lol you faggots

Me: hey guys I’m closing my asks Bc they’re just flooded right now and I need to catch up, lol

You, a faggot: wow I guess you’re letting words hurt you,,, you fucking hypocrite :) :) :)

You retards just keep proving how incapable of reading and sentence comprehension you really are, Jesus Christ 😂 and I thought I had a hard time communicating lmao

anonymous asked:

Why do you listen to the Jonas brothers? You faggot lol

when I go to the year 3000 in my flux capacitor guess who I am not taking lol

Lu/Ciel reveal in a nutshell

KOG: it’s actually 2 chars lololol

Ciel: ‘sup, bros. I’ve got 2 swords and I can shoot n’ stuff

Elpeeps: omfg he’s so hot, but what about the girl with the claw?

Lu: oh, me? you want me to reveal myself?

Elpeeps: yes!

Lu: you sure?

Elpeeps: YES!

Lu: lol fuck you faggots, i’m going to bed

Ciel: wtf lu you can’t do that

Lu: screw you, i’ve got a bigass claw. now go and make me a cup of tea.

Ciel: fine.

Elpeeps: ….

KOG: *trollface*