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Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/05 (p24-25)

I am pleased to bring you the very first interview with director Sayo Yamamoto!!! You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this… This one is pretty general because of course she has never been interviewed before so they are asking her the basics, but it’s very interesting to finally hear things from her perspective too, since she’s the one who started it all. More interviews with her will be appearing in other magazines in the near future, I’m looking forward to those ones too.

Also, I believe a bright future is to be expected for Yuri on Ice, since she seems to have lots of plans…!! (I was shivering typing out the translation, lol)

Translation is under the cut.

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Interview (first appearance in media!)
The world of “Yuri on Ice” that director Yamamoto wanted to create
With 8 notebooks full of notes in one hand, director Sayo Yamamoto has answered our interview for the first time. We have asked her how this new animation that no one had ever seen before was born.

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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 5  A/B/O

A/N: WOW. So here it is y’all (; part 5! I may or may not have gotten carried away a little, but that’s what happens when i write a/b/o fics lol. I hope y’all like  it! ENJOY! - Delilah (-:

Warnings: Heavy sexual content. M/F. Swearing. Daddy Kink. Angst. NSFW. (If you’re uncomfortable with this, keep scrolling.)

Series Masterlist

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Imagine a convo like this during the Orion Pax arc...
  • Orion: You... used Dark Energon? How?
  • Megatron: I... inserted it directly into my own spark, then I--
  • Orion: Hold on. Wait.
  • Orion (to Soundwave): Did he really...?
  • Soundwave: *nods*
  • Orion: Oh Primus, Creator of all, what THE FRAG were you thinking?!?
  • Megatron: *scoff* You don't think I could have handled the power?
  • Orion: YOU COULD HAVE DIED! I don't give a scrap heap about whether you could control it or not. Megatron, you placed the very essence of death and destruction into your spark chamber!
  • Orion: And what would have happened then? If you had ceased to function?
  • Orion: You constantly belittle Starscream's command-- publicly. It's clear to everyone who follows you-- and possibly our enemy-- that you don't want Starscream to lead! You waste his time and talents with the promise of leadership opportunities...
  • Megatron: *growls* I promise NOTHING.
  • Orion: ...Even when he performs his duties amicably and efficiently, you give him no reward. What message does that send to your troops?
  • Megatron: His reward is his life! The fact that I allow that traitorous mech to even function on my ship... he should be grateful.
  • Orion: ...So you don't actually trust him, or LIKE HIM enough to be a true heir to the Decepticons.
  • Megatron: No. I do not trust him.
  • Orion: Alright, then what about Soundwave?
  • Soundwave: *stops his work and quietly excuses himself. Nope, not doing this today.*
  • -- DOORS CLOSE --
  • Megatron: What about Soundwave? You know him too, he has been here since the beginning.
  • Orion: He may have been here the longest but he is not meant for as large a role as leader... and he knows it too.
  • Megatron: Soundwave is my most loyal. I trust him completely. The only reason I don't have him as my second is so that we can BOTH keep an optic on Starscream. Get to your POINT, Orion!
  • Orion: You disappeared for 3 years, leaving Starscream to care for and coordinate your armies.
  • Orion: He does a fine job continuing your expansion whether you like it or not, and even takes out a member of the primary Autobot squadron.
  • Orion: Energon production is not up significantly, but it's not down either-- likely the best anyone could have done in times like these.
  • Orion: But then you return, beating and tossing him this way and that, barely even acknowledging his work!
  • Orion: Your troops see this, and any respect Starscream has garnered during his time commanding has gone out the window.
  • Orion: And you MUST know this, somewhere in your processor. And I know you are also aware that Soundwave could not have filled your pedes in your absence, otherwise you would have specified as such.
  • Orion: If you had died, Starscream could not resume his command after you laid waste to everyone's opinion of him. Soundwave could not have taken over because he simply could not handle it.
  • Orion: There would be a power vacuum. Any and all strong Decepticons within a few stellar cycles journey from here would compete for dominance, dividing your forces. The message would be lost... your armies, scattered.
  • Orion: The Autobots... would WIN.
  • Megatron: ....
  • Megatron: *gets up to loom over Orion/Optimus*
  • Megatron: You seem to have a lot to say for someone who has essentially been in stasis for millions of vorns.
  • Orion: *huff* All I'm saying is that you aren't using your intellect and prospective reasoning! You keep acting on your first instinct instead of thinking things through. What happened to the strategist? The gladiator with a plan?
  • Megatron: ...
  • Orion: ... talk to me. What is it about the Autobots that make you lose your focus?
  • Megatron: ...
  • Megatron: *knocks hand away* We will discuss this later, Orion.
  • Orion: ... do you even know what it's doing to your spark now? I doubt you can fully purge Dark Energon, as energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
  • Orion: *reaches out* Please... as your friend, I am asking you to seek medical attention... if only so we can better understand what must happen now.
  • Megatron: ...
  • Megatron: ... I have things I must attend to.
  • -- DOORS CLOSE --

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I can't believe that there are people who say that Sonic was never good...

