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Brain came up with this like a week ago just before I went to bed and I had to write it down or else I would forget it

Forgive me for the bad background and terrible anatomy and probably a lot of other things I did wrong :’)

Mental Gymnastics: Anti-Gency Edition

Genji calls Mercy “Angela”, an intimate gesture in Japan.

Gency haters: Meh. That doesn’t prove anything. Just that he doesn’t hate her.

Michael Chu, who likes Gency, adds in Mercy saying, “Genji, I was too late”

Gency haters: This isn’t romantic. This is just friends caring about each other.

In a very sentimental comic, Genji sends letters only to his brother and to Mercy. Mercy is shown to be very happy reading his letter.


Mercy gives Genji chocolates

Gency haters: How is this romantic? It’s just friends giving friends chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Duh.

Genji gives Mercy chocolates:


Mercy marries Genji and they have kids

Gency haters: Like… I still don’t see how this is romantic. They are married. So what?


I don’t know what I must saying but first, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!! may fortune and good things bless us this year…
I really want to say thank you for everyone who still read my shit like translation, I just wanna remembering everyone that I doing this just for fun and increased my word then just wasting my time  lol

This time I really didn’t know what I must saying so like always japanese isn’t my first language (believe me I still didn’t know read kanji that’s why I can take this project cause they insert kanahira on side line) and my english is like shit. Enjoy it !!

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Our Earth(Barry Allen x Reader)

Request: Can you do a Barry imagine where you go with him, Cisco, and Harrison to Earth 2 and you see Barry with Iris and you get sad and try to avoid him and he wonders why and you tell him you have feelings for him? Sorry if that doesn’t make sense.

Prompt: Barry is in your apartment demanding to know why you have been avoiding him.


Warnings: None

A/n: Request are still closed. I’m just making my way through the list but hopefully I will be able to do Christmas drabbles on Christmas or the day after? The day before? I don’t know lol I’ll let you know. Happy Reading! PS.The story is done, it’s just up to you on what happens next.

“Just tell me why you are avoiding?!” Barry shouted as he paced around your living room.

“I’m not avoiding you!” you lied.

“Yes, you are! Ever since we got back from Earth-2 you have been avoiding me. You leave the room whenever I walk in and when we talk you give me one word answers and you keep making excuses for not hanging out with me and the team.” He sits down on your couch with his head on his hands in frustration. “Did I do something wrong?”

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You felt a pang of pain in your chest at hearing how sad and broken his voice sounded. You didn’t mean to hurt him, you were only trying protecting yourself.

On Earth-2 you saw he was happy around Iris. You had a huge crush on Barry and when you met him he was deeply in love with Iris but when then he started to hang out with you more and more. You felt stupid for thinking that maybe he was over her and was actually into you. Seeing them together in Earth-2 proved you wrong. It seemed that he could love any version of Iris.

“You didn’t do anything wrong.” you sit next to him and pull at the sleeves of your sweater nervously. It was childish not to tell him about your feelings and it was better to tell him and move on than to hold on to all of this emotions.

“Then what is it?” he turns to you and holds your hand in his, running his thumb over your knuckles. You looked into his sad brown eyes and took a deep breath, preparing yourself for what you were about to do.

“I saw the way you were around Iris on Earth-2 and it is pretty obvious you were into her. Problem is I am also into you and seeing- seeing you with her I realized that you really care about Iris, any Iris.”

“Wait, no, no. I-I only did that with Earth-2 Iris because I knew she thought I was her Barry, I didn’t want to mess up their relationship and so played I along. And as for our Earth Iris, I moved on. I grew up with her and she was my rock for so long that I started to like her, but then I met you and it was different, more intense. I like you, y/n, a lot. On our Earth, I want to be with you. Do you want to be with me?”

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GD & TOP off the record

**updated with clear fancam

When a hot guy stretches and his shirt pulls up:

Give Us a Little Love (We Never Had Enough) Chapter 1

Summary: Where do we belong, where did we go wrong? If there’s nothing here, why are we still here?

AKA, everyone is a witch and absolutely nothing could go wrong

Words: 4538 

A/N: the long awaited witch! au is here! i hope you enjoy and look forward to the rest of this wild ride!
(brownie points to anybody who knows what seven’s….chant, is a reference to lol)fic title from Give Us a Little Love by Fallulah
chapter title from O’ Death by Amy Van Roekel
you can read it on ao3 here!

Chapter 1: When God is Gone and the Devil Takes Hold

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Something for the MP100 Ice Skating!AU~ :^)

Wanted to layout the design for Teru’s outfit! (That’s why, excuse the sketchy-ness; I didn’t refine the body at all haha). At least, this is him before meeting Mob (Longer hair + super flashy lol). Also wanted to note that everyone is aged up (Teru is 18 here), because I didn’t want them to be like 14-year-old-skating-prodigies oK,,,

[Read about my version of the AU here. Still working on more details!] 

S-I-N, I S-I-N

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @speedywheelz. “imagine where Gerard walks in on you reading naughty fanfics about him haha”.

You got a notification on your phone that your favorite MCR fanfic author had just posted a new oneshot. You weren’t sure why you still followed them, to be honest. You’d tried to distance yourself from the Tumblr fandom after you started dating Gerard for real.

