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💝Ryers: Richie is Mike's twin but he had to(or wanted to)move away to live with a relative for a couple years. When he gets back to Hawkins he doesnt have any friends. He never used to hang out with Mike and the rest of the party cause him and Mike fight. None of his old friends really remember him or care; Richie is sad but Will and him start hanging out and become not-so-secret boyfriends and they're always together (The party is confused but they don't really mind. Mike is a little salty)💝

Damn, anon, that’s one detailed ask. I hope you realize I come up with weird ass replies to prompts, so here’s my take on your cleverly crafted ask. Much love, anon :)


Under a normal circumstance, a person looking at a mirror receives the same feedback that person projects. If you look like shit, your mirror isn’t gonna lie to you. You trying to fake a smile? Your eyes will betray you faster than you can deny it.

Under a normal circumstance, your mirror shouldn’t do things outside your cue. Shouldn’t scream at your face with words so sharp, they could cut through steel. Shouldn’t punch you in the face so hard your nose starts to bleed. Shouldn’t splash you with a cup of tea so hot that it sinks through your clothing and burns your skin.

And as much as things were done and said in the pointless heat of the moment, things were done and said with sober thoughts behind them.

So, no, your mirror shouldn’t stare at you in the face with horror and apologies in his eyes when all you want to do is scream and curse and cry.

But sometimes mirrors do that – under abnormal circumstances. An occasion such as having an identical twin, a perfect replica, who hates your honest guts.

And sometimes all you can do is to get yourself out of that kind of environment, you know? Get some fresh air. Meet some new people. Find you a place where you can be yourself and not have to face the consequences of being compared to your well-loved mirror who’s a natural born leader when your ass is nothing more than an innate troublemaker.

Sometimes you just have to find you a group of friends you can call yours, not the hand-me-down kids your parents force you to hang out with because your awesome mirror picks the good kinds of crowd.

And before you know it, sometimes turn into months which turn into years, long enough to teach you the hard way that the place you’ve been looking for is a someone all along.

Someone you can call home. Someone who reminds you that what people say don’t matter half as much as you. Someone who turns your scars into landmarks of how you two came to be.

Someone who reminds you that the day you got your toys stolen was the day you two shared a piece of strawberry popsicle under the shooting stars. That the day you overheard your mirror’s friends diss you behind your back was the day you two spent a night in a secluded castle in the middle of the woods.

That the day you got burned on your chest was the day you two shared your first kiss as he patched you up and sent you off with a smile while you promise to return when you’ve found that place.

So, maybe you’ve gone a little twisted when your insides churn and your heart pounds when you see your mirror carry the expression you’ve been carrying all this time when he sees you holding your precious place in your arms with the promise of never letting go no matter what.

excuse my absence, finding a new car is more difficult than anticipated

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How are you doing, mods?

Mod Pancake: This is quite personal so feel free to ignore it!

*Pours sad music on my problems to make them even worse* would probably suffice as an answer lol (yeah ignore the subtle hints of self-hatred in everything I say lol). 

(Lame) jokes aside, as some of you may know I’m suffering from several mental illnessess so I’ve been in a hospital for a while now and just today my psychiatrist told me that I’ll be released in 2 weeks due to ‘major improvements in behaviour and mental capability’ (which I don’t see of feel for myself but well) and it honestly scares the shit out of me that I have to leave this safe place. Of course I’m somewhat happy I can go to uni and see my friends again but I don’t think I’m ready for ‘real life’ yet because I don’t really feel like I’m doing better at all and I’m afraid I’ll suffer from relapses and end up even worse than before. I really wish someone more stable and qualified than me was in charge of my life.

I’ll stop here and I’m really sorry for venting so much, so to end this on a sweeter note: Thank you so much for asking and caring about both our well-being that’s so incredibly sweet of you ♡ No matter how miserable I may feel, messages like these that show you’re caring always manage to put a big smile on my face and I can never thank you enough for all your attention and support towards this blog and the people behind it it really means a lot! ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡ And that even though I’m such a slowpoke lol but thank you very much I love all of you! ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡ I’ll work hard to keep this blog running! 

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I can provide you with plenty of reasons to hate Mukuro. She lied for YEARS about her gender. That immediately shows bad character. She stole Hieis necklace. She basically MOLESTED HIM. How? She unclothed herself in front of him when he was unable to consent to it. If that's not problematic, I don't know waht is.

Oh wow. I’m honestly not sure if this is meant to be serious or not. 

Mukuro presumably passed herself off as male to be took more serious. Though that’s up for speculation as it’s obvious in the YYH universe sex doesn’t determine power. My own personal theory is that she was traumatized by her childhood that she figured if she presented herself as a man she wouldn’t have to relive those horrors again in the future. 

