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“I’m the only one who’s ever seen you like this. The only one who’s ever touched you like this. Made you feel like this,” reminds me a lot of canon's "I'm the only one who can satisfy Victor." Was that on purpose? And lol at Yuuri thinking Victor was embarassed sleeping with inexperienced "plain" him, I don't know why, somehow, I get the feeling Victor past the shock isn't that puset. Who knows? He might even be extremely pleased with what that means for him.

Yes, Viktor’s initial shock and panic and finding out he was Yuuri’s first and only was entirely to do with the fact that how it all went down was definitely not how he would have done it if he’d known it was Yuuri’s first time. After that though, the idea that he’s the only one who Yuuri has ever slept with? Yeah, he’s not at all displeased about that

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Can you please just get it together and update already? I'm so sick of waiting for another chapter. Business and Pleasure is pretty good but I hate waiting so long for new chapters. Like why would you even write if you're not going to post regularly?? You're just wasting all our time and disappointing everyone.

I’m honestly sorry you feel that way, and that I’m disappointing “everyone” apparently. I’m doing my best. I’m currently juggling being a full time student, being a teaching assistant, working at the gallery, interning, and curating an exhibition. I’ve got a lot going on, and I really do try my best to update once a week, which I don’t think is unreasonable. 

I mean….I’m sure you watch TV, and you have to wait a week between episodes, so….

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sooooo, question. The titans were meant to devour their people, the Eldians, right? Then why do any of them take any interest in Mikasa? To clarify, her mother was East Sea and her father was an Akerman, and the Akerman's are believed to not be of Eldian heritage because they are uneffected by the kings mindwipe. So, why do you think any titan would go after Mikasa, even if just to grab her and injure her? And also, why did the one eat the Marlean when Kruger kicked him off the ocean wall???

As far as I can recall (mind you, I need to reread to absorb the details which I keep putting off, lol) it’s not that clear cut that pure titans only go after the Eldian people, just that Eldians are the only ones with the ability to become titans at all. If anything, it’s just that the Marley government (and the First King) just wants them to eat the remaining human Eldians to wipe them out. 

I think that for the pure titans, they just see a person, and have no real way to discern what their bloodline is. 

If I’m wrong though, then maybe it’s just Isayama being inconsistent. Wouldn’t be the first time. lol

Just a text dump of some thoughts. In the card scene i also think Sangwoo was testing Bum’s trust and intelligence, too. He gives him the right cards and then indicates the wrong one at the most critical moment. It doesn’t even occur to Bum that he’s being set up for a long hard fall. You’d think someone in his position would be suspicious of anything Sangwoo tells him to pick or do, but Bum is pretty trusting:

He says that one’s ‘definitely’ the right card, that is… /not/ the joker. But of course he’s wrong lol. And then in this following scene, i actually think the laughter belongs to Glasses Guy? Bum does ask ‘why is he laughing?’ I could be wrong! But regardless you see Sangwoo looking exasperated, amused, and disappointed all at once as if to say how could you fall for that, how could you trust me. 

Sangwoo recognises that Bum’s level of trust in him can be so fucking dumb. It’s a different scenario, but it reminds me of the previous scene where he asks Bum why he didn’t run away when he had the chance: “are you stupid? you could have gotten out if you just crawled…or are you starting to like it here?” That’s what’s interesting about Sangwoo: he is messed up but he has 100% control over his state of mind. He is rational and intelligent - and that’s a part of why he has been so ‘successful’ with all his killings.

I definitely think that Sangwoo always intended for Bum to live in that whole card scene, but i think it’s the small moments that showcase Bum’s naivety and mindless trust in him that appeal to Sangwoo’s warped mine. He’s getting attached to him because of things like this lol. What i like is that Bum gives little morsels of trust that are pretty innocent and endearing, even though he holistically doesnt trust Sangwoo with his life yet. And it’s whenever Bum feels like he has received special attention from Sangwoo that he allows his mind get blurry with poor judgment, or rather, that he loses sight of himself. At first Bum was like ‘Is he helping me…?’ He seemed wary, but then after he pulled all the right cards he was so excited by the knowledge that Sangwoo was taking care of him that he totally overlooked the trap. He says himself he felt giddy and happy.

I think in some ways Sangwoo and Yoonbum mirror each other, but my thoughts on this aren’t fully developed yet so i’ll have to think about it some more lol. But I fully expect for Sangwoo to soon have a level of dependence on Bum too, or atleast a powerfully unstable emotional attachment. 

Yuris on Love (II)
  • Yurio: *sing-song voice* Victor and Yuri skating on a rink. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage. Then, comes the baby in the baby car-
  • Yuri: Don't even try to finish that sen-
  • Victor: Why not? I think a baby would be a great idea someday.
  • Yuri AND Yurio: YOU DO?!
  • Victor: *cool and casual* Sure, although someone I know might get a little jealous with the shift in attention.
  • Yurio: Why would I get jealous? *Victuri grin at their victory, as he realizes his mistake* No wait, I meant... *groan* Oh, crap...

Headcanon that Jason watches the show arrow and shits himself laughing at the portrayal of Roy like

“Hey Roy you’re fucking Oliver Queen’s sister again lol!!”

“Oh look you dramatically cried about Oliver’s Sister!” (For the eighth time)

“Oh what’s this? You actually are clean shaven and lost the scraggly hair? Nope wait, you’re even more of a pain in this show….”

Roy would be like

“When the hell did Ollie get a sister?!”
(Ollie doesn’t have one in the comics)

“I’m smarter than that! And I would NEVER do this stupid shit!”