Neither can I. It’s simply ridiculous and arguably childish. Even if they don’t mean it and only say stuff like that to get a rise out of the fans, that’s still pretty shitty and below-the-belt for what are supposed to be “professional” reviewers.

But I find it even more unbelievable that there are some people who vehemently deny that there’s any bias against the franchise. No matter how outlandish the critics get with their personal retcons of the Sonic series and it’s early era quality, they’re quick to go “there’s no bias, that’s just what happens when you make shit games, lol”.

You tell me there’s no bias against the series when there are critics who say with a straight face that Sonic was never good even when he was on the same tier as Mario.

Imagination Lane // “Imagine This” Scenario #1: Bill Skarsgard

Originally posted by dumplinged

Imagine This: 

You’re an incredibly well known, critically acclaimed writer and journalist; and you also happen to be exclusively independent from any media organization / corporation as you hate the red tape and restrictions they present. You’ve built your reputation and essentially your own online empire, from the ground up, thanks to your own hard work, dedication and skills. Because of this, you get to interview some of the most famous and well known people in the world, for your hugely successful and viral blog series: “A Night In With…” 

Every celebrity, politician, author and music star that enters into this piece with you – stays with you for an entire weekend in seclusion and in a destination of their choice, so that you can capture their most authentic selves in order to write about them honestly and openly. 

So when your agent comes to you and lets you know that actor Bill Skarsgard has agreed to become your next highlighted celebrity for the blog; you’re astonished and excited. His only terms are: the weekend away to conduct the interviews, must take place in Sweden as he wants to visit some of his family around the same time. Without a second thought, you immediately agree to the terms and start to set things up. 

Upon meeting on the first day, you’re both a little nervous. It’s a strange concept really; living with and talking to a stranger along with getting to know them on a deeply personal and intimately vulnerable level for an entire weekend – yet the idea appealed to him, and you soon realize that this is why he agreed to do this project in the first place. To break the ice, you both decide to cook your favorite dishes together in order to give each other a taste of your culinary cultures that you grew up with. From there, it snowballs into a relaxed, albeit at times hilarious, evening. 

Over the course of the weekend however, you grow to discover things about each other in ways you couldn’t have foreseen, whilst growing considerably closer than normal in the process; thus leading to a startling realization: Since when have the lines between professionalism blurred? What exactly is this that’s happening, and where do we go from here? 


I’m in the process of making this into a fic series of it’s own – so please be kind and don’t take my idea lol. However, I wanted to give you guys a tiny peak into my mad scientist lab. Enjoy! 

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No, it's quite fine. I actually ship them so much and I can see a better reason for her to be with him than Izuku for some reason. Plus the fact that she pushed the feelings away is enough sign that shows she'll move on since I've seen that a lot in shounen.

lol, we have differing opinions there i’m afraid

i’d love to see Horikoshi play with the romantic tropes in shonen by having Uraraka end up with someone else instead of her first crush (or even not end up with anyone at all, which would be interesting to see), but while Horikoshi is good at playing or subverting tropes (such as the mentor not dying, the consequence of self-sacrifice, what happens when all the world’s troubles are on one person’s shoulders, etc), he’s also good at playing a lot of them pretty straight. 

from how the series is written, it seems to me that Uraraka/Izuku will be canon in the end. Horikoshi may be toying with it in that Uraraka is pushing her feelings away for now, but i think that’ll only last until they’re pros or are closer to their ultimate goals

i don’t really see Kacchako ever becoming canon, i’m afraid. i’d really enjoy it if it did, but with how their relationship is written so far, it seems to me that they’ll be good acquaintances/friends/rivals at most

Izu/Ocha may not be my cup of tea, but i don’t see anything in canon that says they won’t be endgame. they’re the only two characters who’s interactions have been coded romantically, after all. just that it’s been delayed, probably because romance at this point in the series would just complicate things further. so Horikoshi is using her arc to say “romance won’t play a part now because the story has other things to focus on, but it’ll come back later”

…. well, those are my thoughts on it, at any rate. i could be wrong, of course, haha

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thoughts on the new vid? i know you said it was boring in a tag, but anything worth analyzing?

