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Does anyone else want a cute scene of BB-8 and the porgs? All that adorable roundness together gives me feels! LOL I also really want to see Reylo bonding with the porgs, although I think Kylo would eat his hood before he admits to liking the little pests. LMAO

I can imagine Kylo being very put out until one of them drops a little present at his feet and he softens up a bit. xD

I’d love to see BB8 and the porgs! Although the current merch has been pushing R2 with them, who knows! We’ll find out soon! 8D

It was cat day today, so this had to be done– Sae-nyan (or would it be Nyan-ran) goes out to make a friend//

Bonus: a mini Yoo-nyan! ☆

How I imagine BTS sexually:

A drabble no one asked for, lol. This is my opinion (influenced by astrology). Let me know who you think you’d be the most sexually compatible with. 

Jin: Nurturing, makes you feel safe. Likes emotional connection, finds it difficult to not get attached to someone he sleeps with. Sensual, tender and romantic. Not very adventurous but wants to please. Traditional but can use sex to make himself feel wanted. Not vocal about what he wants. Loves breasts. Likes to be in charge.

Yoongi: Daddy kink. Younger partner kink. Mixture of dominant and tender like saying gently but demandingly, “Cum for daddy.” Tells you what he wants. Bold, abrupt. Does things like push you onto the bed roughly but then kisses you sweetly. Is quicker to get to the point. Likes spontaneous sex, like especially a quickie in a strange place. Can get turned on by spanking.

Hoseok: Literally down for anything, so experimental. Really eager to please, like, he gets his kinks from pleasuring you. Very kinky. Has a thing for phone sex. Foreplay is in the mind, likes to build up mentally for a long time before fucking. Has a thing for quirky people. Can get bored, wants to keep bringing in new things. Can also be very romantic though. Will love your body and praise it. Very verbal. Loves a great ass.

Namjoon: Daddy kink. Wants to feel like he’s taking care of you. Romantic, wants to spoil you. Likes it rough, light BDSM. Dominant but will be submissive every now and then. Gets turned on easily. Likes the whole body but especially the breasts. Definitely prefers being in a relationship to have sex. Very passionate. Experience may be extremely intense.

Jimin: Thinks about sex all the time. Really is walking sex with an innocent smile. Prefers relationships. Experimental. Dominant and submissive. Gets a kink from you denying him his orgasm, but gets even more turned on by making you beg. Powerful sex. Passionate. Needs sex often. Likes playing mental games, likes to think he has the upper hand mentally. Loves blow jobs. Small things about a body can turn him on but he’s an ass guy. Eye-contact. Takes his time, really experiences it. Long foreplay.

Taehyung: Kinky, like very kinky. Dominant af, like even when he’s trying to be submissive he’s in charge. Major stamina. Loves taking you from behind and has a major love for asses. Can control sex drive to play games. Likes a partner who knows what they’re doing. Instantly picks up on sexual vibes from people. Patient. Gives a lot and wants a lot. Gets kinks from discretion, doesn’t want people to know about your sexual relations. Matureness turns him on. Makes love for a long time. Likes spanking. Moans loudly. Likes build up.

Jungkook: Can be awks at first. Boy is sexual af. Always horny. Loves oral- like loves blowjobs so much. Wants you to beg. Can be primal- fucks hard. Likes all positions. Foreplay is key, can go for so long. Actually low-key romantic when in relationship. Sex is intense and he doesn’t want a partner who giggles or makes it seem like it’s light-hearted. Very taboo, will try all sorts of things. Sex is a huge part of his life and he associates a lot of power with it. Wants to develop sexual relationships and try new things. Possessive. Needs privacy. Don’t tell other people about what you do behind closed doors- it’ll piss him off. Can let sex consume him. Grabs your ass roughly. Wants you to be tender to him. Snuggles after.



I know beauty and the best is old news for you guys but it just came out a few days ago here in Japan so PLEASE CONSIDER: Voltron AU where Lance is Belle, Keith is Beast, and Lotor is Gaston. I feel like Pidge would have to be Chip lol and Lefou would maybe be Varkon???? Coran for Lumiere, Hunk for Cogsworth. Allura for Mrs. Potts, mall cow as the horse, Hagar as the enchantress… what’s left for Shiro? The dad? The wardrobe?? Lol. He’d be cute as the priest who likes to read. Or he could just be like… all the villagers lol. All of them. 



