lol why did i just-

let us tell an old story anew, and we will see how well you know it…


I’m pretty sure he died here. Like 100% sure.


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“sure we WROTE her to be exactly the opposite but we can’t get ACTUALLY let her be IC THAT’S GAY??”

I cannot believe someone wrote that “you need to marry me so that I can wear a ring and stop guys from hitting on me ;) “ as legit dialogue and somehow thought it made sense in any way

um i wore a ring when I was 18 working as a waitress to keep guys from hitting on me and I didn’t need to be married ! ! ! imagine that 

and I wasnt even a ruthless space pirate anarchist who SCARES HUTTS and gets kicked out of nar shaddaa cantinas for biting people’s ears off I’m p sure she doesn’t have to pull the “I already have a man~  ;) “ excuse on people giving her unwanted attention just sayin

I see so many parents on FB that just hate their kids. Or at least they act like it...

I’m not a parent, I know that, but I do know that if you choose to bring a person into the world you shouldn’t act like it owes you or like you resent it constantly. 

It’s just so fucking sad.

GOD that memorial day post I reblogged it had the Lindsay Lohan crash and literally we were in LA around that time and I remember requesting to my parents that we see the crash site on sunset and they took me and there is a picture of me somewhere pointing at the tire tracks in the grass and the bush that got fucked up from her crashing in to it

Just imagine...

Cruising in your sports car, the wind hitting your face… You’re cruising only slightly above the 20 mile speed limit. When suddenly you hear it…
A police siren…
You can already see from the corners of your eyes the distinctive blue and red lights flashing, signaling your impending doom.
You glance at the rearview mirror and then your eyes open wide. Your jaw drops.
There is the police.
His jet black shades hiding his focused stare. His fuck boy hat with a police siren perched upon it- WHEE-OOO WHEE-OOO WHEEE-OOO!!!!
He thrusts his body. His leg pushing back again and again propelling the scooter forward.
“STOP UNDER THE NAME OF THE LAW!” He squeaks, already far behind.
You feel tempted to just ditch the fuck head but you just can’t help feeling sorry for the guy.
You put your car in reverse and slowly back up.
The police is still going full speed but he’s gained only a few yards of ground.
You keep backing up and he’s closer and closer and then you sto-BAM

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Lol as if you have a deck why even bother smoke

Did I just read this?? Because I don’t roll I am somewhat less than the adverage ol smoker? What the fuck ahahah

friendly reminder that my birthday is on tuesday and i have been known to frequent starbucks~*~

Ok just something I want to know why did in season 4/5 rachel need to know who Marley, Jake, Ryder, Kitty and other newbies when she never interacted with them before that point when Santana ripped her a new well deserved asshole? I would understand if she actually interacted with them and didn’t bother learning their names and going as far as butchering their names on a consistent basis but she didn’t interact with them. Of course Santana would know their names because she interacted with them several times. More than any of the graduates at that point.