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Hiya!!! I'm not over the ILY scene yet and I don't think I'll ever be over it. But what irritates me the most is people(read other shippers) saying that he doesn't actually love her and realises he loves her as a friend (LOL). As if that's a big realisation for him. I think that scene was definitely aboit romantic love. We finally got to see his heart. I always believed they'd end up together but I wasn't expecting that ILY.

Yeah absolutely. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the very point of that scene was about romantic love. The WHOLE episode was about love, but THAT SCENE was about romantic love. The first two tests dealt with general human feeling and compassion. The last test involved love of family/friends. But the coffin scene was specifically about romantic love. Because when the coffin says I Love You and they realize it’s for someone who loves Sherlock, obviously that’s not a platonic love. Because how would that narrow it down? Everyone involved loves Sherlock in some way! But do they consider perhaps Mrs. Hudson?? No! The only two women mentioned in that scene are the ones who have a romantic/sexual connection with Sherlock. People just need to employ some super simple deductions to reach the romantic love conclusion, it’s not that hard. And then as far as him meaning it in that particular way when he speaks it, perhaps just simply look. At. His. FACE. And listen to his frickin VOICE. I mean, come on, people…

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Another cheek kiss OR a Hug

Sherlock comes back and calls Molly and even when he’s a bit sad about the engagement, he doesn’t want to miss the chance to embrace her just for once.

The ask placed this situation in series 4, but this… sort of happened! Hope it’s ok. I choose the hug because with two kisses in the cheek, the best kiss on the lips ever (not real, but still on screen!) an «I love you» to each other… a hug would have been lovely.

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Ooookay for the Drabble Challenge, since you want to have fun 79 is a pretty funny one

Going with a rare jealous Molly theme for this one lol. The whole jealousy thing isn’t usually the most entertaining to me, but this did amuse me. ;D

79. “My name isn’t Leslie...who’s Leslie?”

Molly tapped her foot impatiently on the floor, sitting with her arms crossed in Sherlock’s chair. There were some things that needed to be said when he got back, and she was ready!

When he finally burst through the door and grinned at seeing her sitting there, she instantly jumped up to greet him with a stern expression.

“And where have you been?” Molly questioned.

Sherlock’s brow furrowed in confusion as he unwound his scarf and hung up his coat. “Working a case of course.”

“Oh yes, a case, of course!” Molly drawled sarcastically.

His eyes narrowed. “What’s this all about?”

Molly whipped out her phone. “Well let’s see. I got an awfully interesting text message from you a few hours ago.” She held the phone up, reading aloud. “‘Come on, Leslie, you know what I need. Meet me in a half hour and I promise you’ll be glad you did. Nobody else has to know. It’ll be our secret!’”

She glared at his blank expression as she went on.

“Funny that I got this text seeing as my name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?!”

Sherlock’s lips slowly lifted in a smile, which then morphed into an actual laugh till he was almost doubled over in hysterics. Molly wasn’t so easily amused.

“What? What is so funny, Sherlock?! I swear to God if you’re involved with some woman when we’ve only been dating for two weeks and haven’t even-”

“Molly!” Sherlock finally came over and stopped her, placing his hands gently on her shoulders. He managed to slow his laughter and speak calmly. “Molly, my text message to Leslie was for a case.”

She still looked dubious. “I dunno, the wording seems a bit suggestive to me.”

“Leslie was a witness to the crime I’m investigating. I needed the details and hadn’t been able to get them till today. Fear of being implicated in the whole thing can cause people to be a bit tight lipped, so it’s taken some convincing. And besides…” Sherlock smirked. “He isn’t at all my type.”

Sherlock quickly took out his mobile, opening up the saved contact and showing Molly the picture of Leslie…the middle aged, bald, and very male Leslie.

Molly’s eyes widened. “Oh…well that does…change things a bit.” She felt her face burning up with embarrassment and smiled sheepishly. “Sorry about that. I kind of let my imagination run away with me.”

He smiled affectionately, reaching up to stroke her cheek. “Honestly, Molly, don’t you know by now that there’s nobody else that has exactly what I need? I’d never need anyone but you.”

Her blush was now less embarrassment and more pleasure at his words.

“Really?” She looped her arms around his neck, leaning into him. “Well you’re all I need as well.”

“How convenient that we’re on the same page,” he purred while dipping his head down to meet her lips, very quickly making her head spin and her heart race.

Molly pulled away and gazed up at him. “I kind of wish that text had been for me though,” she murmured, tugging a bit at the top button of his dress shirt as she bit her lip. “Asking me to meet you and promising me I’d be glad if I did…and that it would be our secret.”

