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- No gift is better than revenge!!!

Angry Birds
  • Thomas: Sometimes I feel like we're trapped in some sort of video game.
  • Chuck: Like angry birds?
  • Y/N: How the Shuck is this anything like angry birds?
  • Chuck: Well you know, we're the birds.. the Grievers are the pigs, and the maze is the other constructions the pigs sit on!
  • Newt: Brilliant, so all we have to do now is fling ourselves at the maze in hopes of breaking it.
  • Y/N: Well, Alby and Gally are always angry.
  • Chuck: They can be the two red birds. Minho can be the yellow fast one!
  • Thomas: And Newt is the ticking time bomb one.
  • Chuck: Y/N can be the pink one!
  • Gally: Thomas would be the green boomerang one, he thinks hes going to achieve something but he just comes back instead, knocking himself out and possibly someone else too.
  • Thomas: I think you'd be one of the pigs Gally, you even resemble one.

Dean: Hey Cas! Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Cas: Dean, of course it did! I told you this already.
Dean: Because I broke a nail crawling out of hell.
Cas: I’m sorry, Dean, I should have helped you. My sincere apologies.
Dean: Uh no, Cas. That’s not quite what I meant there.
Cas: I’m at a loss here, Dean.
Dean: That’s uh something..Uh we say when we..Oh you know what? Let’s just forget I said anything. It’s forgotten. That was way too cheesy anyway.
Cas: *Finds it cute how Dean is babbling on and on*