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A collection of my current open RP plots, summarized

(I’ve noticed interest in some of the plots I’ve made in Wildstar, but I haven’t done a great job of compiling their lore / backstories into an easy to find format. To try and fix this I’ve summarized the lore of each of the locations I’ve completed up to this point, so hopefully they can enhance the RP experience a bit. More places to be added once I feel like being productive and finish those too)

Plot Name: The Eldan Fried Cubig Protobar
Plot Owner: Grumlen Dangerpants
Roleplay Hooks: space exploration, social eating, faction conflict, small groups

Nestled in the valleys of a cavernous asteroid sits a previously abandoned space station, now home to the barely-notable fast food “protobar” establishment calling itself Eldan Fried Cubig (EFC). EFC has made its name almost solely through commercials frequently airing on late night holovision slots.

The asteroid itself is home to a strange array of flora and fauna, the latter of which often seek refuge in shallow caverns and crevices; excluding the more prominent burrowing worms, who can be found dotted along the landscape as they tear through the space rock’s surface. A previous ikthian presence can be noted with further exploration, though the cause of their sudden disappearance is unknown. A crystalline cavity nearby the ikthian camp reveals a subterranean living organ with clear artificial tampering, hinting that this celestial body may actually be something more. A recent rumor spread by the stations locals says the asteroid is haunted by the ghost of an old eeklu captain who was swallowed by one of the worms.

The upkeep of the station leaves something to be desired, and the denizens that frequent the location do little to maintain the trash that seems to forever accumulate in the hallways. Still, EFC does well enough to have the attention of a few Dominion and Exile pilots who are “in the know”. Both factions have been granted a shoddily segregated landing platform with which to make orders (along with another opposing hangar for freelance customers), on the terms that they remain neutral during transaction… Although it’s not uncommon for the more trigger happy few to give into urges every now and then. In any case, there’s a trash compactor just down the hall to deal with the mess.

The station’s only two functionally intact docking bays are populated by a few odd characters, but cobbled-together signs and lights point potential customers to the real action aboard the EFC fast-food ship. The presentation of the ship’s interior is a good indication into the quality of the food, but the business owner, Grumlen Dangerpants, doesn’t claim to be advertising anything more than food that’s made fast. He also claims to be backed by Protostar, with their likeness being plastered in almost every nook and cranny, but the proof is dubious at best. Low ceilings and even lower standards limit EFC’s target demographic to something less than desirable.

Plot Name: The Jabbit Hole
Plot Owner: Jabbit Tooth
Roleplay Hooks: slum life, low income living, underworld interaction, hiding from the law

“The Jabbithole” is a location seldom mentioned outside of a small underworld community. They say one only needs tune their matter transmitters to the right frequency to gain access, but any further information on this is a closely guarded secret. It’s a place inhabited by those who are wanted by the law or unwanted by society, aimless wanderers and adventure seekers. The Jabbithole is unsurprisingly lawless, though it sees minimal conflict, seeing as the space is shared equally as a last bastion of escape from the shackles of the outside world.

The ruins and rubble tell the story of a city that once was. Stories change depending on the muse, but most agree that something clearly catastrophic happened previous to its current iteration. A dark and ethereal miasma clouds the view above, and no star chart or GPS to date has been able to pin point the location of the Jabbithole.

Visitors are first greeted by the glowing image of an AI caretaker, connected to the city through a large subterranean network of wires that stretch further than what has even yet to be explored. The central network hub is a cobble of scavenged materials set in the tunnel of a dead subway system. A collapse further ahead gives passage into a portion of the old sewer system, which in turn leads into the back alleys. Here the sparse community has set up a smattering of lowly vendors and shacks, enclosed by walls of broken buildings left in the wake of fallen space rock.

A lone draken, dressed in weathered marauder garb and going by the title “Jabbit Tooth”, looks to be the main figurehead of the Jabbithole operation, and rumored to be one of the original inhabitants of the city prior. Though he’s no ruler, most say he “speaks for the city”. Jabbit Tooth is seldom seen outside of his occasional hologram appearance, but any newcomers to his domain will know his voice by the repeating low quality voice recording that welcomes them forward.

Plot Name: Backwash Bay
Plot Owner: Beedar Reebil
Roleplay Hooks: tropical setting, beach vacation, underworld interaction

With a plethora of makeshift bungalows built upon a rock face and scattered along the dried beachhead below, the outpost “Backwash Bay” is a part of its greater pirate community within the Sinkhole Sea on a distant, feral planet of Marauder space. It’s mostly known (if at all) through the galaxy as a questionably affordable destination resort. Those gullible few who are swayed with the promise of an island getaway are often sorely disappointed to find a only ragtag group of pirates and thieves greeting them and their pockets with open arms.

Being in closest proximity to an industrial complex also bordering the coast, the already shallow and polluted waters often wash ashore garbage and discarded materials which the locals enthusiastically use for their own benefit. Flea markets are running almost constantly on the docks, while more inland, reluctant visitors can at least attempt to enjoy the local amenities like open bars, food vendors, and lodging.

A chua by the name Beedar Reebil, while not directly running the show, brings in a majority of the outpost’s business thanks in large part to his literal underground brewing operation. Backwash Bay is usually a traveler’s first destination upon arriving to the Sinkhole Sea.

((sinkhole sea community plot coming soon tm))
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