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When I was walking home today I had the weirdest flashback to the time we read Buddenbrooks in highschool. We were watching the 1959 film version in class and one of my classmates said they were confused about why the character Hanno and his friend had randomly been portrayed as small children instead of the teenagers they were in the book. To me, this seemed obvious and was confirmed by our teacher after. In the book, the friendship between those characters was extremely intimate and heavily queer coded. They were fairly obviously in love. It being the 1950s, they didn’t want to deal with the gay subtext, so they made the characters into children.

I cannot fucking believe that they pulled the same bullshit move with the Sherlock Holmes and Victor Trevor relationship on fucking BBC Sherlock in fucking 2017.


minghao and eunwoo moments for anon and myself

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D let her god with a dogsitter yesterday implying that L has time for Clifford but not for Max (who is D's dog). Also, she started following this guy on IG and he followed her back and he posted pics and video with her both big IG and IG stories and he commented under some of her pics (and apparently he lives with he girl D is moving on with so D is going to live with him) Also, her friend commented a pic saying she can't wait to move in with D so she can pet her dog (singolar and not 2 dogs).

Well looks like the black dog is louis’. Danielle gave her dog to a friend for a night because she was out but it was the brown one. Plus her friend who she is moving out with said she can’t wait to pet danielle’s dog. Not dogs, singular.

Thank you to you both! <3

Oh my god, these dogs’ thing is so ridiculous! Always the same story. I guess right after the break up announcement we’ll have Danielle walking Max, trying her best not to look smug because the situation requires a sober expression *Eleanor flashbacks*.

Anyway, some juicy movements, I see!

STAGES OF ISAC (from a fans' perspective)
  • Before: pictures of idols entering stadium
  • Preparation: ships are being made once idols interact with each other, memes are being born, idols being cuties, their true selves start to be revealed
  • During games: more memes, more ships, cheering, more of everything, cute interactions between idols
  • Awards: More memes, memes, twitter updates, more of everything, more support, more love
  • After ISAC: somehow memes are still coming and spreading, more of everything, more love and support from everyone to everyone
  • Across the Stars/Guardians of the Whills

This is a short combination of the songs “Across the Stars”, “Guardians of the Whills Suite” (and a bit of the Rogue One theme). It was inspired by this post by @vrabia. I’m really not that good at piano theory, so it’s pretty simple – but I do hope you enjoy :) Thanks!


나 열나 (Fever) - Rap
  • 나 열나 (Fever) - Rap
  • NIEL (니엘)

Niel’s rap in ‘Fever’



some of my friends are finding out that my blog has like….a pretty large amount of followers and they’re asking if i can make them famous but they don’t seem to understand i only got here because i make posts about how much i cry over harry potter and his dead parents like