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Another cheek kiss OR a Hug

Sherlock comes back and calls Molly and even when he’s a bit sad about the engagement, he doesn’t want to miss the chance to embrace her just for once.

The ask placed this situation in series 4, but this… sort of happened! Hope it’s ok. I choose the hug because with two kisses in the cheek, the best kiss on the lips ever (not real, but still on screen!) an «I love you» to each other… a hug would have been lovely.

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Hiya!!! I'm not over the ILY scene yet and I don't think I'll ever be over it. But what irritates me the most is people(read other shippers) saying that he doesn't actually love her and realises he loves her as a friend (LOL). As if that's a big realisation for him. I think that scene was definitely aboit romantic love. We finally got to see his heart. I always believed they'd end up together but I wasn't expecting that ILY.

Yeah absolutely. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the very point of that scene was about romantic love. The WHOLE episode was about love, but THAT SCENE was about romantic love. The first two tests dealt with general human feeling and compassion. The last test involved love of family/friends. But the coffin scene was specifically about romantic love. Because when the coffin says I Love You and they realize it’s for someone who loves Sherlock, obviously that’s not a platonic love. Because how would that narrow it down? Everyone involved loves Sherlock in some way! But do they consider perhaps Mrs. Hudson?? No! The only two women mentioned in that scene are the ones who have a romantic/sexual connection with Sherlock. People just need to employ some super simple deductions to reach the romantic love conclusion, it’s not that hard. And then as far as him meaning it in that particular way when he speaks it, perhaps just simply look. At. His. FACE. And listen to his frickin VOICE. I mean, come on, people…

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Six Sentence Sunday- 10/8/17

“I had to,” Sherlock murmuered to himself while climbing the few steps to her flat.

“There were really no options,” he added, running fingers through his hair as he stopped at Molly’s door, drawing a deep and almost painful breath before raising a freshly injured fist to knock.

“I said it because I had to,” he practiced softly, feeling adequately prepared as he heard her soft but deliberate little steps approach…but then she opened the door.

A bolt of lightning struck his soul by way of her achingly warm and vulnerable brown eyes connecting with his, shaking him to the core and making him forget everything that he thought he knew and replacing it with one unexpected thing which bubbled up in his chest and rolled out onto his tongue.

The truth.

“I meant it.”

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93. “It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

This gave me some throwback fic vibes, and giggles hehe! 😆 

“I said I was helping you write up a report or something for the out of town case,” Molly stated, out of breath as they hurried into one of the lab offices.

“I don’t particularly care what you told them, as long as you bought us time,” Sherlock growled, tugging her in close against the desk as soon as the door was shut, and then silencing both their mouths for a few blissful moments before pulling away again. “God, I missed you.”

“Ten days was a bloody eternity,” Molly gasped out, practically ripping her lab coat off and very roughly doing the same with his Belstaff. “Now shut up and keep kissing me!”

He hardly needed to be told.

Sherlock obediently consumed her mouth once more, all while lifting her onto the desk, eliciting a happy little squeak which resonated against his tongue. They both began working furiously with buttons, and Molly was nearly about to shove his shirt back and off his shoulders…when the office door opened.

There stood John, Lestrade, Mike Stamford, and Philip Anderson. 

Sherlock and Molly could do nothing but stay frozen in place under the stares of the four awestruck men. After what seemed like an age, Sherlock cleared his throat.

“Right, well I think you’ve all probably got the general idea by now.”

There was a flurry of “yeah sorry,” “we’ll just wait out here,” and a very quietly added, “God, that’s my desk” from Stamford.

Molly sighed once the door was shut again. “Well…looks like it’s out now.”

“Mm, looks like,” he agreed, his expression stormy now. “And I suppose we’ll have to pick this up later.”

Molly gripped his still partly open shirt and pulled him down for one more slow kiss before replying. “Trust me, at my flat nothing will get in the way.”

After that they straightened themselves up a bit and finally came out of the office, now a bit red faced and sheepish. Dear old Greg was quick to attempt breaking the tension with a kind word.

“I say well done, you two,” he said with a little pat on Sherlock’s shoulder. “I think it’s great.”

The other three echoed agreement, though neither Sherlock or Molly felt like having this congratulatory conversation in the hallway of Bart’s hospital at the moment.

“I must say it is about time,” Anderson added, his tone noticeably haughty. “Should have happened years ago, if you ask-”

“Yes well,” Sherlock automatically cut in, glaring at him. “It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

One glance at his newly revealed girlfriend though…made him change his tune.

Sherlock dropped his voice, admitting sheepishly. “Though, you are in fact correct.”

Needless to say, Philip Anderson didn’t stop grinning for the rest of the day.

‘Scoping Him Out

Fandom:  Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt/Request: Inspired by a comment by @outside-the-government about stethoscopes going missing at work and how she follows docs around until they give it back if they’ve borrowed hers.
Word Count: 1275
Warnings:  None
Author’s Note: This was supposed to only be about 300 words but it kept going!

You’ve been working in the med bay onboard the Enterprise for at least ten years now.   You are one of the best nurses on the ship and you take great pride in your skills and the job itself.  You’re nearly on par with a doctor as far as knowledge and experience goes, and all the doctors are aware of it.  You have all your own supplies including tricorder and stethoscope, even though Starfleet has their own standard issue equipment.  The CMO allows you to use yours rather than the regulation supplies because he knows that you’re on the top of your game, that you trust your own equipment more, and that you’d probably just use it anyway, albeit sneakily.

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He had it coming, he had it coming
He only had himself to blame
If you’d have been there, if you’d have seen it
I betcha you would have done the same 

Cell Block Tango - Chicago

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Six sentence prompt: “I think you could use a holiday, Sherlock.” Please and thank you!

I made myself giggle writing this one! 😆 

“I think you could use a holiday, Sherlock,” Molly stated with a laugh after he’d finished ranting about the latest roadblock in his case.

“Hm, do you know…you may just have something there,” Sherlock said thoughtfully, a lightbulb practically visible above his head. “I can just picture us lounging on a beach in Greece when this case is solved, cool drinks in our hands, the warm breeze in our hair and sun on our skin, and you in that little two piece that I know you own but have always been a bit shy to wear despite looking truly magnificent in! And it’s only a matter of time before the warmth of the sun and our shared glances and gentle touches move us to retire back to our suite where we’ll enjoy a particularly invigorating and refreshing afternoon, very effectively working up an appetite for dinner, after which we’ll retire early to watch the sun set from our balcony overlooking the ocean as we hold each other close.”

Molly’s jaw hung on the floor and the color of her face was strikingly similar to the aforementioned sunset as he concluded his fantasy like description.

Sherlock cleared his throat, reality setting in as he took note of her expression and asked sheepishly, “I haven’t actually asked you out yet, have I?”

[excited arm waving] Sera is probably the most obnoxious kind of married woman.  Like, she’s always referring to the Inquisitor as my wife and always introducing herself as Sera (Inquisitor’s lastname), even to people who have known them for years and especially to the bigwigs they meet.  She’s always holding the Inquisitor’s hand and making kissy faces at her.  Sera is just!!!!! so happy to have a family that loves her!!!!!!!!  that she loves!!!!!!!!!!!!