lol who does he think he is

also what the fuck is the deal with liberals saying “LOL DONALD TRUMP ISNT AS RICH AS HE SAYS HE IS!!!!! HAHAHAH!!!!” like who on earth does that hurt exactly??? he’s still rich as fuck and we’re still poor as fuck and he still has basically all the power and we still have basically none of the power. i know there are people out there who think mocking a rich megalomaniacal narcissist for not being as rich as he said he was counts as “resistance” but seriously what exactly is achieved by laughing at a man whose administration is doing and will do horrible things because he’s not as wealthy as he made the world think???? 

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What would the 104th & vets do after they found out their significant other has cheated on him/her?

Mikasa: Punches the next best thing there is
Reiner: That’s cool, then we’re quit now. 
Bertholdt: Oh… okay…
Annie: Punch a hole into the wall right next to their head ‘How could youuuu?!’ is actually crying
Eren: What the heck? I trusted you?!
Jean: What does he have that I don’t?
Marco: Don’t worry, we can work this out!
Sasha: Dramatic af
Connie: Screaming in confusion
Historia: lol bye
Armin: Needs time for himself to think about it and see if he wants to go on with the relationship 
Ymir: Laughs and goes on eating chips
Levi: You can’t be cheated on if you don’t let anyone close enough

Hanji: Doesn’t mind, depending on who it is
Erwin: Drinks away his sorrows
Nanaba: Dramatically slaps S/O in the face and rage cries
Mike: Frowns until person explains themself

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but imagine this. A Modern au where R has a youtube channel where he sings original stuff and covers. And (idk why man) Eponine writes a song (On my own) but is pretending too hard not to show she really cares about it (and about marius lol) so she asks R to sing it w/ saying she wrote it... and he does and les amis watch the video and Enjolras is like WTF? Who's breaking R's heart? and starts pinning and thinking TOO MUCH about the fact R is in love with A RANDOM guy. why didnt he know abt this

ohhhh my god? I love this holy shit god damn thank you?? I wish I had time to write the full fanfiction this prompt deserves but for now please consider the following:

-Enjolras gets suddenly VERY CURIOUS about Grantaire’s activities outside of their meetings. When he leaves Enj is like where are you going? Who with? And when Grantaire doesn’t answer him he asks everyone else because he really just wants to find out who Mystery Man could possibly be when Grantaire spends so much time at the Musain with them

-he’s developing permanent frown lines please someone help the man

-of course the first person to know the real reason Enjolras’ behaviour has changed is Éponine, since she’s the only one who knows who wrote the song AND how Enjolras feels about R, but she decides she’s going to let this all play out naturally because why not

-Everyone else assumes he wrote the song about Enjolras and none of them understand why Enj is getting increasingly agitated about Grantaire’s extra-curricular activities

-until one day Courf is like ‘dude are you going to ask Grantaire out??’ because he knows all about Enj’s feelings and R has been covering sad songs on his channel lately, but Enjolras is like ‘why would I ask him out when clearly he’s interested in someone already’ and Courf Gets It

-Courf is like, please Enjolras just ask Grantaire to introduce you to Mystery Man so you can at least see who Grantaire is so infatuated with

-And Enjolras is like alright alright fine

-so he goes to talk to Grantaire but ends up being like 'let me talk to this man, let me and give him a piece of my mind for not paying attention to you, anyone would be lucky to have you, I know he’s not obligated to return your feelings but seriously who is this guy he’s an idiot’

-Grantaire very weakly says 'you’

-(the same night, the song Grantaire posts on his channel is uncharacteristically sappy. his subscribers are curious. the amis are pleasantly surprised. Eponine knows what’s happened right away.)

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lol at people who want to see Louis wear things more like Harry because Harry has 'actual style'. Meanwhile I'm over here thinking of that Randy's Donuts hoodie that he literally always wears like yes, what a posh look indeed... (srsly tho can ppl just leave them both alone, I love their expensive ass clothes)

Oh my god, can you imagine if Louis was a repeat offender with a hoodie like that? People would make the rudest comments. Harry does have his Harry Styles™ look, but he definitely dresses down a lot too and loves to wear whatever the fuck he wants in his downtime, whether it’s the donut hoodie or four shirts layered over each other or his winter boots with athletic shorts or whatever. They both have expensive clothes and they both know how to dress well, but they also know their audience. Harry dresses one way when he’s being performer/actor Harry and another when he’s just being a normal dude. And Louis does his thing too, but people always seem to find something to complain about when it comes to his clothing. He wears designer clothes that fit the music scene he’s in and people complain, he color coordinates his casual looks and mixes pieces to make himself look fabulous even in sweatpants and a t-shirt and people complain, and on it goes. It’s so unnecessary and unfair because people don’t rip the other boys’ styles apart the way they do with Louis, and I know part of it is rejection of his unfair and inaccurate chavvy image, but a lot of the time, people seem to just be really classist and rude with their comments no matter what he’s wearing. Nothing is ever good enough for this fandom.