“Why aren’t you wearing a ball cap???”

  • anyone: why didn't you do the thing????
  • me internally: i have several pervasive disorders and illnesses keeping me from doing things i need and even want to do, and no matter how hard i try, something is always holding me back and i end up putting my energy into coping and just trying to see tomorrow. and while i could tell you exactly what it was, that would take energy i don't have and risk you having an adverse reaction and also i just can't
  • me externally: lol oops my bad i'll get right on that


Viktor knows Yuuri gets flustered when he says harsh things with a smile, and even more when he gets flirty in public. (Much to the dismay of the workers who get caught up in their lovey-dovey moments.😆)

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Heellooo! Could I ask a Monsta X reaction to you accidentally hit them in your sleep? Thank you!

No problem, love 💕

Jooheon: “OW! What the hell, y/n-” *notices that you’re sleeping and immediately shuts up cuz he doesn’t want to wake you up*

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Minhyuk: “Huh? Did she just hit me?” *pokes you playfully and keeps whispering to you although you’re still sleeping*

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Shownu: Ok but even if he wanted to be playful about it, I think only a flick on the forehead from him would send you flying across the freaking room 😂 So yeah, he probably wouldn’t do anything about getting hit lol

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I.M: “Ugh why did I have to date someone with such bad sleeping habits…” *still have heart eyes tho*

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Hyungwon: He would probably wake up and just go back to sleep tbh 

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Kihyun: “HUUUUM???!!?! EXCUSE YOU, YOU UNGRATEFUL CHILD- oh, oops… You’re  sleeping… My bad…” *sweats nervously, hoping you didn’t wake up*

(Literally his face at the end of the gif)

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Wonho: *just laughs at you without saying anything, and looks at you like you’re the most precious thing in the whole wide world*

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I am seriously in love with these boys xDDDD

So, Mario Tweeted the two photos below after their performance of “Musical Touken Ranbu in Itsukushima Shrine”.

Notice anyone missing from the second group photograph? Well, their taichou certainly did. LOL!

Sato Ryuji @ryuji7117

Like I said!!!!
I’m not there!!!!!!
What’s up with that!? Do you hate me!?

To which Daichi was quick to reassure.

Saeki Daichi @AND_swgD

I (We) do love you

Aw ♥ It’s okay Kiyomitsu~ Even if you aren’t in the photo, you are loved xDDDD But yes, Mario, we too would love a photo of the reunited Team Sanjou with Kashuu Kiyomitsu xDDDD

Editing to add more Team Sanjou with Kiyomitsu love (including Mario’s response to Ryuji and Daichi’s conversation) xD:

  • Aries: "I wasn't even talking!"
  • Taurus: "I want to go home."
  • Gemini: "We never learned this..."
  • Cancer: "Where's my pencil?"
  • Leo: "This is so easy... lol."
  • Virgo: "Why would you even ask that... You're so dumb."
  • Libra: "I hate this class." *10 minutes later* "I love this class!"
  • Scorpio: "Why are we learning this. What's the point."
  • Sagittarius: "After school I'm going to--" *goes on about their plans*
  • Capricorn: "I'm trying to pass, so."
  • Aquarius: "ACTUALLY-" *corrects the teacher*
  • Pisces: "wait what. what's going on. what're we doing. what time is it? when's lunch??"

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Can I please have the guys reacting to their s/o being a ghoul? (Like from Tokyo Ghoul)

Lol could one say that the s/o and the vampires would…eat eachother out xD jesus kill me

Shuu : “Ghoul huh? Well then you know the pleasure that derives from consuming human blood. What a dirty woman, trying to act all innocent after all.”

Reiji : “Is this why you’ve been refusing all food served at dinner? My my, what will we do with you? We still crave your blood, even as a ghoul, so you still need to eat. I suppose we will have to get a few human limbs here in case.”

Ayato : “G-ghoul?! What the hell Chichinashi! You eat people?! Tch, is that why I’ve become so addicted to your blood? Tch, this doesn’t change anything, you’re still just a Chichinashi, and still belong to me.”

Kanato : “Y/n -san…are you trying to act all tough now? Do you think being a ghoul gives you some kind of power over me? You might not be human, but you’re still weak after all. We vampires, are superior still.”

Laito : “Hmmm, Bitch-chan this will be interesting from now on! Now, you’ll tell me everything about how the body of a ghoul functions, right? Especially what you call a kagune…”

Subaru : “Ghoul…If you think it changes anything, you are wrong. You’re still weaker. Tch, I can’t believe I fell for it, thinking that you were human… I knew something was off with you from the start!”


lol is making powerpoints like this even a thing anymore

This is like, a super brief overview and if I had the time and the energy I could probably write an essay on Why Ellie Sattler Is A Perfect Example Of A Good Female Character, but I do not have either of those things so you get this very small powerpoint on it instead.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that Ellie is very purposefully written like this - Spielburg changed a lot from the novel to create this Ellie Sattler so that she would be a better character (and did the same with Lex too).


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I love when customers come into my line and start complaining about how they're in a hurry, but they've got a shit ton of stuff. Lol like hun even if you were first in line this still would take a while, why tf you doing your heavy shopping 20 minutes before you're supposed to be at work???

When people judge me for liking K/S, and that my fave is OMS:

Them: “But they’re OLD. They’re not even HOT. Why do you want to ship OLD people??? Shatner got really fat! That’s not HOT! WHY WOULD YOU FIND THAT HOT????

Me: “Listen… what if I told you… it’s about loving the characters… and not about them being… hot?”

also fuck you william shatner is a precious beautiful snowflake at any size or age i will FIGHT YOU