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Considering it’s been a few years since I first started professionally tutoring high school students, I know that this time of the year is always anxious for graduating seniors. You know what college you’re going in to, what you want to (hopefully) study for the next four years - it’s a good time for the nerves to start kicking in! I try to follow a little acronym called “hope” (nope it’s not my favourite word nope) and I pass on this advice to my students every year - so I thought I would share it with studyblr this year!

→ Hobbies Are Important!
Your hobbies are things that shape you and define you, activities that provide you solace and peace of mind when you need it. When college rears its ugly head and life gets busy, it’s really easy to drop your hobbies but it’s really important to continue on with them, as best as you can. Once you’re finished with college, you may find yourself with a lot of empty time on your hands. The workplace doesn’t need you to do homework, prepare for exams and make study guides - so what does one do in all this spare time? Your hobbies are as good as anything, here. No matter how significant or insignificant they are, remember to hold them close to your heart.

→ Organisation Skills Are Key!
Many of the studyblr community understand this already, so I won’t elaborate on this too much. Much of the work at the K-12 level is structured easily for the student to understand, with things like worksheets and handouts. They’re not common in college (in fact, I’ve only had them in 2 classes in 3.5 years), so to keep on top of things, it’s important to have good note-taking skills, maintain a good planner and use whatever review methods work most effectively for you to study! You may feel like college is information overload, so rather than trying to keep it all in your head, it’s better to keep it written down, so that your mind is free to absorb new information!

→ Preparing Ahead Isn’t Just For Nerds!
That’s right, cool kids can do it too! Nothing bad has ever come out of reading the next class’ chapter ahead of time or starting a study guide for the next exam right after you finish the one during last class. Being aware of the context when learning makes it much easier for your brain to comprehend and understand new material - so if you read up ahead on the chapter and you don’t understand much of it, chances are that when you go to class your brain would’ve remembered keywords, which it’ll pick up during class and help you retain this information more.

→ Expectations Are Personal!
Success is a very relative term and should be taken on a personal level. Doing your own best is always what is important - don’t be weighed down by the expectations that others place on you. Many of you will be living away from home for the first time and it’s not easy, at all. “Work smart, don’t work hard” and such quotes make it seem like being disciplined and diligent is all that matters but it is also important to take breaks and take care of yourself too! Know when to take breaks and when to take time for yourself- but also remember to try outdoing yourself before outdoing anyone else!

Once again, this is just my opinion and tips based on my college experience. It is, by no means, an exhaustive list and I believe that once you begin, you too will come to realise some things on your own. I truly wish someone had pointed these things out to me during my freshman year at college but I hope that you come across this post and don’t go through the same mistakes I did! As usual, my askbox is always open for if you ever want to talk/discuss/chat/rant/whatever! I’m so thankful for this wonderful community and I cherish you all lots, just trying to do my bit and give back!

- alli ❀


Shahi has always had incredible chemistry with whomever she is working opposite on any show, but never to the degree she had with Acker. Both are incredible actresses on their own, but paired together on screen they delivered some of the most stunning moments of their careers. Their chemistry gave birth to the relationship between their characters and their joint commitment to nurture that relationship made it something truly special that will live on in the lexicon of pop culture until the end of time. You absolutely can’t talk about either character or either actress without mentioning the other because these parts richly intertwined them. For years, and likely decades, to hear the mention of one will elicit a reference to the other. Their hard work and dedication to Shaw and Root has forever bonded them in ways I doubt they could have fully comprehended when this journey began.

The Family Game (Toumyu Edition): Torigoe Yuki, Imari Yu, Kuroba Mario and Saeki Daichi

So, a few of the Musical Touken Ranbu cast members were asked this question during various events: if you had to designate your fellow Toumyu cast members as family members, who would you designate in which roles?

Torigoe Yuki

Father: Imari Yu
Mother: Himself
Older brother: Takahashi Kensuke
Younger brother: Arisawa Shoutarou
Lover: Sato Ryuji
Pet: Ogoe Yuuki

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Imari Yu

Father: Himself
Eldest son: Sato Ryuji
Second son: Torigoe Yuki
Third son: Arisawa Shoutarou
Youngest son: Ogoe Yuuki
Pet: Takahashi Kensuke (To quote, an “intelligent pet” xDDDDD)

When asked who the “mother” is, Yu-kun’s answer was, “Ehh!!! Mama!? If I called someone mama, I’d be scolded, so that’s off limits! There is no mama! I’m divorced! (LOL) I’m a bad papa who is supported by his sons! Like a big daddy!” LOLOLOLOL!

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Kuroba Mario

Father: Saeki Daichi
Mother: Ohira Shunya
Older brother: Kitazono Ryo
Younger brother: Sakiyama Tsubasa
Pet: Sato Ryuji (To quote, “Don’t you want to see Ryuji as a pet? Wearing a choker?” LOL! Mario, exactly what are you imagining xDDDD)

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Saeki Daichi

Father: Sakiyama Tsubasa
Mother: Kuroba Mario
Older brother: Sato Ryuji (“When he is older” xD)
Younger brother: Kitazono Ryo
Pet: Ohira Shunya (To quote, "Of course, the pet is Shunya-!” LOL!)

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My first time using Procreate! I may already be in love lol who else uses Procreate? Any tips for a newbie?? Lol #procreate #transformationtuesday

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