lol who's shawn

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Birthday sex with Shawn in the morning and you wake up and kiss his cheek and he wakes up a little and you're like "good morning birthday boy" and you put your hand under the blanket so you're rubbing the bulge in his boxers and you whisper "do you want it now or later?" And obviously he wants it now so you take the blankets off and then his boxers and then your clothes and put his cock at your entrance and ride him & when he tries to take control you're like "no,it's your day,babe,enjoy it"

And then afterwards, once he’s cum so hard that he swears he sees stars and he’s holding you close on top of him, letting you feel the twitch of his muscles as you whisper ‘happy birthday’ against his damp skin, he’ll give you a nudge and you’ll look up to catch a flash of mischief in his eyes.

“But I can have it later too though, right?” he’ll ask, referring to words from earlier and making you want to laugh.

“Yeah, bub. You can have it later too.”


favourite tv shows 1/? : psych