lol yeah i didn't really understand this

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I'm just realizing that Louis got that pap injunction for HIMSELF and Freddie (if i'm understanding it right). Because Briana still gets papped with Freddie, so if you follow the narrative, the only person Louis cares about is himself. Oh antis, what a marvelous version of a person you're supporting

Yeah, they created such a version of him that I really, really don’t know how they support (lol just kidding they hate Louis) 

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I'm Latina and I personally really loved the description of lances familty in dirty laundry because of how similar it is to mine but that's just personal preference lol. I understand why a lot of people probably didn't like it and I completely understand that

yeah like. while it’s true that half the people who read it were offended, the other half really didn’t give a shit?

+ the author did go back and edit/rewrite certain scenes to make it… less offensive. they acknowledged their mistake, and i can respect that  

  • Guy from Boston: The Grand Canyon is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
  • Garcia Lopez de Cardenas: Yeah but you didn't really see it like me because your current understanding of its beauty is driven by the idea that your perception of the canyon has to match or exceed the criteria set by some obscure postcard you've seen of-
  • Guy from Boston: I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so bedazzled right now

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I just saw your sherlock/frozen gifs on zap2it lol (it was the first news result that popped up for me when I googled 'Benedict Cumberbatch'! and they credited you, called you brilliant, and linked to the post aw) thought you might like to know just in case you didn't already ;D

You mean this?

Actually I don’t know what zap2it site is but wow. Really, what the writer said is so flattering. Wow. I’m… Yeah, I’m.. I think I’m happy. Very.
Thank you for letting me know. And thank you everyone for kindly understanding my silliness (and insanity hahahaha). I really didn’t expected those silly gifs would get so much attention. :) Thanks.

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That's actually what I meant to say2013 not 2014. I honestly think 2014 was his worst year because his hair was almost at his shoulders just not quite there and her didn't really know what to do with it. Lol! Yeah I meant 2013

Haha I understand, just man 2013 like what a year. His sex hair just suited him sooo well. Imagine what he would look like today with that haircut?