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Here are more of my Belle/Adam NSFW headcanons that were actually asked for this time

Quick note: The first two headcanons will probably be familiar, since I already leaked them (and also, my recent fic is based off the second headcanon lol). Enjoy the Sin™

• Some nights they take baths together, both of them seated in a tub of lukewarm water, rose petals floating on the water’s surface, dim candles flickering soft light onto the dark walls, and Belle between Adam’s legs with her back rested against his firm chest. The atmosphere of the candle-lit room always starts out serene, usually filled with quiet conversations, Adam’s fingers skimming through Belle’s damp hair and grazing his manicured nails along her scalp, as she talks enthusiastically about whatever book she is reading at the moment. She will have the book with her, of course, and Adam will happily hook his chin over her shoulder and let her read to him. Eventually, to no one’s surprise, the once tranquil room comes to life with the sounds of sloshing water, desperate sighs, and smacking lips when Adam can no longer contain the desire pooling low in his belly at the gentle, clearly articulated sound of Belle’s voice. Her intellect—for some ungodly reason—is outrageously alluring. A deft hand between her legs, a teasing mouth at her ear, and suddenly water is spilling over the tub walls and splattering onto the floor, Belle writhing as she comes undone in Adam’s arms with his name on her lips.

• He doesn’t know why it takes him so long to notice, but when she is perched upon his bare chest and tracing a gentle finger over his parted lips, it dawns over Adam that Belle is quite fixated on his mouth. And oh, the fun he has with that. It starts out subtle; him quickly licking the pad of his index finger before turning the page of his book when he knows she’s watching, and “accidentally” missing her lips when he goes in for a quick peck, instead pressing a chaste (but is it chaste?) kiss to the corner of her mouth. It is only when Belle notices a sudden new habit of his, one of which involves dragging his finger across his bottom lip while in thought (and one that has been occurring quite too often), that she starts to become suspicious. Realization strikes when she scolds Adam for saying something crude, and he smugly calls her out.

  • “That filthy mouth of yours!”
  • “You mean the one that you revere so much? Amoureux, your eyes haven’t left my lips since I entered the room. If you’re going to kiss me, please, don’t abstain any longer. I’m sure you’re starving for it.”
  • And she had never kissed him like that before. All tongue and teeth and shoulders slamming into bookshelves. And when she begs him to fuck her, he chuckles and breathes into her ear, “That filthy mouth of yours.”

• Another thing Belle is rather taken with; Adam finishing inside of her. There is something so satisfying in the way the muscles in his back tense beneath her fingers as he comes, the way he settles his hot, heavy weight on top of her after one last, deep thrust. His face always hovers briefly, mouth open soundlessly, until he buries his head against her shoulder and lets out a beautiful noise that is somehow a mixture of a moan, a growl, and a cry. She finds so much comfort in his body trembling in her arms as he tries to catch his breath, her cheek resting against his hair. She would stay there forever if she could.

• The first time they fight—and not just one of their short-lived, trifling quarrels, but a real fight that results in slamming doors and raw throats—Belle and Adam don’t speak for days. Every time they pass each other in the castle, Belle’s shoulders stiffen and Adam sticks out his chin and clenches his jaw. And it is Belle, of course, who makes a snide remark and gets the whole ball rolling once more. The servants make away with themselves when the screaming starts, and Adam is damn near ready to leave himself when Belle gets in his face, the two of them nose to nose and breathing heavily. But there is this superior twinkle in her eyes, and something in Adam snaps. The force of his lips on hers leaves them bruised in the aftermath, and their chests audibly collide when he pulls her flush against his body. They don’t make it to a bed, a piece of furniture, or even a wall, he just takes her in the middle of the floor. And at some point words of anger melt into coos of affection, rough touches turn tender, and the hard snap of his hips slows to a languid grind. That prideful twinkle in Belle’s eyes is replaced by a warm, doting glow, and the two lovers fall into a fit of giggles once they’re through; sweaty, sated, and laughing on the floor in their torn and ruffled clothes.