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Proof that Ryuji isn’t a pervert and doesn’t sexualize Ann.

Before the release, a lot of people were concerned that Ryuji would be the “Pervy Bro”. I want to show you this scene to confirm that he isn’t.

This adult OPENLY hits on Ann at a school field trip. He gets angry, saying that it’s obvious what he’s after. Ryuji is about to (verbally ) fight the dude over the situation because he cares about Ann and doesn’t see her as an object.

Does he think she’s attractive? Of course. Who wouldn’t lmao. He’s also a straight high school dude who likes maids lol.

But just to clarify he isn’t like Yosuke was.. haha

Ong Seongwoo is smart

He’s just so natural you don’t even realize he’s been playing the fucking system this whole time. I feel like he’s the only one that really knew what he was getting into when he joined the show. He’s the only one that watched season 1 for real. He knows this shit is just a popularity contest and he knows that he can’t just bank off of his good looks and talents (unfortunately) to keep the people interested. After he said he wouldn’t want to meet Hyunbin again for the position evaluations, Ha Sungwoon makes a comment (it goes by almost so quickly, if you blink you’ll probably miss it) saying something along the lines of “Seongwoo knows how to get screen time.” And he’s right. Seongwoo is very attractive but there are boys who are just as good looking as he is and just as talented yet they get little to no screen time. And why is that?? It’s because Seongwoo knows what he’s doing. He’s funny and arrogant to a point where he’s almost teetering on the line of being offensive before pulling it back in and making you smile. That’s how he gets the screen time. He knows the right words to say at the right time and right joke to make when the camera is on him. I’m not trying to say that this is all just some elaborate act. I think for the most part he’s very genuine. Especially in the last episode where he says he like to make people laugh, that’s very much just a part of who he is. I just think mostly everything he does or says is not without thought… Now I could be very very wrong about this. At this point this is just some conspiracy theory I made up but this is just how I think. If I was put on a show like this, having seen the first season and how it worked, I’d behave the same way.

also what the fuck is the deal with liberals saying “LOL DONALD TRUMP ISNT AS RICH AS HE SAYS HE IS!!!!! HAHAHAH!!!!” like who on earth does that hurt exactly??? he’s still rich as fuck and we’re still poor as fuck and he still has basically all the power and we still have basically none of the power. i know there are people out there who think mocking a rich megalomaniacal narcissist for not being as rich as he said he was counts as “resistance” but seriously what exactly is achieved by laughing at a man whose administration is doing and will do horrible things because he’s not as wealthy as he made the world think???? 