hiiii!!! yes, it was definitely more on the boring side for me, both in terms of surface-level entertainment and grounds for deeper analysis. i think my biggest takeaways were a lot of lingering questions about why dnp are playing this game: why they (dan) chose it in the first place and why they’re choosing to continue it and why, at least from all appearances, they seem to be so excited/enthused about it. in my opinion this episode was sort of filler/transitional content that sets up a potentially interesting storyline in the future, so while there might not be a whole lot in this video itself to talk about, it does prompt some bigger questions.

one of the main messages i received (and just generally a popular idea i saw) after the previous installment of this series was that phil was “indulging” dan and his sense of humor when playing this game. in the first episode they made it sound like dan had found this game on his own time, played through the first episode alone, and then decided it’d be good dapg content. we then were led to believe we were seeing phil witnessing and reacting to the game for the first time live on camera. while this could be true, i don’t think it’s entirely accurate, especially after this video, to assume that phil is just letting dan have his fun with this series and kind of tolerating it in a bewildered/uncomfortable fashion. if anything he seemed more into it in this video than even dan was and i was a little surprised at the number of times he was giggling and voicing aloud his desire to find out what happens next. he got so into the voice acting, he was so amused by the weird ass situations that arose, and, dare i say, he’s so into yuuma lol. all the sort of subtle asides: clarifying that they’re dating this creature, thinking about his “meaty” legs and his “glistening” hair, at 15:04 when he says “would you let a horse do that to you if he had that face?” regarding the sexual chin tilt. like. phil is into this. as boring as it was overall, i’m pretty much okay watching anything that phil is excited by lol, especially if it involves him subtly complimenting the attractiveness of a definitively masculine being. 

that brings me to the bigger questions of why they want to be playing this. because… i’m calling bullshit on the idea that everyone was DEMANDING they do a second episode after their first one. if you go back to the comments on that vid,,, there are hardly any that are asking for them to continue the series. weirdly almost all of them are asking them to play some game called mystic messenger. and then there’s a fair few commenting horse puns bc,,, gotta love youtube comments. the rest are basically just people complimenting dan’s “softness” in his spirited away jumper. barely any were like YES PLS WE DEMAND THE NEXT EPISODE. and literally zero were like “omg this is so disturbing and horrifying what are you guys doing why are you like this i hate this i never want to see you play it ever again absolute filth,” in direct contradiction to dan’s claim that at least 50 percent of people were very negative about the game. dan claimed that people were very passionate (either in a positive or negative direction) rather than indifferent and that that’s why they are choosing to continue playing but,,,,,, i beg to differ based on what i saw in their comments. i suppose there’s a chance that feedback on some other medium they check (twitter, basically) was more compelling but,,,,, from yt comments alone, i’m not seeing that enthusiasm that dan described. 

so then, why are they continuing? i said in my post after episode #1 that it seems like they intentionally chose this game in spite (or maybe because) of the fact that it would force them to break down some of their own barriers. this is a game that requires them to talk about a sexualized/attractive male character. it forces them to read a sexual/flrity script to each other and role play as two characters falling in love. that’s like,,,, pretty wild. i firmly believe therefore that they’re playing this game and continuing it bc they want to be playing it and they want to be breaking these barriers on their own terms. they have full agency over what they play, so clearly their decision to continue this series even despite a lack of resoundingly positive feedback indicates that some aspect of it is important to them–and to me that aspect is pushing their own boundaries in how they interact with each other and the kind of content they put on dapg. this is further evidenced by, imo, the most interesting part of this video: the pretty positive inclusion and discussion of fan art of themselves as yuuma/susankun. this was ALSO wild to me,,, like. such progress from the tumblr tag in 2015 when they were viewing phan art and still seemed pretty uncomfortable about the whole thing. i related this progress back to dan’s tumblr/twitter likes recently, in which he’s shown his support for some blatant phan art (the one just today .. i think .. where he squishes his face up against phil’s, the piece that refers to him and phil as a power couple, the one of him gazing at phil beneath the new year’s eve fireworks, the one where he’s saying ‘it’s my turn to dazzle you’ or something like that at the boncas, the photo that fan took of him and phil at the boncas inside a heart, etc.) all of it seems to suggest they’ve reached a point where they just aren’t bothered anymore about the audience’s perception of them as romantically involved. while the phan art in this video was perhaps less blatantly romantic than these examples from dan’s likes, it was still a way for them to show to the very large mainstream audience of dapg (much larger than the audience of people who would consistently check dan’s twitter/tumblr likes) that they acknowledge and don’t mind at all that many people see them and interpret them as being romantically/sexually involved, and that they are even amused/impressed by the art that people are creating around that notion. that’s pretty dope. 

so overall,,,, not like the most groundbreaking video in and of itself, not my favorite at all and if this story doesn’t get more interesting anytime soon i’m going to be salty,,,, but STILL. there are so many larger things that this video and this series point to in terms of dnp’s shifting boundaries (especially phil’s!!!) and all of that is completely exciting to me. 

