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Why do you think cycling slim is doing intermittent fasting ? He's successful on your advice why should he do that? Hes only eating 2 times a day! Wtf !

All these 20 something guys get epic results following my advice then they want to get all cocky n shit and try and re-invent the wheel Ive spent the last 30 years learning how to create and they end up having to starve themselves again lol.

He is coaching a girl who is gaining weight like crazy following his advice now and she feels MEGA deprived each meal time. I would too if I could only eat celery sticks with a few mung beans and even then ‘ONLY IN LIMITED AMOUNTS!’ haha.

Sugaring on Insta

Instagram is a good place to find sponsors and I’m thinking about doing it but then again I’m too paranoid and I feel like it’s easy to get exposed on there lol. But if you’re bold enough you can find guys on there.

Your Instagram should have some tasteful, sexy, cute pics. It’s Instagram you’re not supposed to look real, use all the filters you need to lol. Anyways, when you go on the app. There’s a search tab. Click on that and then click on the search bar and then click on places. Then you can search anywhere in the world and pics will pop up. So you can search the most expensive hotels, resorts,neighborhoods, restaurants, shops, etc. When pics pop up scroll through and look for guys who have pics with not too many likes (less than 80). Look at their profiles and you can just tell if they have money or not. For example, the places they stay, the food they eat, the furniture/interior design in a pic, cars, his suit, the people around him, etc. You can just tell a legit baller to a fake one. Once you clarify that he is well off from his profile. Then you can like some pics, comment, and DM him. Then you wait for a response. If you don’t get a response then on to the next one, there’s a billion more to finesse😈


Pairing: pre!Apocalypse Daryl Dixon x Reader

Words: 1,002

Genres: fluff, angst 

Summary: based off this drabble request. “I don’t want to put you in that type of environment.” 

Notes: idk if this is good, it’s sort of short, too long for a drabble tho but yeah here it is lol i didn’t edit it and yeah but i hope you guys like it! thank you anon for the request!!! I loved this one! 

EDIT: just saw i hit 1,000 followers! this is dedicated to all you guys, thank you so much for reading my fics idk how to celebrate what should i do?!?! <3 up to you guys <3 

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ok wait

so like there was this one dude i worked with and i would see him at the gym in the mornings right. he didn’t talk to me until recently but since then, he was actually the only one who talked to me until i left. basically we bonded over lifting and working out lol. all the kids kept asking us if we were dating and when i said no, they would be like “you guys should go out, you match” lmao. and i noticed too that whenever we’re together, usually on the basketball courts, it seems like he’s trying to show off to me (ik that sounds fucking conceited lmao). but yeah, he’ll be playing with the kids and shoot the ball from far away and make it look easy and he knows i’m watching. and he’ll come over to talk to me when it’s the kids’ turn. and on my last day, he stood next to me and talked to me the whole time :)) then at the gym, he waves hi to me all the time. the other day, he wasn’t with his friends. but i saw them keep looking over at me and i’m pretty sure they recognize me. then he showed up and his friends ditched him. i was by myself too and i think he wanted to talk to me because we were in the same area. but then my friends came to talk to me and he left. this morning, him and his friends walked by me twice while i was benching. idk like, i think i’ve been repressing my feelings for him. i acknowledge that i do feel something when we’re together like that one day he wasn’t with his friends, i was fucking looking for him like wtf. i think i’m just afraid that there’s actually potential and there’s a possibility that he just might have a crush on me (probably not). tbh i think we would work because we both lift so we could be swolemates. and we’d be cute bc he’s tall and i’m short af

after i saw my dear @jisunshines​ sprites i was super inspired to make this!! thank you @krazehkai​ too for ur support as always ahhh i feel like i would have gone crazy without you guys and everyone else’s encouragement XD

i should be posting on my art blog @deepsealily​ but im too tired to switch LOL

this is my fatesona esh! i drew her design earlier but not in kozaki style ofc, (i drew this from scratch which is why im so pooped out) i have to do her expressions too but later lol drawing from scratch is *screeching noises*

fatesona is supposed to be u, right? so uh, she’s smol, soft spoken but talks a lot and fast, p lonely tbh, i’m thinking of having her as a neutral unit because she’s devoted to kamui (to the point where she clashes with jakob, but i think they’d have a very spicy chemistry *blushes*) 

i’m a tad bit darker irl but i liked how this came out~for the line effect, i took one of the csp brushes and adjusted it to my liking (it’s a bit finicky, though, and i had to ctrl+t some of the lines for size and stuff)