  • okay but elias woke up a little later today - he wasn’t planning on meeting the boys until much later - and he’s surprised when he runs into sana, smuggling food from the kitchen into her bedroom. she’s still in her pyjamas and she isn’t wearing any make up or anything, which, well, it’s nearly 1pm. so it’s a bit odd, especially for her.
  • elias asks her if she’s okay, and why she’s still in her pyjamas. and sana just shrugs and says, quite aggressively, “you’re still in your pyjamas.” and sometimes elias would bite back, tease her, but he also knows when to draw the line. and he can just see that sana’s not in the mood, so he just says, “any plans today?”
  • sana stares at him and shrugs, says, “nei”, then makes her way into her room, shutting the door, and elias leaves her be for a little bit. but a few hours later, elias notices she still hasn’t left her bedroom, which is kind of unlike sana. so he knocks on her door. 
  • she lets him in, but she’s kind of irritated; elias ignores it and says, “what’re you up to?” as he plonks himself on sana’s bed (which causes sana to sigh irritably, but she shuffles a little to give him space to get comfy anyway).
  • “nothing,” sana says irritably; dismissively. elias just looks at her and says, “okay” and waits to see if she elaborates. when she doesn’t, he says, “what was all that about last night?”
  • sana raises her eyebrows. “i’m allowed to have friends around, elias,” she snaps. “you do all the time.”
  • “yeah, but mine don’t drink in the house, and there’s never twenty of us,” elias replies fairly, but not unkindly. he looks at her, notices how deflated she seems, how upset she looks, and so he just says, “is everything okay?”
  • “yes,” sana says quickly. “everything’s fine.” which - okay, okay, sana isn’t in the mood for talking. that’s fine. so, elias says, “how about a movie?”
  • sana looks at him, frowning, and says, “what movie?”, and elias tells her that there’s this film on today, the one they used to watch all the time when they were little. and sana, despite herself, smiles at the memory, and laughs when elias does a (very bad) impression of one of the main characters. and elias thinks there is nothing that makes him quite as proud as when he makes his baby sister laugh.
  • they end up reheating leftovers from the other night and sit cross-legged on the sofa together, watching this film, which is funny but kind of cheesy and not actually as good as either of them remember it being, but it’s okay, because sana’s smiling a lot more now; seems more content.
  • elias’ phone rings just as the films ending and shit, time got away from him; he’d agreed to see the boys today. he picks up the phone and starts talking to them, to adam, and says, “just come over to mine, man, it’s chill, my parents are–” but then he catches sana’s expression; it’s small, subtle, the way her eyes fall to her lap and she prods at her food a little disinterestedly. maybe other people wouldn’t notice it, but elias does. so, he says, “actually, guys, sorry, film without me today, i forgot i made other plans.”
  • the boys erupt into indignant shouts about loyalty and how important their youtube channel is, but elias silences them, hangs up the phone, and sana says, “what other plans do you have?”
  • “well, they made a sequel to this film, and i think it’s stupid that neither of us have seen it”. and okay, he expects that to make sana smile, but instead she frowns and says, “but they aren’t airing the sequel at the moment.” so elias rolls his eyes, then says, “we’ll just have to find something else to watch, then.” and sana looks at him for a moment before rolling her eyes and saying, “okay. find something, then.”
  • she may not have said it, but she didn’t need to, because elias can already tell that sana’s feeling just that little bit better. and he’s so glad to see it, because he really hates seeing sana upset; can’t stand it, because despite how much he teases her, he truly does think there’s no one in the world who deserves happiness quite as much as his sister. and maybe that’s why, when they squabble over the last portion of food, elias lets sana have it. just this once.
NCT Reacting To A Member Walking In On Them

bunnynamja requested: You do reactions too or just scenarios? If you do reactions can you do one for nct 127 (nine members) when they are having sex with you and other member enter in the room?Sorry my poor english…

Anon requested: Hi I love your blog btw! Do you do reactions? If you do, can I have a reaction on the boys walking in on you while you were doing the do with another member..if ya know what I mean ;;

Genre: Smut.. duh

Author: Karma & Yu

Word count: does it matter with these things???

A/n: (I did all the legal members instead of just 127 since we don’t sexualize minors (No Jungwoo or Lucas because we don’t have enough of them))  I am actually crying omg these are great!! Please send more! We don’t just do imagines. Scenarios, reactions, MTL, as long as there is smut we are here haha. But not only that tho, we also want to interact with our followers more so even if requests are closed; please do send us funny things or just interact with us!!!! (I need friends) - admin Karma 

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Why CS was laughably bad in 6B

1) In Emma’s wish world, Emma gets an “anti meet cute” with fat, old, drunk Hook which debunks the theory that CS are meant to be together in every timeline and every universe. When August asked Emma who Old Hook was she sheepishly answered that she “sort of” lived with him… then proceeded to fling him away and made fun of his weight before making him disappear as if he were just a roadblock in her way.

2) Emma was so disappointed that Wish!Hook was a fat drunk (”I really need to get home and get someone off the rum“) so she asked the real Hook to give up drinking (”We’re gonna switch to water“)… and guess what? Hook has shown no signs of quitting in later episodes (“Captain Morgan, I thought we were sticking to water?” / “Any of you lads old enough to drink rum?“ / “I’ll bring the rum”). Hook clearly has a drinking problem but if Emma is his true love, shouldn’t he listen or make an effort to give up a bad habit for her? But then again this is the same guy that killed an innocent man even though she begged him not to…

3) Hook KILLED Emma’s grandfather for senseless sport in an episode named “Murder Most Foul” so no I didn’t imagine that. To make matters worse, Hook proposes to Emma instead of confessing the truth like Archie suggested he should… and the proposal happened in an episode titled “Ill-Boding Patterns” which means foreboding evil; inauspicious; unlucky (oops?). No amount of CS kisses will erase that image of Hook’s bloody sword piercing Emma’s grandfather from my brain especially it was only 10 episodes ago. 