I don’t think I’ve ever uploaded this. I’ve had it for ages, the art is old now, but it’s still relevant. Here’s my canon warden, Lenaios Surana. He’s an easy-going, elfroot-smoking spirit healer who can’t lie to save his life. Ferelden’s very own hippie elf doctor dude.

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Hey love I was reading your drunk sasuke mini fic and I was wondering do you really think that Sasuke is rarely direct in initiating sex? And between them who do you think initiates it more? From most fics I read Sakura is the one mostly initiating it and I really want to imagine Sasuke as maning tf up lol

Ok so even though Sakura is more vocal about wanting sex, he’s actually the more perverted of the two. He’s just got a lot of willpower. Like, if she’s bending over while she innocently does housework i guarantee he’s checkin her out, he’s just very subtle about it.

He likes to tease her by ignoring her advances too, so it may seem like she’s more upfront, but it’s only because he’s going to engage later on unexpectedly. he loves catching her off guard. He loves taking her when he wants, where he wants, and the more flustered she is the better.

Her being flustered in the mini fic is more about him playfully pinching her cheek/announcing that he thinks she looks cute. it wasn’t the physical aspect, it was more that he didn’t have a filter and was being very flirtatious (which is the part that’s odd for him)

Don’t let it fool ya, he takes charge all the time, his advances are just a little more calculated than hers

What makes me laugh at all the jontron hate is that instead of getting all scared saying “omg i cant believe this, blocked” you dont take your time to actually have a conversation with jon Why he thinks and feels the way he does. He obviously isn’t on your plane of exsistence when it comes to politics. You’re just always going to use the same excuse * its not my responsibility to educate you * lol

Jon is not like every hotshot celebrity who is probably more disconnected from the world than him. Hes just a youtuber im sure he reads his own fanmail. Not only that but i think people dont know how to handle when someone disagrees with them. You know how many celebrities dead or alive probably disagree with you on a whole shit ton of things? You know how many shows youre probably going to have to stop watching? If you dictate your life that way then shit fuck your faulty ass cafeteria morals.

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hello:) do you think Sangwoo's feelings for Bum are those of romantic nature (especially 15-16 episodes, 'if i'm the only one that wants this, we can't be together' line really hit home with me) among others or maybe at least he perceives them as somewhat affectionate? [disclaimer: i obviously don't advocate for romanticising abusive relationship]

Yes I think Sangwoo does have romantic feelings for Bum.. Except his way of showing ‘affection’ is…. peculiar lol. He managed to plan Bum’s first murder (without any assistance) by getting close to a girl who attended the same college as him. He even prepared a song that was ‘meant’ for Bum, and provided a 'show’, as Koogi stated, (sex scene) with Ji Eun.

In chapter 17, Sangwoo states, “Since it’s our anniversary, it’s pointless if you, the main character, is not there.” from the English translation. Korean couples like to celebrate being together for 100 days. This is known as the 100th day anniversary/celebration (백일). Some couples also celebrate 200th,300th, and even 1,000th day anniversaries. On the 100th day celebration, men give their loved ones flowers and rings to seal their relationship and then go out for dinner. I thought Sangwoo was doing the same to Bum by providing something 'special’, not like rings, but giving Bum the opportunity to be together forever by making him kill Ji Eun. (Maybe it has been 100 days ever since Bum arrived in Sangwoo’s house. Who knows?)

Kaneki cares so much for Akira because of the time they’ve spent, but he also thinks of her as his mother. Which is why she’s a very important person to him. While he does want to protect her and do anything for her sake, Amon is the only person who can truly play this role. Shes loved him since part one of TG, and he must feel the same about her. Kaneki really needs to pay attention to his feelings and the one person he probably would lose his mind over if they died, Touka. While they haven’t had much time to talk, their connection will rekindle.

Liv Question

Only because this season is making me forget what I used to know about SVU, and Genes is making me think about Liv.

I clearly remember Amaro finding out about Liv’s conception/lineage, and that’s always been one of my favorite moments between them. I loved how understated it was, and how he reacted, and how she walked away. But Amaro is gone now, so he can’t offer any input on the “born to be a rapist” theory, he can’t reassure Liv.

Who else knows? I assume Fin does, from back in the early seasons, but he’s not in the episode either, lol.

So, who else?