(my horse prince #2)

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Hello my dear! I don't know about you but when Jon said "my father always said, the man who passed the sentence should swing the sword" made me remember of Janos Slynt. And I REALLY want Sansa to know that Jon beheaded Slynt and after seeing that awful poop montage I have hope that we might see it, but then again, Jon may go to Dragonstone and Sansa will never know. Do you think there could be a possibility? Or nah?

Hey doll!

I am not entirely sure honestly. (Yes I realize it is annoying af that I took so long to answer you and then gave you a non answer lol. I am SO SORRY! I am The Worst.)

If it does happen in the show I will be OVER THE MOON! But idk if it would have the same significance that it does in the books tbh? Part of what makes the Janos Slynt connection so cool in the books, at least for me, is the juxtaposition of the two quotes from Sansa and Jon’s respective POVs:

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Like many–I was there during the Zutara vs Kataang wars. Years down the road I finally decided to get back into the series and attempt to rekindle my love for it. Due to being shamed for my shipping preference by the creators themselves and fans, I sort of let my love for Zutara die. Thanks to my significant other and her found love for it, I found myself loving it just as I had when I was younger. Soooo being on the Zutara side of the shipping spectrum, I of course paid a visit to that tag first, before anything else. I read posts by the wonderful people of tumblr and found out all these years later that seeing something there wasn’t just part of my imagination. That it WAS going to be canon and…idk seeing that makes me feel validated again??

Like from the beginning I was always accepting that Katara would end up with Aang, in fact–I saw it coming and was never hopeful or even thought that Zutara would be end-game in a million years. I wasn’t spiteful towards Kataangers bc I thought the shipping wars were dumb in the first place….

Still, there was a chance and somehow, even though it DIDN’T happen in the end? I still feel like that sort of DOES make it canon in its own way?

So in the end both sides of the shipping war kind of won? IDK. I was never one of the bat-shit insane Zutarian’s who threatened to take their lives over the ship… Nor did I cry and rage at Bryke. The only time Bryke made me feel a bit upset at them was when they immediately started disrespecting a huge portion of their own fanbase, MOCKING them and poking fun at how terrible the Zutara ship was and how it was impossible.

Thinking back on it–Now that I’m not just a teenaged fangirl and I dabble in writing myself? Calling anything in your own story impossible? It’s a sign of your incompetence when it comes to writing. Seeing the bad writing in the LoK ( which I still did like but feel it could never surpass its predecessor series ) proved that to me.

I’m sorry but as a lesbian myself? The way the K/o//rra///s/a//mi pairing was played out and claimed to be a thing from the beginning was total BS to me. I felt like it was a sad attempt to cover up inconsistencies and bad story telling, shoving a pairing in our face and claiming it was planned from the start so that we’ll be happy because OMG THEY TOTALLY WENT THERE!!!!

So I guess I wrote this all just to say? I’m happy. Happy that in some alternative version of the story that the amazing Aaron Ehasz allowed our babies to end up together. That in SOMEONES eyes, Katara wasn’t just a prize to be won. She wasn’t just “the avatars girl”. She didn’t SUDDENLY figure everything out in such a short amount of time and decide that Aang was the ONE for her even though she’d previously JUST claimed she was confused and unsure.

That in some alternative world, there was going to be some build up and not just ‘omg zuko ilu lmao’. A real love story–Something Bryke seems incapable of writing. SIGHS.

Sometimes I wish that Bryke would give him the rights to add that season he’d been planning.. They could even claim it to be non-canonical if that’d make them more comfortable. It could be a netflix exclusive and everything but it would definitely breathe new life into the beloved series and let everyone be happy. I know they won’t and it’s impossible given what they set in stone—but it’s a nice dream. LOL.

Still even if it never happens. Zutara WAS canon in several of the writers and artists true vision and that’s good enough for this fan.