4) Hook was gonna burn his memories instead of telling Emma his secret so he was willing to start a marriage with more deception instead of following Nemo’s advice. This is how you fail a redemption arc because no matter how you spin it, Hook DID NOT TELL THE TRUTH until he got caught! Emma said “no more secrets” TWICE and still Hook does this BS.

5) Hook was gonna abandon Emma without telling her until he crossed paths with Snow who told him a happy ending was possible for him. So basically he lied again when he said “I would never leave you”. 

6) Emma admitted she needed to move on from Hook after only one day lol. She didn’t even think there was a possibility Hook was in danger and to go look for him before throwing his things out? So much for true love.

7) Emma’s character assassination: are we sure she still isn’t the Dark One? Emma beating up and choking an abuse victim for “love” - Was that supposed to be badass? I know Emma didn’t know Gideon was abused but the audience knew and Emma the hero/protagonist was supposed to know better. “I’m sorry, but your son cannot be saved. He’s evil” - After everything Emma has seen with Regina, Zelena, Hook, etc how could she even say that? How come Emma couldn’t tell with her “superpower” that Gideon wasn’t even in control of his actions? Emma agreeing to sacrifice her parents in order to be with a lying boyfriend is utterly selfish and not what the real Emma would do. If the writers think Emma’s “devotion” to Hook is romantic then they are doing it wrong! If Emma being “in love” means forgetting who you are at your core then as an SQer I don’t ever want this version of Emma for Regina.

8) CS were “confirmed” true love by pixie dust of all things… seriously? The writers could’ve just invented a new flower but no it had to be freakin pixie flower which WE KNOW was faulty and WRONG in case of OQ. Furthermore, writers added an extra detail that these flowers only grow in the presence of “great evil” ROFL! So I guess CS are bad TL like Zades and non-endgame TL like OQ huh?

9) Their second proposal happens over Emma’s parents’ comatose bodies…. which reminds me of their makeout session at a graveyard, where a child just buried their father 5 seconds ago. Their reunions are always so epic (plz sense my sarcasm)!

10) Not only was the CS wedding rushed and half-assed but it took place in a musical? Sounds like a joke but ok… Emma’s wedding dress was SO NOT her style (don’t even get me started on the head/veil thingy) and it was a cheap copy of Grace Kelly’s. This is NOT a good parallel for CS cuz Grace Kelly gave up her career/individuality for a kingdom and a man she didn’t even truly love. Later, she wanted to divorce him but couldn’t cuz she was told she would lose custody of her children. Therefore, this is NOT a “modern fairytale” that anyone should want to emulate for themselves.

11) The musical episode confirmed that Emma’s heart was filled with true love by her parents so the Underworld True Love test (“Only a heart filled with true love can pass.”) last season wasn’t actually about CS at all lol.

12) Hook meeting pregnant Snow in flashback when he’s about to marry Snow’s child in present time is creepy ewww. Jacob/Renesmee from Twilight anyone?

13) Hook said it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding but he did anyway… means their marriage is doomed? On HIMYM, Robin got divorced and Tracy (the “mother”) died when the Barney and Ted saw their respective brides before the wedding so that superstition has to mean something if storytelling rules apply lol. 

14) Hook is supposedly a “changed man” because of Emma and yet he’s still going on about “finally skinning the crocodile" when he poisoned Rumple with Dreamshade he’s kept from Neverland. We knew Hook was a liar but now even his wedding vows about letting go of revenge are a lie lol.

15) Emma still couldn’t unfreeze Hook with her kiss before giving her heart to the Black Fairy but we are supposed to accept that they are true love rofl.

