lol wtf is this bye

Kim Seokjin : Occupation - Kindergarten Teacher

♥(ノ´∀`)Happy Birthday @caramoccii / @ask-seokjinnie !

sap & shit under the cut

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My dear spawn!

I’m in vacation mode, so don’t stress if the comics are not posted on time.
Remember, I love you and I’ll make it up to you! THE TIME IS NEAR!! THE REST OF THEM WILL SUFFER!!!!

Sorry, I let the monster-me out for feeding and it kinda took over.

Try not to think about a monster-me… okay?

Don’t think about monsters.

Also, feel free to ask me stuff in the meantime. Not about monsters. There are no monsters.

Kisses :*

hi!! heres my choices selfie day thing!! srry i look so serious i obviously don’t know how to smile lol

name: yall call me allie here but my irl name is aiesha lmao!! 

age: 16 in september WOO

zodiac sign: VIRGOS UNITE

favourite choices game: endless summer ofc

how long you have been playing pixelberry games: i was a casual hss player in 2013 but then forgot about it until 2016, then saw choices in september ish im pretty sure!!

Phil went from “Babe, U not responded to me again what’s new with you? I’ve been out boarding and met some girls. It’s been snowing too. I bet ud melt it cuz your heart is so warm. My mates over now but chat 2mrw or not lol watever i just miss u a bit lol bye x” to “🖲'yeah wtf is that idk’ 📿”


I was tagged by the lovely @kihyunsabs and @justwonho, thank you both 🙈 This is the bias selfie/lockscreen/homescreen/last song I listened to thing, hehe, so here’s me with a ridiculous filter next to the most perfect man on earth wearing a cap that I absolutely love, bye. ✨ I’m tagging some people just so I can see all your beautiful faces, but as always, you don’t have to do it, that’s okay. 💕 @houseofmonbebe, @omnibiased, @floofsta-x, @ukihyunnie, @diamondsforyoo, @ckyunnie, @kyunnie-o, and @kihyunsbb 👀