lol yes i found this

I was tagged by: @princess-sparkle-thong and @comicsdyke thanks ily!!

Name: Jennifer

Nicknames: Jenny, my nephews calls me nina

Gender: Girl

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5’0 ayyyy

Sexuality: bi or lesbian. idk still figuring it out

Hogwarts House: Slytherin i belive

Favorite Animal: Wolves, i think they’re neat

Average hours of sleep: 6+ bc work :/

Dog or Cat person: both!!! i love them both

Blanket you sleep with: a black and white one with wolves that i got from the swampmeet

Dream Trip: Tokyo or Paris tbh!!!

When I made my blog: 2011, i wasn’t very active tho until 2015

Followers: 1000! (i don’t know why tho)

Why I made tumblr: my friend told me if i had one and i said yes so i made one to follow them lol also when i found out shit. I wanted to be in anime fandoms, and be an edgy and emo blog lmfao!!!

Reasons for my URL: My favorite lesbian

I tag: @shirotakashi @puefinn @lesbianjasontodd @aftrlaughtr @fightmewayne @kerolinadean (you don’t have to do it) and also whoever wants to do them just say i tagged ya!

Casualty: 32 seasons NCIS: 15 seasons Naruto: 26 seasons Spongebob: 11 seasons, etc

People: Doesn’t bat an eye

Supernatural: 13 seasons

People: wHy dO pEOpLe sTiLl wAtcH tHIs sTuPiD sHow, wHEN WILL IT END???

Dadiplier watching over his kids lol