16) Emma still looks lifeless and sick. I’m sorry but the “no makeup” look shows me that Emma is not truly happy with Hook. I don’t buy that this is WallsDown!Emma cuz she has already let her walls down for Henry, Graham, Neal, Walsh, Snow, Regina, etc in seasons 1-4 without losing the makeup. In real life, even battered women seem “happy” and are in love with their abusive partners… so don’t tell me to respect Emma’s choice of wanting to marry the dude who invited all the Dark One’s to terrorize Emma and her family, allowed one of them to choke Emma, called her degrading names like “orphan" and “blonde distraction” just cuz he was pissed… and continues to be a douche who lies like he breathes. In s6 finale, even MentalPatient!Emma has the same tired, ghostly pale face so is Emma still under Dark Hook’s curse from last season?

17) NO CS TLK in the finale either! Let it be known that every single one of their kisses has failed to break a curse lol.

Call me a delusional, salty, bitter shipper whatever but the writing for Emma/CS has been atrocious. When canon fails to deliver and tries to sell a mediocre love story as “epic” then all I can do is laugh tbh.

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Can't even see the guy's face so it's not a big deal. People do that all the time. Even the media does it. lol

Louis has 13.1 million followers on Instagram who will see that post, and he posted it because he thought it was funny and he wanted other people to think it’s funny, which means people are laughing at this guy who didn’t ask for his picture to be taken and posted for THIRTEEN MILLION FOLLOWERS. Louis also did this last year at Coachella with a guy who was passed out drunk and you COULD see the guy’s face, so…yeah, he’s done it before and I wish he wouldn’t because I think it’s disrespectful and unfair to do stuff like that when the person doesn’t know you’re doing it and when you have such an enormous platform that is seeing the picture.

I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with some of you in this fandom, but uh, it’s okay to criticize your fave (that was such a mild criticism too jfc) and it’s okay to have a moral compass and to say when your fave does stuff that doesn’t mesh with what you think is acceptable behavior. When any of the boys do something that I think is shitty, I say something about it. It doesn’t mean I think they’re bad people and it’s not me wanting them to get hate or something, but it’s my blog and I’m not going to pretend that these boys are perfect and don’t ever make mistakes and shouldn’t ever be criticized. I’m beyond tired of this mentality in the fandom because I think it’s unhealthy and it crosses into idolatry territory, which makes me uncomfortable. So yeah, I really don’t care if you think everybody does it and it’s perfectly fine. I don’t and that’s why I made that tag.

andi mack headcanons bc this show has taken over my life and its only been 3 hours, plus that BEAUTIFUL hc post got me thinking:

-andi’s the Baby, and is probably like the 2nd youngest in her grade (according to the hospital bracelet her birthday’s September 28th!).

-bex had andi when she was 15 (she cant be any older than 28 i refuse to believe it)

-bex is bi,,,im positive theres pictures of girls in the Box of Secrets but andi just assumes theyre all her “old music festival buddies” :)))

-jonah has a minecraft youtube channel with 33 subscribers and he’s happy with it but then Demon Amber Al*rt finds it and forces all her friends to subscribe to him so he doesnt feel bad. They all leave fake ass comments on all his videos and Amber comments “First!!!!” on every one. Jonah decides to take a hiatus after Amber asks if they can do a “girlfriend tag” video sjskjssha

-speaking of!!! amber has a youtube channel where she posts lookbooks and trash acoustic covers with like 1200 subscribers. She makes jonah do the “boyfriend does my voiceover” challenge for her “first day of freshman year 💕💕” makeup tutorial lol

-buffy’s the only one with netflix so she shares her account with the other two. buffy watches “"Mature Shows”“ but rly its just stranger things and a series of unfortunate events lol. andi uses it to watch hsm 2 (she stays on the kids section) and cyrus uses it for indie flicks and masterchef

-buffys parents are obviously nerds who go all out for halloween. they start decorating on september 30th yall. they have planned trips to the biggest haunted house, and on halloween theyre the ones that give big goodie bags with candy and AND chips in them…and probably those lil hug juices (omg do yall remember those??). buffys rly into it until she turns 11 and becomes Too Old for that kinda stuff (so she thinks lol) but enjoys it secretly

-andi has a roblox account (im literally just remembering all the geeky kid stuff my brother does tbh) and had a "family” on it for a while where she was the proud roblox mother of two 10 year olds from australia

-cyrus has a fucking hes semi-popular on it too omg. he monitors the views on his videos (is that??? what theyre called???) religiously and texts the others any time they get shared. he has a friend on that lives in like?? canada idk whos like 14 and they vent to each other about their lives and he gives cyrus advice sometimes!

