he gets a kick out of it because

tao pls


TAO OF COURSE. tao is so precious to me and he deserves more than one cookie. i’d buy him a whole box of cookies if he asked me to. sehun can go away. tao will share with him anyway so it doesn’t matter if i don’t give the last one to him. hA.