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Sorry for no giant grin, lol, I guess I was too busy pondering my possible goth phase (which was nicely aided by the black dress I was wearing) and low-key applauding myself for whatever weird aesthetic that first one is, even if it’s a little off center.

On a more important note, I am not ready to go through an episode of pain and no bellarke (which is why it’s good I’m watching tomorrow ayyyyyy)

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If I told you I loved you, would you believe me?
I don’t mean the love where we hold hands, cuddle and do cute things. I mean the love where you were everything to me, but you didn’t know it. You were the one I was scared to lose, and ultimately enough, what I was scared of became a reality. I loved you for every imperfection you have that I adore. I loved you for brightening my world and making me feel things I thought were only in fairytales.
If I told you I loved you, would you believe me? Because I don’t know if I would. I don’t know if I loved you… Loved is past tense, which means it’s over with. But, I believe you can never stop loving someone, the love might die down, but it doesn’t completely die. It settles down in a dark place inside you and quietens down until it wants to burn a fire in your soul and make its self known again. I loved you, and I continue to love you.
—  Imagine that one thing
new admins

so i’ve recently had to accept that i need more help running this blog and was agonizing over how to go about doing that (how do i pick people? what requirements should i have? should i make a google form?) but i’ve decided to just keep it simple

honestly the biggest thing i need help with is collecting, cataloging, and adding fics to the library which requires a lot of patience (like A LOT) and free time 

basically if you’re passionate about fic, patient, have a lot of free time, and aren’t a dick, shoot me a message on my main blog (linked under the admin section of this blog) and we can have a chat



Luhan’s mini album IMAGINATION Coming soon!! Including “On Call” music video as well!!! ^^

Lol I don’t even know. Sorry. Not considering this as an episode but I am tagging it as one. I just feel bad for not posting this week, but do get excited for Luhan’s mini! ^^ Bye!

old(does feb of this year count) art print that i didnt get to sell at a con cause i messed up and forgot it at home, which was across the sea from the con

i like this trio


I don’t know why, so don’t ask.

I got tagged by @phildrawsfanart​, thank you sweetheart! <3

Rules: answer the questions then tag 9 people you want to know better.

relationship status: single

favorite color: (dark)purple

lipstick or chapstick: lipstick

last song you listened to: Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me (guess why? lol)

last movie you watched: I have no idea actually. Then again, I always am more into tv shows, so there’s that.

top 3 characters: Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane because duh!, and welcome to that list: Lucifer Morningstar (damn what a discovery <3 )

top 3 ships: Malec (although is that even a question? lol), Han/Leia because they still have my heart and I adore them to pieces, Candy (Roswell) since they were my first otp ever and I love them so much <333

books you are currently reading: Still reading “Clockwork Princess” by C. Clare - it’s been lying around for 1 year now. lmao Malec fanfics ruined my soul. And I am not even sorry. lol

top 5 musicals: really not into musicals… at all. Sooooorry. *hides*

tagging: @daddarioswife, @daddarios, @sweetillusionketz, @magnus-banes, @isabellebiwoods, @daemonya, @madzie-bane, @patronusmagnus, @merlinlightwood (feel freeto ignore this of course!)

dude it's 12:07 am and im sitting here hella salty bc all my life i thought it was "you're a wizard harry" (movie) but it's actually "Harry- yer a wizard" like this is a big deal to me rn and i don't even know why????

this is why i don’t trust movies.

yes im only just reading the books now okay


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In case you can’t read my chicken scratch:

Glasses: Do you guys even know how annoying it is to wear these things, and worry about them being broken?? Honestly, it’s overwhelming to worry about these. ;-;


Wears Over-sized Sweatshirts/Wearing shorts. Mainly to hide my chest and fat belly (kill me) and I also like to have over-sized sleeves :P I only wear shorts at my house, when I’m not with friends. I just don’t feel comfortable with wearing them in public.

Emotions?? (how I act n’ stuff): I act really cheerful and happy around friends,and I really don’t have to try and make it seem like I’m happy most of the time. When I’m alone, well, gives me time to think about stuff aaaaand.. yeah I’m upset when I’m by myself :’)


Reblogs are appreciated.


I fucked up and deleted the post here we go again, sorry sorry. This mix of albums is even more bipolar than what I am lol.

I was tagged by @ihtiriekko to tag the last 6 albums I listened to, thanks!!

Drudkh/Grift - Betrayed by the Sun/Hägringar
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads
Allan Edwall - Den lilla bäcken
Mastodon - Emperor of Sand
Hate Forest - Battlefields
Church of Misery - Early Works Compilation

I’ll tag @capillariancrest, @ek-fellrr, @thelastheretic, @exitdenied, @rhan-tegoth, @torradh, @meeyma and @the-wizard-in-black. Hope I didn’t forget anyone, feel free to do the challenge even if I didn’t tag you!!

it’s so hot but i need to keep up my all black aesthetic if this isn’t dedication i don’t know what is

EXO as Coffee

(My friend and I made these up on the bus back from Seoul ~ I’m so sorry we were a little bit delirious. ~ Erin)

Suho: Americano - Seems like that all round classic Korean Coffee. 

Chen: Vanilla Latte - a little bit sweet in everyway.

Chanyeol: Sweet potato Latte - you know what they say about too much of a good thing / Perfect in an annoying way. 

Baekhyun: Green Tea Latte - Unexpectedly sweet and not too good for you. 

Xiumin: Hand Drip - Just that little bit fancy

Tao: Pumpkin spice Latte on soy - For the femme in all of us.

Sehun: Double shot caramel macchiato - Guaranteed to kill you. 

Kai: Mocha - Extra yummy, you know what I mean.

Lay: Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows - it can’t get any sweeter than this.

D.O: Cappuccino - just the right amount of bitter with those sweet bits.

Luhan: White chocolate mocha - it’s cute but sexy (I’ve seen grown men order this drink …right?) 

Kris: espresso - Strong and rich


was tagged by @hsinlvegas for the glo-up, - oldest selfie i could find to the newest!! (i dug through facebook, am i even surprised.)

god i’m embarrassing why did i think of taking a photo on the floor 🙃

anyway, left: 2009 when i was 13, right: 2017, currently 21

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