-cyrus and buffy take buzzfeed quizzes Very Seriously. to them (especially cyrus) the results are Binding.

-that one hc post mentioned wattpad!!! BOI! buffy writes drarry fic calling it right tf now. she makes andi edit her covers too. she wants them to be rly professional looking like all the popular ones but andi always adds bright colors and filters and heart stickers. cyrus has a wattpad too but writes original work that he never finishes sjshjsal. he usually lurks in the forums to complain about wattpad cliches

-bye andi and cyrus spent the summer before 8th grade fb stalking tf out of jonah. one of them accidentally likes one of his posts from 2014 about eating playdoh 😩. they both scream for an hour straight over the phone to each other and cyrus temporarily blocks jonah shsjska

-btw jonah definitely ate playdoh all throughout elementary school and quit in 6th grade omg

-buffy secretly still plays those dress up doll online games!! she claims she uses them for style inspiration but she actually just thinks theyre neat

-cyrus has a crippling fear of high school bc he watched degrassi in its entirety and thus doesnt want to die

-andi loves jeopardy and if she misses a single episode she gets genuinely upset. she signed up for kids week jeopardy at least twice

-buffy stays up late to watch late night talk shows but always falls asleep halfway through :’)

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What would the 104th & vets do after they found out their significant other has cheated on him/her?

Mikasa: Punches the next best thing there is
Reiner: That’s cool, then we’re quit now. 
Bertholdt: Oh… okay…
Annie: Punch a hole into the wall right next to their head ‘How could youuuu?!’ is actually crying
Eren: What the heck? I trusted you?!
Jean: What does he have that I don’t?
Marco: Don’t worry, we can work this out!
Sasha: Dramatic af
Connie: Screaming in confusion
Historia: lol bye
Armin: Needs time for himself to think about it and see if he wants to go on with the relationship 
Ymir: Laughs and goes on eating chips
Levi: You can’t be cheated on if you don’t let anyone close enough

Hanji: Doesn’t mind, depending on who it is
Erwin: Drinks away his sorrows
Nanaba: Dramatically slaps S/O in the face and rage cries
Mike: Frowns until person explains themself

Ed : I hate Scarecrow. Such an asshole.

Someone else : Yeah, and did you see that face under his mask? Disgusting. Also this whole ‘obsession with fear’ thing. Seriously what a weirdo.

Ed : 

Ed : You come into my house

sangwoo dialogue in ch 19 (spoilers)

The stuff Sangwoo says at the end of the chapter after Bum kills Jieun sounded to me like he’s projecting his own motivations for killing onto Bum? He says:

“What are you blaming yourself for? You were always the victim that had to hurt and struggle, weren’t you. You have to release your accumulated, pent-up resentment at some point. You must’ve been sick of acting all good and innocent. You really suffered.”

If Sangwoo also saw himself as the victim of his father’s abuse and had pent-up anger about it, then perhaps the first time he killed he realized it was a good way to vent that frustration? The way he says it (”그 쌓은 울분을 풀어줘야지”) strikes me like he’s talking about having to relieve stress once in a while, lol. This is like the first time we get some indication of why Sangwoo kills people? 

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IDK if anyone has pointed this out yet, but there appears to be a WHIP hanging off a wall lamp in the background of the Thor and Daryl clips. #FiftyShadesofAsgard ? Who does that even belong to!? lol (I know Loki was initially going to use a whip for fighting in Thor 1, but that's irrelevant to this, I think...)

you would be correct, anon!

Now, it could be Darryl’s, but based on his relatively humble aesthetic and decorating choices I would think he would keep things of that nature private. He strikes me as a good-natured bloke that could be the type of ‘a gentleman in the streets but a freak in the sheets.’ Everyone has their kinky side.

Could it be Shane’s?