Part of that was because of the flurry of anons you’d started getting in your inbox when the tabloids got wind of your relationship. Some of the questions were just invasive (what’s Gerard really like in bed? ;) ) while others were outright hostile (Wtf makes you think you deserve to date him?!). The worst part was the fanfic authors who wrote stories where Gerard broke up with you, or even ones where you died, so that their OC and Gerard could be together. On the other hand, some writers had started calling you and Gerard their “OTP”. That was even weirder.

But, this writer was just so good that you couldn’t bring yourself to unfollow her. She hadn’t posted anything in a while, so you hadn’t really thought about her for some time. You found yourself clicking onto the fic anyway. Pairing: Gerard x Reader, the description warned. Genre: Smut.

You blushed, remembering all the lonely nights when you’d still been single and had gotten yourself off on the fantasies this author spun. Gerard wasn’t home at the moment, and you were feeling a little lonely. For old time’s sake, you thought, and, hesitantly, began to read.

You found yourself getting really into it, your temperature climbing as you read the filthy, kinky sexual situation the author was describing.

Your fingers twisted into Gerard’s hair as he thrust into you more deeply and moaned, “Oh, Y/N, yes……..Y/N……..”

“Y/N, what are you doing?” said a voice behind you, and you jumped.

“Gerard?!” you gasped, turning around to see your boyfriend standing there with a raised eyebrow. “Y….You’re home early…..”

“Yeah, I finished up my work a little faster than I thought I was going to,” Gerard explained, still looking at you curiously. “What are you reading over there?”

“Nothing!” you said quickly, turning red and clutching your phone to your chest.

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What We Have Together

An incident downtown causes you, a metahuman who fights alongside The Flash, to have a conversation with him about both trust and your relationship.

A/N:  This one is so long lol but I’m very proud of it. If you like this fic please consider reading the other installments of the ‘Neuro’ series on my blog!

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DL (Plushie Skit) - Torture Mean Anon 🚨Alert! Sadism🚨

So some anons sent hate comments to my ask box, but I deleted most of them so I do not have anymore~ Just telling you guys I don’t feel anything :3 And Sweet anon chans please send more comments in! Never turn off my anon tho~

@fyeahdialovers showed me a short comic of burning mean anon~ (it is a popular one you see it a lot!)

And I was like should let my diaplushies burn anon? NOPE

They are DiaPlushies~ They are Sadism!

They have their own ways to torture~

I spend a lot time making this skit and it comes out great.

But I don’t know why it doesn’t seem like a skit anymore tho…

The characters are still plushies!!! Cute diaplushies!! Shu, Subaru and Ruki!

Nothing changes!!

Just the story is different… LOL

🚨 Alert Again: Extreme Sadism 🚨 no joke here! 

If you are ready~ then please click to start reading~

Hope you enjoy tho… <o>W<o>

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I will never forget this post I read after Bom’s drug scandal after YG released a statement about it, someone said how he handled the situation like a father, how he takes care of his artists and it said “thank you papa yg”.

Lol, what the fuck? I mean seriously. Seriously?! It was his duty to post an official statement and the statement just explained the situation why Bom took those pills. What was so fatherly about it?

That rat after a year and half said that Bom did this to herself and it’s her own fault and that’s why she is still reflecting.

What kind of father are you talking about? What kind of papa yg?

If you refer to yg as “papa/dad/father” and you think that he treats his artists good, don’t talk to me and unfollow me.

And don’t you dare blame any of the girls for this! Do you really think that they wanted this after so much years spend together? And they still support each other and care for each other.

It’s all YG’s fault. If he handled things better this wouldn’t have happened. But no, he had to let the perfect girl group die.

imagine a pocket sized seungkwan having trouble with appliances.




sassy af but we still love him

How Cute The Signs Are
  • Aries: 8/10 cute but intimidating
  • Taurus: 9/10 SO cute but can't keep their mouth shut
  • Gemini: 8.5/10 generally cute but kinda weird
  • Cancer: 6.7/10 cute but pushy
  • Leo: 6.2/10 they're just a really big hit or miss tbh
  • Virgo: 7.5/10 they usually have good eyebrows
  • Libra: 6.5/10 just like Leo they can be on or off; it really depends on the person
  • Sagittarius: 8.2/10 cute and funny but a little immature
  • Scorpio: 9/10 CUTIE PIES but they always either say too much or never speak up
  • Capricorn: 10/10 ZAYN MALIK IS A CAPRICORN plus so am I so yep no competition for Capricorns
  • Aquarius: 8.7/10 cute with a dark side
  • Pisces: 9/10 CUTE AF but unintentionally screws things up
Haikyuu Chapter 246

We finally get a chapter focused mostly on Tanaka!

Look at that embarrassed face Tanaka is making!

If Ennoshita says it then BELIEVE IT!!! The 2nd years are so happy for him I’m crying hahahaha. But why is Noya not in this moment! It’s your best friend’s glorious moment.

Tanak in grade school is adorable! He even introduced volleyball to her, so sweet!!

Ennoshita’s freaking face hahahahahaha. I’m literally crying while reading this lmao.

Honoka was supposed to confess dumb dumb! And yet you’re still thinking of Kyoko-san!? But what’s this he got jealous of the guy next to her lol. Tanaka please…

Well I sure hope this is not the end of fruitful love life for Tanaka. Hahaha.

2nd day of the National is on the next update! We can’t wait anymore!

i think im going to make a grilled cheese, watch youtube videos, and then play overwatch or league if my wifi feels up to it lol