She did not steal Hiei’s necklace. If memory serves me right he lost his necklace in a fight long before he even met Mukuro.

Mukuro did NOT molest Hiei?!?! 
I’m almost certain the thought of committing rape has never even crossed her mind. Mukuro is a VICTIM of molestation. The reason she stood naked before him was to show him her true form. Hiei obviously did not mind this. If he did, he would not have stuck around and would have probably lashed out at her the moment he recovered. 

Honestly. Come back with a legitimate reason to hate her next time. Simply saying you do not like her character just because you just don’t would have sufficed lol.

When a shrink needs a shrink, she turns to a drink.

Cami hadn’t left her apartment in days. It was still too stunned by it.  One day she was laughing with Davina, making jokes about the lovebirds to tease Josh and the next they were burying him.  She knew she should have joined the wake, said her respects but there was no part of her that felt as if she could move. In many ways, she blamed herself even if she knew there was nothing that she could have done.  Cami was only human and she’d been deluding herself for a long time thinking that she could make a difference but these things were only getting harder and harder.  Just when she felt as if the universe couldn’t take anything else from her, it grabbed something else. Josh had been a friend. He’d been her gay little brother that she’d never even known that she wanted and now he was gone.  Another person taken too soon and for what? Power? A plot?  Maybe if she’d spoke, she wouldn’t still see his blood on her hands. No matter how many times she scrubbed them the red wouldn’t seem to fade from her memory.

The fact that her phone kept buzzing incessantly was something that she could not be bothered with. She knew what was wanted.  It felt as though people only ever called upon her these days to play mediator, to talk to the enemy and get them to see the other side.  She was also supposed to help keep Klaus calm but he seemed to have a pretty good grip on himself now that Hope was back.   There would be more blood split because of this though. This wasn’t the sort of thing that could just be remedied with talk. She didn’t want to try and talk anyone off a cliff, especially not the person who had actually harmed her friend. She didn’t give a damn about the wolves.  Sure, she cared about Hayley but at the moment, she didn’t want to talk to any of them. She didn’t want to help Marcel and his vampires either.  

She just wanted to be alone. Okay, maybe not alone but alone with a bottle of bourbon would suffice.


T H E  W E E K E N D


  • Since I decided to eat clean, I would always ask my mom to purchase fresh fruits at the market because it became my ‘junk food’ from then on. The whole afternoon, I ended up watching FRIENDS (Season 7) while I binge on a large bowl of fruits. 
  • Received an SMS from my father that he will be catching Edge of Tomorrow later that night. I wanted to see that movie on the big screen ever since I watched its trailer because the concept is flawless and Emma Blunt is just perfection. I asked my brother if we could catch the last full show, and he said yes!! He ran some errands at La Salle first, then fetched me by 6PM. We were just in time since the traffic was light.
  • The movie was surprisingly amusing!! Of course, the action and thrill was already given, but I had no expectations that it would be really funny, too!! It was crazy when Cage and Rita were having a (sweet) moment, my brother whispered to me, “Woah, this is sweeter than The Fault.” We shared a laugh then got back on the movie, lol. 


  • My cousins and I had lunch at Grandma’s house before they leave for Europe next week. So much feels for my dream trip, huhu. 
  • On the afternoon, we went to the cemetery to light a candle and to pray for Tatay Fred. It’s been a year, but I still miss him so bad.
  • Stopped by at Imus Bayan to eat merienda at the Plaza Canteen. Grandma told us that it has been there since the 70’s. My grandmother and her friends, during their elementary years, used to celebrate their birthdays there, and surprisingly, one peso would be enough for everyone to have a full meal. I mean, how cool is that right? The place looks old (vintage would not suffice, lol) and it was never rendered… Maybe that is why it is still being patrionized at the moment.
  • Plaza Canteen serves the best toast bread and mami, swear! 


  • It was a holiday in Silang yesterday, so Jal did not have any classes. We were planning to hohol somewhere, but mom asked us if we would want go to Duty Free. Since, Jal has been wanting to shop for a new bag and shoes for school, we said yes.
  • We also had a shot of flu vaccine at mom’s office. And I just had to video Jal because he was so funny!! 
  • Chilled at Ben & Jerry’s after going around Duty Free. Gad, it was really tiring. Too bad, it is just a small branch that only sells pints, though I do not think there is really a B&J store in the PH that offers a wide variety of desserts, but at least there are chairs and it looks cute!! 
  • Cleaned the house when we got home because our helper left last Friday. For dinner, we ended up heating leftovers and using disposable plates. Yay, to independent kids.

My weekend turned out to be as spontaneous, productive and fun as it can be. How’s yours? :)