Does Barba know? Did it come up during Noah’s adoption (Noah being Johnny D’s biological son, of course)? How about Amanda? I’m fairly certain Sonny has no idea. I can’t actually remember any of them finding out, but S15 is pretty hazy for me, so maybe that’s why I’m blanking?

Anyway, is it possible we’ll have an entire episode about the “rape gene” and none of the other characters will know how it relates to Liv? Is it possible only the audience will know and appreciate the context? Is it possible I’m having a brainfart, and all the other characters know?

Might Liv have to reveal her backstory, all over again? Repeating an old storyline, because coming up with new ideas is overrated? Might that be a good thing? Might we see the reactions of the other characters, as they find out the truth? Might we see them supporting their leader with compassion, or is that just wishful thinking?

Wait, as I was about to post this, I saw Julie Martin posting on twitter about Liv’s therapist being back (the awesome Bill Irwin) in this episode, in what seems like another last-minute reshoot.

So, I’m guessing Liv will work the case as normal, and keep everything to herself, and she’ll only open up to her therapist in the final two minutes of the show. Because who needs a great scene which would strengthen the squad, and showcase her relationship with the others? A moment which would show she trusts them? Sigh.

(I do hope the show proves me wrong, by the way. If anything, she could - and should - talk to Barba.)

tl;dr - Who else knows about Liv being a product of rape?

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What do you think Sakura does that turns Sasuke on? We can't act like he doesn't have a sex drive , something has gotta make him horny lol

Who knows? That’s unpredictable because that side of his character was never explored upon in the slightest.

My headcanon? Nothing turns Sasuke on quite as much as when he watches Sakura enter badass mode. You know, when she gets that look in her eye…

Like when she punched Sai right in the face for badmouthing Sasuke:

Or when she had enough and destroyed Sasori’s puppet of the 3rd Kazekage:

Or when she beat down the White Zetsu posing as Neji:

Or when she turned the battlefield into her own personal playground:

Or when she ruptured Shin’s internal organs for daring to lay a hand on her husband and daughter:

Sasuke is rather similar to Saiyan males in that sense, because not to long ago in Dragon Ball Super, it was revealed that Goku and Vegeta were drawn to Chichi and Bulma respectively because they were very headstrong and wilful women. Sasuke is no different; He relishes the fact that his partner in life is the most powerful woman in the world:

And he absolutely loves it when she brings that side of herself to bed! XD

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What is it that you love about hoseok personality and appearence wise? I like hoe thoughtful he is. :)

I HATE THIS BC,,,, I LITERALLY LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM!!!!! and (I’m p sure I’ve said this before but) I feel like he matches me personally, im someone who laughs all the time and I like to laugh and obv he makes me laugh a lot lol ;-; yes he is thoughtful;; I think this is why bts match so well together, they’re all so thoughtful and humble. hoseok is just really enthusiastic and rly does The Most I can really see his effort in everything when it comes to fans it makes me heart hurt ;o; appearance wise? he’s so cute n handsome but….his smile makes me smile without me realising….for real I luv him lots believe me 💖💝💞💗💓💘


Chanyeol will protect Baekhyun from the cold with his ’gentle giant hugs

Kobold, also known as the Pale Goblin. 

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I think I've figured out who the unnamed female is in the Feysand pregnancy fic, and I don't want to say because it's super spoilery. BUT if I'm right HOLY FUCKING FUCK!! The eyes... Cassian's obsession with her eyes... HOW DOES HE NOT SEE IT?!?!? .... Unless I'm wrong of course lol.

Ah yes. Cassian’s obsession with her eyes. He has seen those eyes before. Many, many times.

If he had the time to put the pieces together instead of fighting his way out or protecting Rhys, or her wiping his memory, he would flip his shit


“If this was a movie, you would die first.”


i guess they’re bad guys or something, idk. I was just thinking about Godzilla dat boi for some reason so have this catbro who is some villain posse with his big buff cheeto puff partner, and basically uses his powers to score free wifi, dick around, and bring memes to life. He totally does sailor moon and jjba poses when doing his magic junk I bet

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Hey, so I'm a fairly closeted trans guy with a preference for girls, but I've developed a really unique relationship with a close cis guy friend who pretty strongly identifies and presents as effeminately gay. With me, he is pretty touchy and invites me out to all these events. Yesterday we went to coney island and got nathan's hot dogs (lol ik) and ice cream and all that (cute). It was practically a date! I think he does like me but is confused bc he identifies so strongly as GAY. Any advice?

um maybe he senses the fact that ur a guy?? maybe he senses the gayness?? maybe he likes u and think that ur an exception to his gayness (surprise bitch its gay)

just ask him about it. come out to him maybe if u feel comfortable