• Jealous!Adam :-)

• Adam takes Belle in the garden because he knows that the new gardener who has been eyeing his wife is currently trimming the hedges nearby. Belle doesn’t protest at all—she does quite the opposite, actually. If there was any doubt that the gardener didn’t hear her obscene and unabashedly loud cries of pleasure, that doubt was obliterated immediately when the gardener spotted the pair a few hours later and hastily averted his gaze.

• I have mentioned this concept a few times before, but let us just consider it again; Adam getting so overwhelmed while he is dancing with Belle, that he drags her away in the midst of a ball to an alcove just off the ballroom so he can have his way with her. He cramps her into the corner of the already confined space, pressing hot, sloppy kisses to her lips and husking out words of molten desire into her open mouth. Having her husband’s tongue inside of her is oddly much more exhilarating when the chatter of their party guests can be heard from only 15 feet away, and Belle’s orgasm takes her by surprise when she hears her father’s curious voice creeping closer to the alcove, the possibility of being caught distending between her legs and washing through her whole body in a new and alarming form of euphoria.

• Having sex in places where they can easily get caught becomes a thing for them, because hey, we all know they be kinky as hell.

• Also, um… balcony sex… (o˘◡˘o)


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This isn't smut but... Murdoc meeting 2D's parents? And them having an awkward 'introducing my parents to my family' dinner?

less meeting with parents, more two jews vague about someone while preparing a shabbat dinner lol

1200+ words, third person, 2D’s pov, excessive amounts of yiddish

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I’m (officially) opening commissions!! You can PM me on here if you are interested, or if you have questions.

Transactions are made through paypal

It’ll be taking me from two days to two weeks to make illustrations, depending on its complexity.

You don’t have to purchase a colored drawing: we can work out how much I’ll knock off the price for a mono drawing in chat!

And I’m probably missing a lot of info here since I’ve never done this before, so again, just ask away if anything is remotely unclear.

You can go look through my art tag to see if there’s a specific style that suits your taste!

So for all my efforts I got placed in Bronze V. Now I expected this. But what I can say is that the people there are truly toxic and volatile. The top laner said: “Don’t gank my lane or I’m going to let you die.” And they did just that. For the rest of the game they never helped me and then proceeded to blame me every time they could have helped. This wasn’t just someone being toxic, it was purposeful directed hatred and it made no sense. We lost due to spite and anger over me doing my job. Fuck.

Confession by @grogontis

Artwork by Milos Rocenovic

“why do trans people have to go to a consultation before they can be given surgery?!?!?!?” because you have to have a consultation before literally any kind of surgery? it’s not transphobia? unless you’re rolling in cash and can easily afford a private doctor you have to be assessed before you can undergo any kind of surgery? it took them like 2 years to get me a consultation for a potential implant in my jaw it’s literally how the system works lol


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I suppose Uncle Jace needs to be included. I personally think Jace is terrible with kids. Not awkwardly, but just that he can't say no and he actively encourages rambunctious and rowdy behaviour. He is the uncle who gives the kid sugar and watches hell unfold with a gleam in his eye and suggestions for the hyped up child. Now imagine that plus magic Madzie. They've been banned from one park and Magnus wasn't expecting to have to teach Madzie memory magic SO EARLY AS THEY MIND WIPE 22 SOCCER MOMS

okay i am jumping around i know but i just read @lydiabranwels tags on a post suggesting that jace would actually be the well-researched overly prepared babysitter bc he wants to make sure he’s doing everything right and tbh i can see both sides??? so like.. i’m gonna need a 500 word essay from each of you stating your arguments on my desk by monday. site your sources

