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FF7 OC; Sephiroth Headcanon Stuff

Something canon (and the fandom) doesn’t talk about much is who influenced Sephiroth’s fighting style and upbringing. It’s an important question to ask since it holds great possibilities if Sephiroth ever had his own game.

Many assume continuous VR sessions and a team of Shinra scientists made Sephiroth into the fabled swordsman he is today. However, I don’t subscribe to that. Masamune isn’t your typical Shinra-issued blade. It’s also not the type of weapon an AI can teach Sephiroth, especially when the AI program is far from perfect (something that irritates Hojo when he uses Zack as his guinea pig). 

When we consider Angeal and Genesis, these two brought along a sword of sentimental value prior to joining. Genesis possesses a fancy elegant-styled rapier. It makes me picture this snooty rich boy training in a wide-opened brightly-lit space in his mansion, trained by a well-paid tutor he quickly surpasses (and ridicules, LOL). The rapier itself was likely passed down to him by his well-off family. An ancestral blade perhaps? As for Angeal, I picture this poor boy practicing on a cheap rusted sword with his stepfather. Then one day his stepfather gives him the most awesome gift prior to his departure for Midgar: the Buster sword. It’s custom-made and ain’t as pretty as Genesis’ blade… but it gets the job done. :)

I mention this because someone significant gave Angeal and Genesis their respective swords. They weren’t systematically issued to them. As such, obtaining the Masamune would be a significant moment for Sephiroth. I doubt Shinra scientists gave him it - they’d have likely given him a modern-styled weapon with at least fifteen materia slots. :P I also doubt it was a reward given to him by a high-ranked Shinra official. That would’ve cheapened Masamune’s sentimental value to a ‘prize’ or company perk.  

As I’ve been working on a Sephiroth story related to his origins, I considered the theme in Crisis Core, legacy, and the answer to my question of who gave Sephiroth his sword and trained him hit me like a truck. My god, it was so obvious. O_O

Sephiroth must’ve had a swordsmaster. A mentor. A master.

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