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‘Scoping Him Out

Fandom:  Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt/Request: Inspired by a comment by @outside-the-government about stethoscopes going missing at work and how she follows docs around until they give it back if they’ve borrowed hers.
Word Count: 1275
Warnings:  None
Author’s Note: This was supposed to only be about 300 words but it kept going!

You’ve been working in the med bay onboard the Enterprise for at least ten years now.   You are one of the best nurses on the ship and you take great pride in your skills and the job itself.  You’re nearly on par with a doctor as far as knowledge and experience goes, and all the doctors are aware of it.  You have all your own supplies including tricorder and stethoscope, even though Starfleet has their own standard issue equipment.  The CMO allows you to use yours rather than the regulation supplies because he knows that you’re on the top of your game, that you trust your own equipment more, and that you’d probably just use it anyway, albeit sneakily.

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He had it coming, he had it coming
He only had himself to blame
If you’d have been there, if you’d have seen it
I betcha you would have done the same 

Cell Block Tango - Chicago

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I'm just thinking since 2:35am this morning, how SH is going to ask MH to give up her pathology work to go live with him in Sussex and run an Apiary. Maybe she'll transfer to a hospital there. Maybe he'll be experimenting on her *evil snicker* to make sure she's not allergic to bees. Maybe he'll call her at 3am to find out if she ever got stung by a honey bee. Maybe he'll let some loose in her flat. Maybe SH will flip out when he finds an old pic of Molly helping her dad with a small bee-hive...

First of all, LOL at his attempts to find out answers to Molly and bees! That’s hysterical! Though I’d like to think that he’d make sure she was safe before releasing bees in her flat haha. Ok and about the thought of finding that picture…

Sherlock opened the junk drawer in Molly’s kitchen, looking for the chopsticks that she claimed were “somewhere in there.” As he shoved some things aside, something caught his attention and his eyes became saucers. He picked up a photo and slowly turned to face her where she was setting out the take away.

“Molly,” he began slowly. “What is this?”

Molly glanced at the photo. “Oh yeah,” she said with a smile. “Beekeeping was something my dad and I wanted to try when I was younger. It didn’t go all that well, really. I mean neither of us were terribly experienced. It was fun though! I’ve always thought beekeeping was interesting. Some time I’d love to- Mmph!”

By that point in Molly’s explanation Sherlock had her backed against the kitchen counter, enthusiastically expressing, in the form of passionate kisses, his joy at her interest in this particular subject.

Molly clung to him instantly, caught off guard but thoroughly enjoying this all the same. She was dizzy by the time he pulled away and stared at her with fiery eyes. He spoke between breaths, trying to carefully enunciate each word. 

“Have I expressed how desperately I want to purchase a small cottage in the country with you and spend our later years keeping bees?”

Molly stared back at him agape. “I um, well…no. That is, not till now.” She let out a shaky laugh. “Especially seeing as you’ve never um…done this before either.”

His gaze shifted nervously as he considered the fact that that was true. “I see. So I also hadn’t yet expressed how desperately I want…you?”

“Well, I’m starting to get the idea.” Molly gave him a playful smile and renewed her grasp on his neck. “I dunno though, I feel like you haven’t made yourself completely clear. I might need you to further explain just how much you- Mmph!”

Sherlock was more than willing to make sure Molly was crystal clear on the subject.