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name: zarifa or zifu 

zodiac sign: gemini

height: 5ft 1 inch (i’m fuckin short lol)

last thing you googled: 3 ways to get dimples naturally (OK AFTER WATCHING SANA SMILE I WANT DIMPLES SUE ME)

favourite music artist: too many, can’t choose

song stuck in my head: FY FAEN (listening non stop on repeat)

last movie you watched: Hidden Figures (AMAZING MOVIE)

what are you wearing now: Maxi

why did you choose your url: lol tbh accidentally deleted my last account and made a new one while listening to a sia song, that’s all 

do you have any other blogs: nope

what did your last relationship teach you: never been in one ~

religious or spiritual: religious

favourite color: red, especially deep maroon red ~

average hours of sleep: not enough

lucky number: 5? idk

favourite characters: Sana Bakkoush, Morgana Pendragon, Laila, Tareq and Mariam from a 1000 Splendid Suns…

how many blankets do you sleep with: 1

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dota has the weirdest method of player punishment i’ve ever seen

if you’re reported as being verbally abusive in lol, you get chat banned and can’t talk for a certain number of games. if you leave queue multiple times you’re disallowed from rejoining for 10 minutes at first but it increases over time if you keep doing it. if you leave matches often you can get banned from the game outright for a period of time.

dota forgoes all of that. they have a system called “low priority”. you see, if you leave games, if you get reported, if you do bad stuff for long enough, you get put in low priority, a special cue full of all the other people doing bad stuff

so while there might be some people who are, (maybe) like you, there for no reason, most likely you will be playing with the very worst the community has to offer

it’s probably the only video game with a “scared straight” program


Hey guys, so this is kinda a personal post I guess but anyway. I came out to my entire family this past November when I was with a girl who I thought was my other half. Turns out she by far was not and she broke up with me shortly after I came out to my entire family, and may I include all of my social media platforms, as a lesbian. Since coming out and dealing with some simple family weirdness and backlash, I hadn’t really had any issues until this dick head of a person messaged me on Snapchat to hit me up for nudes or whatever and I told him I was gay and he got insanely offended. He flipped shit. He told me that it wasn’t biologically correct for me to be with a female because “you can’t get her pregnant.😂” and “If you wanna have a baby you have to get some random guys sperm lol.” Like it really fucked with me and he said some more shit that was really fucked up but I’ve honestly already tried to block some of it out. I spent all day the other day in my room just thinking about why I am the way I am and why I love who I do and it’s really hard. I’ve never really had identity issues, I’ve always known I was gay honestly. But the issue isn’t that I have identity issues. It’s more that I sometimes wish I was straight because it would make things easier. I feel so confused as someone who has always been comfortable with their sexuality. I’ve never felt so belittled simply for who I love. But anyway, I look cute. So that counts for something. At least I came out, that’s more than I thought I’d ever be comfortable doing.

The Gazeboys Helping You Get Through A Break Up

Ruki: He would give a 6 hours lecture on how you deserve someone else, telling you not to cry and on how the guy (or girl) is stupid for breaking up with you. (He also probably got inspired by your situation and wrote a song about it)

Uruha: Uruha would start analyzing your relationship and trying to help you on figuring out what went wrong between you and your ex, afterwards he would treat you with a nice meal.

Aoi: Aoi would make you dress up and would be your wing-man to help you find someone else (or at least a night one stand or you know… threesome).

Reita: ‘OKAY! You know what?! Let’s get beer, get drunk and throw empty bottles and eggs at his(/her) car and house!’

Kai: Kai would take you somewhere to distract you, either a festival or a concert, movie or whatever you would prefer. He would comfort you as much as possible, also he would suggest you to get a pet. (because pets are better than relationships)

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In your audio posts/videos you LITERALLY SOUND LIKE A FEMALE. Stop lying to your audience's faces you transtrender lmao. It's okay to have daydreams but you are getting so cringey.

Lol okay, like idk what’s the point of this? I’m sorry that you are so bitter and have so much free time that you feel the need to waste it on me. But chill the hell out edgelord.

I don’t have an audience, I have people that enjoy talking to me and I enjoy talking to them, and maybe in the future we can even be close friends. I’m not some host, nor am I some kind of celebrity to have an audience. I’m no one, and the fact that you are seriously wasting your time on me just confuses me.

If I bother you that bad then unfollow me if you follow me. Block me. Get rid of me. Why keep looking at something that upsets you?

If you are so starved for attention that you even need mines by being a jerk, then okay. Just talk it out and we can figure it out. We all go through some shit sometimes and need to vent out.