I was rewatching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, and I had another tab opened doing something else, when I heard the phrase ‘Japanese figure skater’ and

now all I can think of is a Victuuri AU where Victor is a playboy who does Barney’s ‘booty call phone’ thing and ends up meeting Yuuri, who promptly makes him seriously reconsider the whole playboy thing bc it’s Yuuri freakin’ Katsuki and he’s really cute and sweet and Victor is shook

God you guys have such cute characters?? I still need to work on kinks in my own art so I figured why not practice + I felt the urge to draw them.

Maybe I should’ve posted them separately but I figured the sketches should stay together ;o;


“In a haunted house…”
Pepper: GODDAMN! You guys are way too fucking slow!
Goth: Deal with it. Sugar’s not used to scary stuff.
Sugar: S-Sorry..-

Sugar: EEK!
Goth: Calm down Sugar!
Pepper: What the FUCK was that?!

PANELS 3,4,5:
Goth: Should we check it out?
Sugar: Nope Nope Nope Nope-
Goth: What are you doing with that brick?
Sugar: Wait what?
Goth: DUDE.

Pepper: I REFUSE to be a white person at the beginning of a horror movie, now let’s get the FUCK OUTTA HERE!!
Goth: OMG
Sugar: Uhh????
LOL random comic I drew in World History :3
Fell!Goth(Pepper) and Goth belong to @nekophy
Swap!Goth(Sugar) belongs to @blogthegreatrouge


Please stop sending sexual things to Yoosung.

The things some of u are sending are making him really uncomfortable. On top of that, ur pissing me off. He shouldn’t have to deal with weird shit when he’s just trying to blog and have fun.

He’d never tell u himself because he’s too nice and doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings (unlike me lol). I think he should be given the same respect by u guys.

Not saying everyone is doing this, but to those who are - knock it off, pls. thx thx!

DL (Plushie Text) - Selfie

Welcome to Diaplushie Hell~!! After making skits, meme, short story and outfit for Diaplushies, now I have new ideas!!!

First one is Diaplushie Text! Basically just plushies send texts to each other~ (this post is the example~)

Second one is Diaplushie RP! It is like you role play with Disboys~ but with Diaplushies~ The conversations are going to be cute and fluffy (Salty too don’t forget LOL)

For now I’m only doing Shu, Subaru and Ruki, but for DL plushie Text and Role play.

I am thinking I can actually do all the boys…But I have to ask other plushies’ owners to let me use their photos~

Ok~ first let’s see my new work! Please tell me what you guys think~ Do you guys like it~or is there anything I should improve? 

Ruki refuses to text back. Maybe delete Shu from his list too JK LOL


So I pretty much SUCK at making eyeshadows, I’m studying it tho.
So I did some that are def far from perfect/ready but it’s the best I can do so far lol.
So what do you think? Should I put them up for download? Would you download them? 

Please let me know, I need your feedback! If you have tips/suggestions too please feel free to message me! Thank you guys!



If you lose this post you can search for it with #SuperNakedEyeshadows or #Neyes for shorter!


Ollie is a neighborhood dog. A clever one. I like Ollie. He’s always welcome to sneak through the hole he dug under the fence, behind the hydrangea (yes Ollie, I know you don’t just appear from thin air) for a nap on my lounger. There might be a steak bone waiting for you too, as long as you don’t tease the cats (to much).

His owner is not a bad person, quite decent guy actually, but he has strict rules when it comes to what a dog should or should not do.

Ollie understands about rules. Understands that sitting on a sofa or a chair makes his owner angry. Understands that begging for food is frowned upon. Knows that barking for to long will get him in trouble. And so on…

Ollie does not like rules. Because rules are stupid, and he would really like to pee on them, but he does not know how. So, he gingerly collects overly ripe tomatoes, half-rotten apples, dead sparrows, pine cones or sticks (if there’s nothing better around) instead… and he carefully places them in his owner’s shoes.

Suga; Dating Min Yoongi...

