lol workaholics

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Is it bad that the "You Need To Bone" comic reminded me that I've always had a sneaking suspicion that the eventual collapse of Overwatch could have been delayed if Gabriel realized what a pussy magnet his position was? But didn't bc he's Bitter and tends toward the workaholic.

Omg lol I love it.
Gabe marching past his fellow soldiers
“I thought you were gonna blow up the Swiss HQ and kill Jack”
“But you didn’t-”
“But he and you had-”

And then just traumatised Jesse pulling his hat over his ears and Ana grinning like: “See what happened was that your dads had sex.”

How Ruki came up with Blemish' lyrics
  • <p> <b>Ruki:</b> *is asleep*<p/><b>Aoi:</b> *can't sleep because he is workaholic and needs to work*<p/><b>Aoi:</b> *has a song idea but can't wake Ruki up*<p/><b>Aoi:</b> *creeps over Ruki and starts whispering his idea to his ear*<p/><b>Ruki:</b> *next morning* I'VE GOT AN IDEA<p/></p>

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I kind of wish she said nothing about album 4 yet, she always plays down each era by bringing up the upcoming era in the middle of the current one. She is always rushing to begin the next project, like can we finish one project first before bringing up the next one. I understand that promo is important and so talking about it ahead of time will help for fans to get their coins ready but shit, I'm still processing dangerous woman (album).

lol she’s a workaholic though I think it would be easier for everyone if she slowed down and focused on what she has for a hot minute