TV GUIDE 2016 (11.02) 

This is the last one of the 4 that was released yesterday!!! I did some short translation for Inoo’s part in the comments! (not the long talk interview)

10th Year’s Emotions where many things has happened - Inoo Kei

1. In these 9 years, what were some things you were happy about?
Being on stage at a concert with JUMP members is something that’s incredibly happy. I am, well, usually I don’t really have intense feelings but I realize “ah.. even I’m this way, my feelings like ‘joy’ is huge,”

2. Among the members, who’s the most easy to understand when they’re happy?
Isn’t it Chinen? Because, when he find things that he likes, and in happy moments that he encounters, he’s honestly happy and his feelings becomes easy to read on his smiling face.
(Members tally:
Yuya: 1 , Yuto:1 , Yabu: 2 , Chinen: 2 , Daiki: 1, Yamada:1 , Keito: 1)

3. In these 9 years, what were some things that you were angry about or regretted?
When I appeared in the stage play “Karafuto Ojisan”, there was a fair bit of anger outburst acting. Usually, I don’t get angry much but I realize “ahh.. I have feelings of anger” “I feel hatred”

4. Among the members, who’s the most angry and the most scary?
Everyone in JUMP is not angry! But if there’s someone… Hikaru wears his heart on his sleeves, so when he’s a little irritated, you can tell.
(Members tally:
Yamada: 0.5 , Hikaru: 4.5, Chinen: 1 and…..
Inoo: 3 …. imaginary!
Members’ comment of Inoo:
Keito: Inochan maybe. Because I’ve never seen him angry but without using our imagination, the gap between his usual self and his angry self seems scary.
Daiki: I’ve never seen him angry but by surprise if Inochan is actually angry, it’d be scary!
Chinen: Inochan. Usually he’s not angry, conversely it seems scary!

5. In these 9 years, what were some things that were sad and you cried over?

As for the role in the drama “Soshite Daremoinakunatta”, I felt incredible sadness and heart wrenching pain towards the mother. It made me realize “For me.. I can become this sad and feel such kind of pain”


6. Among the members, who’s the crybaby?
Daichan has a store of emotions. During concerts I’ve seen him being moved to tears many times. Me? In these 9 years, I’ve not cried. Basically, I try not to to show my tears in public.
(Members tally:
Keito: 8!!! Daiki: 1)

7. In the 9 years, what were some things that was fun and merry?
When I got to taste school life in the movie “Peach Girl”. I made me realize “this is what they call “fun in school life”,” That’s the end of the “I realized” series! (lol)

8. Among the members, who has the best sense of humour?
Yuto. Even when he’s busy, when he’s tired, he always jokes around and does impersonation and make us laugh. Though it can’t be express through a magazine… His impersonation of the staff is reaaally good!
(Members tally:
Yuto: 3, Daiki: 2, Yuya: 2, Hikaru: 2)

Friendly incidents that happened among members:
I heard that Yamada and Keito have the same clothes and put them on and wears them sometimes. I didn’t see it in my own eyes though. The two of them are close even in their private time, wouldn’t their favourite things be similar maybe.

One time I went shopping with Chinen, When Ah! I saw a white jacket and thought to buy it, Chinen was holding a black one. He said “Well, the color is different so it’s ok” (lol). We’ve worn them many times on the same day.

Alright… that’s it!! Let’s leave with perverted Inoo:

We love you <3 hehe

Hands Inochan! Hands! 


Hyuuga and Kiyoshi have an on going game of “who manages to keep live animals in school without letting anybody find out, especially Riko” and they keep sabotaging each other

Kagami’s excuse was so good, that hyuuga couldn’t get mad

Izuki was proud of Hyuuga for that extremely witty pun


Himuro, the loving brother

those brownies were totally safe, what do u mean

anonymous asked:

Hi Aurora okay first tysm for your blog It's so lovely to have another person so passionate about my fave things (i.e hp and period dramas) Anyway, i recently read the HP series (again) and found myself feeling SO MUCH. I genuinely teared up at so many different touching parts and I was just wondering what are your favorite most heart-wrenching/emotional parts from the books? I realize this is a lengthy quesition so feel free to never answer this or take a year.

ye S SS i love being passionate ab things and sharing that passion w my followers!!!!! i love yall esp when u ask me questions like this where i get to talk ab my fave things everrrrrrrrr (ps thank u so much for letting me take forever to answer this ur so cute to say that ilysm)

ok so literally i will cry my way thru the entire series when i reread bc harry potter has so much emotional weight for me and so many memories that go along with it. but i decided to limit myself to just 10 bc otherwise id be sitting here typing all day. so w/o further ado: 


((in no particular order)) 

