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Bts in The Walking Dead

- joins a group of friendly travellers who are just trying to survive this hell of a world
- stays as a ray of golden sunshine
- manages to look photoshoot ready everyday without even a mirror
- How to make roadkill taste like a 5 star meal
- Knows how to wield a knife but rarely uses it
- Yh lol he’s not going anywhere near guns

Min yoongi
- no seriously imagine him riding a motorbike with a cross bow across his back
- Lone wolf
- Has his shit together

- oh boy he’s going to have a hard time
- Is in the same group as seokjin
- Needs to be supervised 25/8
- Nearly dies twice a week
- But makes everyone smile when things are getting particularly crappy

- Makes a book about walkers
- Group strategist
- Always knows where to find food and shelter
- Kinda clumsy with a gun but gets the job done……usually
- Goes on dangerous runs for paper and pens

- pretty but dangerous
- Sneaky so he steals food from other people
- Feels bad about stealing
- Complains about how bad the food is
- Somehow knows the most about first aid and medical treatment
- Maknae line group

- Still can’t believe any of this is real
- “Hyung is this actually happening or am I dreaming?”
- Is looking for his family
- Acquires a spear and is remarkably talented
- Hair has grown almost to his shoulders and also more tanned
- Glowing
- Maknae line group

- Best at taking out walkers and teaches the rest of the group how to wield a knife
- “No hyung you do it like this”
- Scales trees and sleeps on branches
- Barely sleeps, keeps watch all night
- Innocence? Lmao what innocence
- Occasionally sobs softly to him self because he had to leave his white shirts behind
- The fricking leader of maknae line group

bc of tumblr i stopped reading certain authors that are classed as “too cliche” but honestly they have some of the best quotes and life lessons. im here for the experience of reading a book not to hate it bc ill never find love like that lol. like honestly tumblr makes fun of everyone but doesnt give alternatives? 

berena autumn aesthetics

bernie autumn aesthetic:
big fluffy socks with scandinavian patterns on them; the hint of cinnamon from incense that clings to her throughout the day; the way the late afternoon sun shines on her curls; the smudge of serena’s lipstick against her own making the perfect shade of pink

serena autumn aesthetic:
soft, oversized burgundy jumpers; hot chocolates at night with too much cream to be appropriate; bubble baths after long shifts with candles; sunday afternoon walks with jason in a forest full of golden and red leaves; bernie’s favourite scarf around her neck

berena autumn aesthetic:
cuddles by the fire under a big blanket in the late afternoon; bernie gazing at the way the morning sun caresses serena’s features; eva cassidy love songs on repeat; holding hands at coffee shops on rainy days; serena kissing the tip of bernie’s nose when it becomes red from the cold

anonymous asked:

Do you ever just sit down and think "wow, I have a successful and popular tumblr. How in the heck did this happen?" (Also this isn't meant to be rude, if some how someone finds a way to make it seem mean)

wow I actually don’t tbh most of my time is spent doing revision, drawing or youtube. acc I don’t even know if my blog is even considered popular/successful 😂. but yeah pretty deep question nd interesting too ill give you that lol. nd yh about the being rude part it’s extremely hard to get me offended, especially over the internet

. but yeah thanks for the ask 💫

Sometimes I read bizarre garbage from certain ‘scholars’ that for a millisecond makes me associate negative feelings with Islam and then I take a step back and wonder how these garbage people actually got to representing Muslims in the first place. 

Like, honestly I’d maybe even love to read a book on all of the different Fatwas produced by these scholars from “certain-Muslim-majority-country.” It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so harmful.