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Cute Puppy (Jung Ilhoon)

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acatcalledbambi said: I’m really happy to see that you write about so much groups i like :) So could you pls do an ilhoon fluff where he is a little bit upset about you hanging out too much with some other members? Don’t feel bad to change it i’m not specially creative 😂

Ilhoon (BtoB) x Reader

Genre: fluff !

Words: 303 (sorry it’s short)

Summary: Liking someone can really be stressful.

Can jealousy be a genre? Idk lol. Ilhoon looks so cute in that GIF tho.

Hope you enjoy it!

‘Why is she doing this?’

Ilhoon pouted, crossing his arms across his chest in annoyance, looking like a child, which he was.

What’s wrong, you wonder?

‘They’re stealing (Y/N) away from me!’

It was supposed to be a relaxing Sunday at the dorm, he was supposed to play games (and maybe even cuddle, if he’s lucky) with (Y/N), his long term crush. He thought he could even confess, if the mood was right.

But, oh, how things went wrong.

First, the game console broke because Ilhoon accidentally tripped over thin air (I don’t know) and spilled Coke on it.

Strike one.

Then, when they were supposed to watch Disney movies, it turned out (Y/N) forgot them at their apartment.

Strike two.

Finally, when Ilhoon thought things couldn’t go worse, the other group members came.

Strike three.

“C’mon, Ilhoon, join us!”, (Y/N) yelled excitedly, playing tug of war with Hyunsik on her side, and Sungjae and Peniel on the other, with a pillow.

“Nu-uh!”, Sungjae yelled, gripping the pillow tightly, “It wouldn’t be even then!”

Ilhoon grumbled something under his breath, his brows furrowing together. Eunkwang watched all this from beside him, tryinng not to laugh.

“Jealous much?”, he teased, his smile growing wider and his eyes turning into crescents.

Ilhoon turned to him, trying to feign innocence, but failing miserably: “Who? Me? Hyung, you should probably start wearing glasses.”

Eunkwang laughed, shaking his head: “Suit yourself.”

Ilhoon furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, shrugging before turning his head back to the front.

Only to be met with (Y/N)’s smiling face, making him scream and jump in his seat.

“You’re jealous!”, they teased, leaning in, “Cute! Like a puppy!”

Ilhoon’s face was adored by a bright red blush, blinking furiously, trying to form a sentence: “N-no, I’m not! W-why would you t-think that?”

“Because you like me!”, they said in a sing-song voice, “Don’t worry. I like you too!

Poor Ilhoon almost had a heart attack.


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