  1. HARRY READS LILY’S LETTER IN DH: listen harry doesnt actually spend a lot of the books angsting over the fact that he doesnt have parents but in moments like this u remember he IS AN ORPHAN AND IT GETS ME SO HARD. fuk like just picturing harry crouched on the floor of sirius’s bedroom reading that letter… rereading it… crying… wow.gif!!!!! the line that makes me cry eveRY TIME is “She had made her g’s the same way he did : he searched through the letter for every one of them, and each felt like a friendly little wave glimpsed from behind a veil.“ LIKE RIP RIP RIP ABORT ABORT ABORT ITS TOO SAD!!!!!
  2. THE LOST PROPHECY IN OOTP: JESSESCREAMING.JPEG!!!!!!!!!!!! listen ,,, i talk ab this chapter so much on my blog. it is my #1 favorite moment in my #1 favorite harry potter book which is my #1 favorite series of all time. SO ITS A PRETTY BIG DEAL. harry’s reaction to sirius’s death… his anger at dumbledore… his grief… his discovery of his fate… its beautiful writing and its so painful but so amazing to read. LIKE!!!!! MY BABY!!! HE’S LOST SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!!! MY SWEET SUMMER CHILD!!!!!!!!!! “I DON’T CARE!“ Harry yelled at them, snatching up a lunascope and throwing it into the fireplace. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH, I’VE SEEN ENOUGH, I WANT OUT, I WANT IT TO END, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!” “You do care,” said Dumbledore. He had not flinched or made a single move to stop Harry demolishing his office. His expression was calm, almost detached. “You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.”” LIKE LITERALLY WHEN I GET TO THIS POINT I HAVE TO TAKE A BREAK BC IM CRYING SO MUCH I CANT MAKE OUT THE WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!! also fun story: one time i was listening to ootp on audiobook while on vacation and we were in the car waiting to taxi on to a ferry boat and we were listening to this chapter when the ferry guy came by to take our tickets and i had like TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY FACE and jim dale is yelling as harry in the background…. the guy was like ‘is this bitch ok??’ lmaOOOOo 
  3. HARRY AND THE MIRROR OF ERISED IN SS:  this is another one of those moments where you remember that harry is an orphan and its /so/ painful. thinking about this teeny 11 year old baby harry sneaking out every night just to sit in front of this mirror so he can see his parents………my darling baby sweetheart i love him So Much. it just makes me so sad like hes /so young/ AND HE JUST WANTS TO SEE HIS PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!! it also gives way to one of my all time favorite hp quotes: “It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” 
  4. HARRY STOPS SIRIUS AND LUPIN FROM KILLING PETER IN POA: me reading this part is literally ISAYTHATSMYBABYANDIMREALLYPROUD.GIF!!!!!! like!! my boy!! he finds out this man literally caused the death of his parents and he MAKES THE GROWN ASS ADULTS SPARE HIS LIFE… LIKE… he literally acts twice his age and is so mature and is just…….so amazing. it shows such strength and wisdom and it makes me SO PROUD. the way he references james also makes me cry because you see the relationship harry has with james even though he’s literally never met him and its so beautiful. i love harry so much. 
  5. HARRY AFTER SECTUMSEMPER-ING MALFOY IN HBP: this is literally the opposite of that last one where im so proud of harry this is def… not one of his best moments lol. he rly rly fucks up and his guilt is so raw and it makes me so emotional because i feel SO bad for him. its def an important harry moment in the books because it shows his flaws and the consequences of his rage, but it also shows how GOOD he is because he feels so bad about what happens and like willingly takes his punishment even though it means that he cant play in the quidditch match. he really like… atones and even tho its rough to read i def love that its a part of the series bc its a really like watershed moment for harry and i think it really reminds him of the wizard he wants to be. this part also leads to i think a more satisfying harry/ginny first kiss bc ginny defends harry and then him not going to the game leads to “several sunlit days” AKA ONE OF MY FAVE HP MOMENTS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. HARRY AND HERMIONE VISIT JAMES AND LILY’S GRAVE IN DH: “But they were not living, thought Harry: They were gone. The empty words could not disguise the fact that his parents’ moldering remains lay beneath snow and stone, indifferent, unknowing.And tears came before he could stop them, boiling hot then instantly freezing on his face, and what was the point in wiping them off or pretending? He let them fall, his lips pressed hard together, looking down at the thick snow hiding from his eyes the place where the last of Lily and James lay, bones now, surely, or dust, not knowing or caring that their living son stood so near, his heart still beating, alive because of their sacrifice and close to wishing, at this moment, that he was sleeping under the snow with them.”  THIS IS ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS THAT I HAVE TO STOP READING BC IM CRYING SO MUCH I CANT MAKE OUT THE WORDS ANYMORE. I CRIED TYPING THIS. IM SO SAD. 
  7. THE FOREST AGAIN IN DH: hoo boy. hoooooo boy this is a Big One. this one is really…. wow. just. wow. [deep breath]. there is So Much in this chapter that makes me cry where do i even START. harry realizing that he has to die and ACCEPTING IT BRAVELY LIKE THE HERO HE IS. “Why had he never appreciate what a miracle he was,  brain and nerve and bounding heart?” im crying….. hes so good. HARRY NEARLY STOPPING WHEN HE SEES GINNY and ginny’s crying and comforting some girl and im crying too. JAMES. SIRIUS. LILY. REMUS. WHEN HARRY ASKS IF IT HURTS TO DIE LIKE LITEARLLY I HAVE TO PUT THE BOOK DOWN AND GET UP  AND WLAK AROUND THE ROOM BECAUSE I GET SO EMOTIONAL LIKE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! when harry sees harry and screams at him ……………… rip in pieces me!!!!!!!! ALSO ONE OF HIS LAST THOUGHTS BEFORE THE AVADA KEDAVRA IS OF GINNY AND KISSING HER……….. [GUNSHOTS] [SCREAMING]
  8. BELLATRIX TORTURES HERMIONE IN DH: fuk this scene is no joke scary like it took harry potter to another level of real darkness. hermione being tortured was so chilling like beautiufl amazing smart snarky hermione it was so painful to read like my heart rate goes up when i read it bc im worried for my girl :/ and ron is sHAKING and like screaming and literally throwing himself at the walls to try to get to her and its SO upsetting like. they are still CHILDREN like theyre all so young and they dont deserve this like. hearing her plead and stuff … its just…. too much. these are my CHILDREN i have to PROTECT them. 
  9. HARRY DIGS DOBBYS GRAVE IN DH: this is another one of those harry moments where i just want to give him a huge hug. like he insists on digging dobby’s grave by hand which is just ….. [gets choked up] its fine. and his thoughts while he dig make me so sad. he so /tired/. hes so frustrated with dumbledore and he the hallows and the horcruxes and he feels responsible for what happened. and ron coming out and helping him dig silently makes me so happy and its one of those times u really see how much rons friendship means to harry. and harry comes out of this like … older and more mature? his wisdom and knowledge is rly apparent when he talks with griphook and olivander right after this like. he knows what hes going to do. hes made his choice. hes not going to race voldemort for the wand. i love him so much for that choice. hes such a grown man in this part like accepting responsibility, taking care of hermione and everyone like getting things in order. i love him. 
  10. MRS WEALSEY HUGS HARRY IN THE HOSPITAL WING IN GOF“’It wasn’t your fault, Harry,’ Mrs. Weasley whispered. ‘I told him to take the cup with me,’ said Harry. Now the burning feeling was in his throat too. He wished Ron would look away. Mrs. Weasley set the potion down on the bedside cabinet, bent down, and put her arms around Harry. He had no memory of ever being hugged like this, as though by a mother. The full weight of everything he had seen that night seemed to fall in upon him as Mrs. Weasley held him to her. His mothers face, his father’s voice, the sight of Cedric, dead on the ground all started spinning in his head until he could hardly bear it, until he was screwing up his face against the howl of misery fighting to get out of him.” HARRY POTTER DESERVES MORE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he feels so guilty about cedric and god bless mrs weasley for telling him it wasnt his fault because it WASNT!!! he did so amazing in the graveyard like.. .he saw voldemort return and he fought him and he survived and he saw his paretns and hE TOOK CEDRICS BODY BACK SO IT COULD BE WITH HIS FAMILY!!!!!!!! HE TOOK IT BACK FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i would die a thousand deaths if it meant that harry didnt have to experience this pain!!!!

