lol what's the pairing name

It’s confirmed. Shinoa wants to see Mitsuba naked again lol

But honestly Shinoa, I don’t know if Yuu will be interested in that. I mean, when he saw the two of you almost naked he didn’t react. Like at all. He only thinks about vampires, his family and Mika.

Also, being the non-native English speakers we are, with @nara-maru we decided to stop trying to overheat our lil’ heads and upload this video as it is now. If someone knows a good onomatopoeia that could mean “plain” or “average”, please let me know and I’ll fix it ^.^

EDIT: fixed it. I got it all wrong and translated it badly, now there shouldn’t be any more problems ww

Losing to Winn

Barry was running, which let’s face it he did really well, it was what he was running from that was probably not so good. His problems. They weren’t super villain problems but just regular ole Barry problems. Which made them especially easy to run away from. Iris dating again and not him made for a tricky minefield of emotions he did not want to wonder through so he decided to run in the opposite direction. Hop a world or two and visit some friends.

A super friend of the female gender who could maybe give him some emotional support and tips? Apparently his timing was perfect. As it usually is with superheroes. Kara was in the middle of a pretty epic villain team up beat down when Barry had showed up. He jumped in on the action with techeon technology still attached to his chest. Not his smartest move but his friend needed help so he just leapt into the fray without a second thought. 

Like maybe how he would get home if said tech was ever damaged. Which was his current dilemma. Still not as scary as the emotional minefield back home though. Kara happy to see him and to have gotten help with that fight sends Barry off to find Winn a little too enthusiastically. Wasn’t she happy to see him? Why was she chasing him off so quickly. 

He twists his lips in uncertainty for a split second before taking Kara’s advice and hunting down Winn in their secret not so secret unoccupied office in Kara and Winn’s work building. The room is filled with a gust of wind and static announcing his arrival, then Winn registers him there standing cowl down. He will never get tired of that shocked excited, happy puppy dog face some of his friends get when he comes and goes with his abilities. 

Winn’s face was probably one of his favourites. Not his face face but like his expression. Which, why did his thoughts need that clarification? He shakes his head before smiling, “Hey! How is it going?”


↳ Frederick Chilton & Freddie Lounds – requested by @somebodyhelpthenotdeadfreds

Will Graham and Abigail Hobbs                Will Graham and Beverly Katz
Will Graham and Clarice Starling             Frederick Chilton and Alana Bloom
Hannibal Lecter and Beverly Katz    Reba McClane and Molly Foster Graham
Matthew Brown and Abigail Hobbs
Will Graham and Frederick Chilton
Hannibal Lecter and Freddie Lounds
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Hannibal Lecter and Margot Verger
Frederick Chilton and Abigail Hobbs
Alana Bloom and Abigail Hobbs


Anonymous said: Gosh Roger and Clara are soooooo cute! 0o0 I wanna see ‘em kisssssss! How did their first kiss go, btw? I imagine Roger was rly shy about it, but Clara was like “oh hush” and leaned up and just kissed the sucker. (/)//v//(\)

ehehe well their first kiss was definitely spontaenous only because Clara liked how REALLY EASY it was to get him embarrassed, especially when he hasnt mentally prepared himself lol Nowadays the scenarios usually play out something like this