Nope, since it’s there while he’s being interviewed for the servant position.

We can most likely assume it belongs to Thor because of the shield and axe and all the other weapons, pumpkins, and Asgardian wares around the house. Although Thor is more of a ‘hands on’ fighter. He likes his big weapons, especially Mjolnir because they’re bff’s forever until they temporarily break up in Ragnarok..god I hope that’s temporary. Thor loves the blunt force trauma action of Mjolnir or the cut you in half with Jarnbjorn. While I fully believe that Thor can use a whip like no one else, it’s just not his MO.

So this leads us to the most likely conclusion of Loki. Loki is totally a whip using, knife throwing, fucking you up in subtler ways than a big ol’ hammer with an ozone fetish. Loki is his mama’s son even if not by blood and Frigga is (she’s totally alive, btw, I refuse to believe otherwise) amazing at getting people to look the other way and be a lot more sneaky and subtle about it. 

NOW! If this is Loki’s whip then the natural question is ‘where is Loki?’ Simple! He’s renting out the basement of Darryl’s humble abode, only Darryl doesn’t realize it. When Thor and Loki came in for the interview as roommates, Darryl said he only wanted one. Of course, Loki was like ‘nope, not happening’, so he snaps his fingers and makes Darryl forget him so that Thor would sign the lease and add the basement as an extra room. When Loki comes out of his wizard’s cave to do the walk of shame with his mugs and dishes, if Darryl and Thor are there then Thor just says it’s his bro crashing there for the night. Loki snaps his fingers again, grabs some OJ from the fridge (Frigga was always on him about good vitamin C intake), some snacks, and goes back to his hermit hole. 

Of course, Loki is the type ‘a freak in the streets and in the sheets’, so you can regularly hear the crack of the whip at night with Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ blasting through the floorboards. 

Poor Darryl often wonders why Thor enjoys that song so much, but then again when you’re getting paid in pumpkins and Asgardian gold it’s really wise to pick your battles and leave others be.

tl;dr version: the whip is Loki’s.

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but imagine this. A Modern au where R has a youtube channel where he sings original stuff and covers. And (idk why man) Eponine writes a song (On my own) but is pretending too hard not to show she really cares about it (and about marius lol) so she asks R to sing it w/ saying she wrote it... and he does and les amis watch the video and Enjolras is like WTF? Who's breaking R's heart? and starts pinning and thinking TOO MUCH about the fact R is in love with A RANDOM guy. why didnt he know abt this

ohhhh my god? I love this holy shit god damn thank you?? I wish I had time to write the full fanfiction this prompt deserves but for now please consider the following:

-Enjolras gets suddenly VERY CURIOUS about Grantaire’s activities outside of their meetings. When he leaves Enj is like where are you going? Who with? And when Grantaire doesn’t answer him he asks everyone else because he really just wants to find out who Mystery Man could possibly be when Grantaire spends so much time at the Musain with them

-he’s developing permanent frown lines please someone help the man

-of course the first person to know the real reason Enjolras’ behaviour has changed is Éponine, since she’s the only one who knows who wrote the song AND how Enjolras feels about R, but she decides she’s going to let this all play out naturally because why not

-Everyone else assumes he wrote the song about Enjolras and none of them understand why Enj is getting increasingly agitated about Grantaire’s extra-curricular activities

-until one day Courf is like ‘dude are you going to ask Grantaire out??’ because he knows all about Enj’s feelings and R has been covering sad songs on his channel lately, but Enjolras is like ‘why would I ask him out when clearly he’s interested in someone already’ and Courf Gets It

-Courf is like, please Enjolras just ask Grantaire to introduce you to Mystery Man so you can at least see who Grantaire is so infatuated with

-And Enjolras is like alright alright fine

-so he goes to talk to Grantaire but ends up being like 'let me talk to this man, let me and give him a piece of my mind for not paying attention to you, anyone would be lucky to have you, I know he’s not obligated to return your feelings but seriously who is this guy he’s an idiot’

-Grantaire very weakly says 'you’

-(the same night, the song Grantaire posts on his channel is uncharacteristically sappy. his subscribers are curious. the amis are pleasantly surprised. Eponine knows what’s happened right away.)