❝aha, here i am not close to being okay yet but i can’t help it okay- another series (IN WHICH I WILL COMPLETE THE ‘FOR YOU’ SERIES AS WELL, I PROMISE).
based on this lovely post by weaxedanger
/don’t ask why i always start with Yoongi
►2323 words | scenario, fluff, i hope you guys like this
© (photo credit)

Most of the time, when it comes down to dating Min Yoongi, there’s just too many things to take note of but when you do, it’s when you’re not paying attention to anything but him until you’re making a list that’s way too damned long to the point no one would read.

It would include passion; this indescribable feeling when you’re with him and you would have no idea how to explain it. Could it be the way he smiles at you that his eyes curl up into crescents that light up your night brighter than the moon? Could it be the way he holds your hand to assure you that I’m here, you know that, right? Could it be the way he chastises words you can’t decipher when you get hurt, sick or when you’re in pain? Could it be the way he tries to make sure you’re always happy, could it be the way that he’s always trying to be there for you? Definitely—it’s simply because he loves you.

It would include questions; rhetorical ones—“Do you love me?”—“What kind of question is that?”—“The kind that you should answer,”—“Of course I do,”

Factual ones—“Okay, well, try to guess when my favorite time of the day is?”—“There are twenty-four hours in a day, Yoongi, how am I… fine, morning?”—“Jesus, no… the night.”—“Do I want to know why?”—“Because I get to hold you close and fall asleep.”

Closed ones—“Are you here yet?”—“No…”—“But… we agreed to meet here at—“—“Just kidding, turn around.”

Open ones—“How was your day today?”—“Well…not too bad, I got to get most of the things I have on my list done; Jin’s looking for you, by the way,”—“Nope, don’t change the topic, continue on with your day.”

It would include glances; quick ones where he peeks at you from the sofa with his laptop on his lap and earphones plugged in to focus but his mind is definitely elsewhere. The sultry in his eyes are hard to miss when they manage to burn into your skull. You’re taking some time away from the television screen to him, seeing how he tilts his chin back down to continue his work and you scoff from your end of the sofa, nudging him by the knee until he looks back up to take one side of his earplugs off, “Hm?”

“I saw you,”

“You’re seeing me—“


“You were just so pretty, alright?”

With a suppressed grin, you’re leaning over to frame his cheeks, “Aw, aren’t you being a Casanova today?”

It would include flowers, placed anywhere for your eyes to see. Sometimes it’s on the kitchen counter after the door closes that indicates he’s home and he calls out to you, saying he’ll take a bath before he’ll take his dinner. You’re humming back in response, setting it up and you’re busy until you hear the bathroom door close with a cough then you’re looking over your shoulder, then down to the end of the island where a red rose is located. Sometimes it’s on the doorstep for the days he’s unable to make it back home. The doorbell rings and you’re coming! You’re opening the door and smiling the moment the bouquet of various colored flowers are in your possession along with his handwriting—I’m sorry I won’t be here for a week but… I bet these’ll last until I get back. Sometimes it’s the moment your eyes open and shit… he’s gone out already but his presence lingers when you smell something familiar by the bedside table. Stretching out, popping some muscles and feeling the soft petals of the flower, you’re smiling at the note; see you tonight.

It would include whispering of anything and everything but mostly those few words that’ll make your heart feel nothing but this overflowing love you get from him. One in particular would be when he’s back from a long day of training, tired and beat that he doesn’t bother to put his things nicely. He greets you with a worn smile, a kiss on the cheek and then he’s off to the bathroom. Minutes after he returns, clean and feeling much more tired that he crawls into bed after you switch off the lights and set your things aside. He presses all of him to you, curls against your back and your arm reaches back to stroke the back of his head along with threading your fingers through his hair to calm him down as he breathes at the nape of your neck until the last thing you hear is a hushed I love you.

It would include dominance, mostly behind closed doors. It could be after a gathering with a bunch of people you’re not sure who managed to tick him off on about, it could be after a night in the club, it could be after a nice dinner but overall, it would be satisfying. He’d have you on the bed, spread out for him until he’s between your legs so nothing else comes between. He’d smirk with his lips right above yours and not let you lean up to kiss him and it’s harder to move when he holds you down both of your wrists above your head while his other pins your waist down. He’d shake his head when you try to kiss him, he’d relent in the end because of your soft please, Yoongi… but he’d continue to tease you to no end until you lose it but it’s all good in the end when he makes it up to you with sweet loving.

