lol what is context


I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me // fall out boy

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actually i also request akashi with 3a so we have a painful set (AGAIN, IF THE OTHER IS IN THE PICTURE, GOOD)

3A/3B. (LOOKS BACK AT YOU) HERE You have your painful sET!! \(oAo)/!! Neither of them share the pic with the other, BUT i’d like to think these are related,,,,,, somehow,,


Eat Me

Summary: Sugar daddy Phil feederism fic where dan is really thin when he first starts because no money but Phil loves feeding him and watching him fill out

Author’s Note: A bunch of people loved this idea so here it is. This might be the weirdest thing ive written so feedback would be great. like would you guy’s want more of this type of stuff or do you prefer other kinks more? lemme know <3 lol at my title what does it even mean in the context of this fic (2.1k words) anyways i finished this earlier but didn’t get to post it til now sorry about that also happy valentines day! <3

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Hacker: Okay we’re in, we now have access to all of her searches and history

My youtube history:

Hacker: What on Earth is this??????

Stories From The Break Room

“Hey, so how would you react if someone told you they had herpes after you shared your toothbrush with them?”

“I once knew a guy who met a chick at a bar, went down on her and ended up with crabs in his eyebrows.” 

“You gotta love the cleaning staff here. After that guy got stabbed at the bar, the cleaning lady was annoyed that she had to clean up blood because it was so inconvenient.”

“Sir, your boner is staring at me.”

“This would have tasted better if they just put water and spat in it.”

Okay, I never read this comic, so I have no idea what is actually going on here in this picture, but when I saw it, I thought, ”hey, that one Batman is slightly taller than the other? Is that CLARK?!?!”

I don’t care who it really is, my mind is telling me its Superman in disguise, LOL.


tfw your face is stuck

i’ll stop stealing jokes from the Simpsons when they stop fitting everything, okay…. (x)

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the thing with the manga is that LGBT content is handled somewhat differently in Japan due to different cultural values. what would be considered just subtext in the west would be considered outright confirmation there. so that's probably why Shirow Miwa upped the ante with White Rose in the manga (along with his own personal preference) [1/2]

WB Japan also /really/ push Bumbleby, with the events of Heroes and Monsters featuring very heavily in the ads for the Japanese dub of volume 3, and deliberately editing screenshots to focus on just Blake and Yang for the lyric booklet that comes with the soundtrack. while it’s only heavily implied here, for Japan it might as well be canon [2/2]

That’s cool, and these things are confirmed/consulted on by the writers and folks over at Rooster Teeth so they have to know that these pairings are being pushed/elevated over there. 

Thanks for the info! I don’t actually follow the manga so I’m not sure what the context of any of these scenes are lol.