whew so there we go!!!!! the bottom line is obviously that i love the harry potter series more than anything and specifically i love the boy harry potter so so SO much and his suffering is agonizing to read and he didnt deserve any of it!!! i can litearlly think of SO many more heartbreaking moments in the series but here are just a handful. happy birthday to harry!!! 

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I really don't understand kl shippers and their obsession with kl becoming canon. I've never seen anything like that in other fandoms - ppl can differentiate canon from fanon. But here? When lance gets his female love interest (and he will), klantis will loose their shit and I'm SURE they'll accuse vld staff of queerbaiting. Even though Lauren CLEARLY said kl is not gonna happen. Also how did this ship become so big when both characters have few scenes together and almost none shared storylines?

I don’t even get how canon KL would work for the story for these people. At least with SK there’s clearly a plot happening with them that’s integral to the story, which lends to a romantic reading. Keith and Lance? They’re just friends that butt heads, that’s all they’ve ever been. You could take Lance out of the series and nothing about Keith’s arc and story would change lol. To make KL canon would make no sense story wise, what would it add? What would be the point? At least SK has parallels with Zarkon and Haggar and important plot moments may hinge on Keith’s desire to save Shiro no matter what. That’s canon folks! Keith was ready to abandon Allura for the sake of the team, and you bet your ass he’d feel the same if anything happened to Lance lol. But Shiro? Nope. That’s one person Keith can never let go of no matter what, and we’ve yet to see how far he’d be willing to go.