It would include sweetness, pure sweetness. He’ll throw random compliments without you noticing throughout the day, sometimes during the night, sometimes through texting and it’s the texts that really takes you off because you’re rereading them again and again when he’s away.

Mornings would be greeted with; good morning, sweetie. wishing you a great day and full of thoughts of me.

Afternoons would be passed on with; have you eaten yet? I miss you like hell… Namjoon said we’ll be coming back after Tokyo so… just a few more days, okay?

Evenings would be filled with; oh, c’mon! it wasn’t me! I shouldn’t leave my phone around like that anymore… I’m sorry…

Nights would be ended with; yes… I’ll be getting some rest but make sure you get yours too! i love you, good night

It would include showing off (in a good way). It doesn’t really matter where the two of you are because it’ll always end up with you finding some old paper or one of his past notebooks lying around in the house when you clean up that you get intrigued because he’s never published this before… Then he snorts when he finds you in this interesting position of standing with a dustpan between your legs and a feather duster clamped between your arms. He’d pace over, peek over your shoulder to see what has you so interested that you’d stop cleaning and he’ll take a look at you instead when you say, “I’ve never heard this in the albums before…” He’ll be all smiles, taking the lyrics from your fingers, “Shall I rap it for you?”

It would include sarcasm, lots and lots of it until you could dream of it at night. And it’s not to say he means it or anything; it just happens and you really understand it. Sometimes it directs to you when you ask if he’s tired and he pouts at you with no, I’m fully energized and ready to party that you scrunch your nose and toss him the towel, ushering him to go freshen up and he leaves with a chuckle. Sometimes it’s towards the other members when they ask something so, so stupid that he groans from your neck and leans away, looking at that particular member over your shoulder to say do you think with your ass or is it just me? Then that member would try to tick Yoongi off with replying it’s probably you but then he doesn’t care because hey, you’re here and that’s all that matters.

It would include counters, no, not the ones in the kitchen or bathroom. It happens mostly when you’re feeling affectionate, more than usual that when he’s working in his mini-like studio and you’re conveniently there to watch him work and he’s just really attractive when he’s focusing that you lightly kick his chair. He spins around and cocks an eyebrow at you, headphones muting all sound but he reads your lips I love you. He lets out a laugh and sounds I love me too that it makes you huff and go back to reading your book after mumbling visibly for him to read that you’ve said oh, shut up and well, after a line or two of your storybook, you swear you hear him saying I love you too, silly.

It would include baths, any kind of baths. Be it the kind filled with rose petals for the nights he feels romantic, surprising you the moment you open the bathroom door and you’re gaping at the sight of red complimenting the bathroom, reflected through the tiles and the candles he’s set up properly is enough for you to applaud. He grins and swoops you in from the back, whispering that he knows you like indulging yourself in these sometimes so… why not do it together? Be it the kind that’s warm and nothing but warmth as he soaks in the water opposite you and he watches as the bubbles and foam compliment your skin that he can’t help but reach over to poke your nose.

It would include pictures, lots of them. Once in a while it could be of him holding his phone up and pulling you close so you’d be in the frame more than him and that’s more than enough for him. It could also be of just you when you’re in front of him waiting for the food to come and damn, you look good in a black dress so snap. It’s possible that during a trip with the boys, he hands the camera to one of them, mostly Seokjin because he takes pretty pictures and he tells the both of you to get close and you do. Your arms are around him and you feel one of his around your shoulder to hold you near. It’s three, two, one and you feel his lips against your cheek and it doesn’t make your smile falter at all.

It would include procrastination, mostly when it’s time for bed and you’d be surprise to how long he endures before going to sleep. Knocking on the door when it’s at three am, he answers with a soft I’m still working but you open the door anyway to see him hunching over the table. He sees that unsatisfied look on your face and then you invite yourself in to sit on his lap when he leans back on his chair. You’re curling into his neck and mumbling softly at how he should sleep, how he should take care of his health and that you need him to sleep better and he rubs your lower back affectionately, begging for five more minutes and you tell him that if he’s not there in five minutes, you’re dragging him in yourself and he says gladly do it, princess.

