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I don't like it when people deny flaws to make someone seem better. Most recent example that comes to mind is the fact that Celestial Boy faced a hard time because they didn't edit Jimin's blemishes and such. We should be saying Jimin is beautiful With those flaws/blemishes on his face rather than he's beautiful Because he doesn't have blemishes on his face. Similarly, saying Jimin is unstable live doesn't mean he's not a good singer or a bad dancer, simply that he could definitely improve 1/ ~F

Also, Namjoon & Hoseok obviously don’t fit Korean beauty standards. so when I see people saying they do in order to defend them is a bit ??? i think you should defend them by saying that no, they don’t fit beauty standards but they’re BEAUTIFUL regardless. it just reminds me of when I gain weight and people “assure” that I didn’t get fat as though fat’s the biggest insult. Like ?? i know i gained weight?? not the worst thing?? similarly, not meeting beauty standards be an insult ~F 2/2


arguing that people’s flaws don’t exist or are small in order to justify their attractiveness is the wrong way to go about it. it continues the believe that these things are ultimately unattractive and ruining… you can be beautiful and have acne, you can be beautiful and be fan, you can be beautiful and still be outside ever basic beauty standard. Trying to convince ppl that they’re attractive BECAUSE their flaws are barely noticeable is really just empty words. Convinced people they’re attractive despite them, or even because of them. Confidence doesn’t come from feeling like you must hide a part of yourself

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