I can see KL being important to the plot as Lance becoming someone that sometimes pulls in the reins on Keith, which we saw a bit of in S3. Them coming to respect one another and Lance’s willingness to criticize Keith being something that keeps him in tune with his team rather than taking a loner approach. But this is all good friendship stuff.

KL shippers that expect canon validation are honestly watching a different show as Lance is.. clearly straight. Sorry I know bi Lance is a popular headcanon but there’s literally zero evidence for him being interested in anything other than women lol. Until he flirts with a guy I can’t not see him as straight.

Someone just asked me, ‘if you are anti-sjm, why do you read the books?’ It is a valid question that I want to answer so we are all on the same page, let me break it down.

1. I do like some of the characters. I am a fan of Chaol, Dorian, Nesryn, Manon, Elide and Lysandra (sometimes)(also I like Darrow lol). I like these characters and I want to see what happens to them. Since ToD is focused around Nesryn and Chaol, I want to see them being badass and I have to read it because I’m gonna be too damn curious otherwise.

2. I am in fact curious. I wanna know what happens and I wanna know what’s canon (even if i suffer)

3. I’m planning on doing a review/snark/my thoughts on the book for all the people who want to know what happens but don’t want to read it.

4. I’ve been invested in this series/fandom for a while and a part of me wants to finish it off (no matter how much it breaks me). I actually used to be a huge fan of this series, until I realized the very problematic aspects of it. (HoF is when it all went downhill for me but I had hope ok) Just because I find it problematic and discriminative doesn’t mean I can’t read it.

5. As for anti-sjm/tog, I wouldn’t consider myself hating every single aspect of the series. Trust me, I’m bitter about a lot of things and it is very problematic (for reasons stated time again) but I do like some characters and aspects of the series. I post and reblog anti stuff a lot though because I like to vent and point out that these books aren’t perfect.

Sorry this is long, it’s late and I’m bitter as usual, but I hope people understand where I’m coming from. I will be reading Tower of Dawn, and if I don’t enjoy it then I probably won’t continue on to read the final book. Thanks for reading this if you did, there were just a few things I needed to address.

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Okay so hear me out....5Ds but. an AU where characters are swapped around like Aki/Yusei, Jack/Crow, and Rua and Ruka just wonder WTH happened?

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#Yugirl’s brain.exe stopped working 

(….seriously, I had to stop for a split second because my brain was like “wait what omg how do you even fuck up characters like this”)

So this means .. stoic Aki that loves duels and duel runners and will fite for her friends??

edgy Yusei that goes from #I hate the human race AND myself to #I suddenly love my life and myself AND this girl and I hope she notices ??

Crow with a ridiculous and totally unjustified ego and love for coffee??

Jack #best big brother of the year with a JOB ??

Hyperactive and cheerful Ruka ?? chill and unfortunately-my-instinct-is-always-right Rua??


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As another young girl who grew up watching DBZ, I honestly hate the Trunks/Mai pairing, and think its a poorly plotted mess that does a disservice to both characters.

I had the same thoughts in the beginning where their relationship was hinted, it made no sense to me because I had a clear understanding of both characters. Future Trunks was composed and a gentleman, while I saw Mai as a scheming villain. 

Lol, but Trumai grew on me. Although initially I was beyond mad because Trunks was one of my favorite characters. 

Who I also shipped with Pan.

Which I blame on their dynamics in Dragon Ball GT. And man oh man did I love Trunks design in that series even if it wasnt created by Akira.

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It took me a long time to finally accept the idea and relationship of Trunks and Mai, and I had to jump over the barriers I had of them to see them as a romantic pair.

I had to consider the fact that I don’t know what happened in that time when Trunks was in his time with Mai. Or how they met and became acquainted. The fact that Akira always has a surprise down his sleeve, especially with couples. 

Everything was okay with Trunks, but what made me hesitate was Mai herself.

Like the fact that Mai is older than Bulma. Even though the current her is younger, my head can’t get over the fact that her mind is beyond Trunks in experience and years.

Mai’s attitude that did a 360 and turned to a different character. And what I mean by change is her cool bitchy attitude is now reduced to a cute blushing sweetheart that wants to help instead of having evil intentions. Of course I get that Trunks was a reason for her change, so its kinda of sweet.

Those are just two of the reasons I can think about in the moment though.

But man, after all those blushing scenes between them and then that KISS.

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I had to cave in, honestly this is one of those couples in dragon ball that are too obvious to ignore. Especially if they make each other happy/

And let me tell you something Vegeta always knows what’s going up between couples.

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