Sherlock’s lips spread in a slow smile. “Mm, yes that does sound like an appealing invitation.” He leaned down to try and kiss her again but she stopped him.

“I really hate to cut this short, but I was actually only stopping here briefly on my way to Bart’s for my shift.”

“Mollyyyy!” Sherlock groaned desperately as she stepped away from their embrace and headed for the door.

“Tell you what,” Molly offered on her way out. “Before I see you tomorrow, how bout you work on sending me some new texts during my shift.” The way her eyes sparkled wasn’t lost on Sherlock’s skills of perception.

“Mm, yes I think I will do that,” he agreed, grinning now at the interesting idea. “And I look forward to hearing just how moving they were when I see you.”

“Yes, I’m already looking forward to telling you all about it,” she agreed with a little giggle.

Things didn’t really end up working out that way after Molly’s shift though. In reality, once she did come back to Baker St…there was very little conversation involved. 😉 

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HC (can it be also a prompt?😉): when Sherlock asked Molly to be his fake gf/wife/date Molly refused protecting her heart, but SH found himself surprisingly disappointed because he was truly looking forward to their pretend which of course in turn made him realize he actually wants her be his gf/date/wife for real. Silly boy. 😉

Ooh I do like that! Well…ok just a few sentences for you since you asked! ;)

“And how did it go?”

“Fine. The party was fine, and I did solve the case.” Sherlock paused, a bit nervous to proceed. “It…wasn’t the same though.”

Molly glanced up from the post mortem she was currently performing. “Oh? You really think having a fake girlfriend on your arm would have made all that much difference to the outcome?” she asked with a laugh while returning attention to her work.

Sherlock stepped forward. “No, perhaps not,” he admitted. “But it would have made a difference…to me.”

Molly looked back at him again, setting her tool down as she sensed his tone. “You prefer having a fake girlfriend?”

“No,” he answered instantly, and then smiled at her very softly. “But I’d very much like a real one.”

‘Scoping Him Out

Fandom:  Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt/Request: Inspired by a comment by @outside-the-government about stethoscopes going missing at work and how she follows docs around until they give it back if they’ve borrowed hers.
Word Count: 1275
Warnings:  None
Author’s Note: This was supposed to only be about 300 words but it kept going!

You’ve been working in the med bay onboard the Enterprise for at least ten years now.   You are one of the best nurses on the ship and you take great pride in your skills and the job itself.  You’re nearly on par with a doctor as far as knowledge and experience goes, and all the doctors are aware of it.  You have all your own supplies including tricorder and stethoscope, even though Starfleet has their own standard issue equipment.  The CMO allows you to use yours rather than the regulation supplies because he knows that you’re on the top of your game, that you trust your own equipment more, and that you’d probably just use it anyway, albeit sneakily.

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This has been such a DAY, and heaven help me it’s not over yet. I’ll be real honest, I just need my husband to crash through a window, (actually just charge through the door cuz we can’t afford a new window lol) shake the broken glass (ok fine its sawdust) off his jacket, grab my face, and just KISS ME SHERLOLLY STYLE TILL I FORGET MY STRESSES OK?!? 😆

I can’t draw babies or cute stuff to save my life, and this is no where near complete, but my god do I have so much feels that I need to get out.  

It made me so sad to think that Connor might have spent the rest of his life watching people come and go, having to watch them leave for one reason or another.  It made me sad to think of Connor being so far away from his people, and having no one to ever call his first name given by his mother.  It made me sad to think of Connor living in that big empty house, with no one to greet him after a long day.

 It made me sad to think that Connor never had a happy ever after.

 So when I saw the pages from the comic, I was so happy.  I cried when I saw that Connor not only had a wife who sounds like she knows how to handle Connor (lol the best wifeys always know, Connor), but also 3 beloved children that chatter with him in both Mohawk and English, that he reassures and encourages them to speak their mind, and have them be capable and strong and connected to the earth as much as he is- it was all I could ask for and more. Thank you for giving some form of closure to Connor.


He had it coming, he had it coming
He only had himself to blame
If you’d have been there, if you’d have seen it
I betcha you would have done the same 

Cell Block Tango - Chicago

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5D TFP Bulkhead (scraplet and his girly scream comes to mind) or 4D TFP Rachet pretty please. :-D -- Wifey. x

We had a vote in the stream, Ratchet won, sorry Bulkhead. Here ya go wifey, lol. Also, get yourself a Tumblr, damnit! Peasant!

I feel an honorable mention is needed here - wifey, a.k.a best friend decided one day to record a TV show, and then suggested we watch it. Boom. I’m hooked. She got me into Transformers. It’s all her fault.