It would include consultation during the darkest of days when nothing seems to go right and everything is crashing down. He could be at work, he could be at training, he could be working on a new song in the studio (the shared one in his company) but nevertheless when you call, cracked and torn with words of Yoongi… he’s rushing home at the speed of light. He’s breaking a few road rules, he’s possibly brushing off the speed limits and everything is forgotten when he sees you on the floor, phone slightly away from you but on the floor. He slams the door and rushes, he brings you into his arms and hushes you but he knows it’ll never work. He lets you cry until you’re spent, he tells you to let it all out at once and it’s better this way than keeping it all in and all he’s wondering is fuck, what has he been missing? It ends with you puffy and red eyed, a few kisses in between, a long session of heart-to-heart talk and a shared smile in the end because Yoongi is here.

It would include never-ending love at any time, any time at all. Even when he’s in practice, he’d still take the effort to text you through it all and tell you that he’s fine—but he’ll be better when he’s in your arms at home. You could be across the world but he’d still leave his heart with you with pictures to fill your day. You could be across the living room and he’d still say you’re pretty when you’re in nothing but his shirt and messy hair and you tell him he’s cheesy but he tells you, you’re probably a person who likes cheese, then. It’s… now, when he looks at you like you’re everything he could ever ask for and you are. He notices you staring from a moment ago so he looks down on you as he tugs you closer to him until you have no choice but to look up to him.

No words are exchanged as the two of you look at each other, no words are needed as you look into his eyes and no words could possibly describe what he feels when he looks into yours but the words that are needed to explain this, the one that could possibly fill in the spaces and make things clear would be; love.

actual aaron burr sir
  • hamilton: wait omg r you aaron burr?
  • burr: um--
  • hamilton: OMG i can't believe it's you OKAY um MY NAME IS ALEXANDER HAMILTON but like you can call me hamilton that's fine! I've been like stalking you FORVER I CAN't BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! so actually i just heard you name at school and then like accidentally punched this guy idk who he was but he said i was stupid but SHAKE OFF THE HATERS RIGHT?? like i just want to graduated college really fast JUST LIKE YOU WE COULD BE #TWINS amiright? anyway like i wanna how did you do it? TELL ME
  • burr: um, well, my it was my parents dying wish before they passed? but--
  • hamilton: OMG #TWINS EVEN MOOREEE!!! my parents are dead too lol WE COULD MAKE SUCH A GOOD TEAM omg we should make plans to like destroy the government and do wars and be in fight AND PROVE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO WE ARE cuz like, idk if you feel this, but i feel really attacked as an orphan like WE HAVE FEELINGS TOO!
  • burr: hm. you want advice?
  • hamilton: *squeals* yes!
  • burr: stfu Hamulstiwanga

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I need advice. I'm super closeted and had never been with a guy before, but I got on Grindr and met/messed around with an 18yr old that I have nothing in common with, and kinda developed feelings. And he's only looking for FWB and was going on more "dates" with guys... and I got my feelings hurt. I wanna quit trying to date because this sucks lol but my friends say I need to keep trying. What should I do?

Those apps aren’t very good for finding a relationship. How old are you? You sound very young tbh. Don’t worry about it too much right now. You need to focus on yourself. Fall in love with yourself first so you can fully embrace who you are and not be stuck in a closet. Because that sucks.

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i feel like i already know the answer to this but how much voice cracking do people get when they start t? is it different for everyone? also should i be scared to take t mainly bc im scared of my voice cracking all the time lol

Kii says:

It’s different for everyone! Look at the variety of voice changes among cis guys. That’s basically what you’ll have as options, too.

In an alternate reality
  • Person #1: So wait, you're straight?
  • Person #2: Um...yeah?
  • Person #1: Oh my god I had no idea! You totally don't even seem straight! Look at that, I have a sassy straight friend! Straight best friend!
  • Person #2: You know, I'm really no different than I was a minute ago...
  • Person #1: Oh my god, do you know Carly? She's straight too. I should totally hook you guys up! Straights are SO CUTE! I sooooo wanna go to a straight wedding, I bet they're amazing! Do you want to go to the Straight Pride parade with me next month?
  • Person #2: ...I gotta go.