lol what is composition


Mairon relaxing in Angband after a busy day of being horrible experiments. Set either before or during Melkor’s imprisonment (Years of the Trees).

So, I have a lot of thoughts about Dani Phantom, and my headcanon is that she needs regular doses of Ecto Dejecto to stay stable. I mean, imagine what could happen if she’s exploring north eastern France and all her vials of medicine are broken? The angsty possibilities are endless.

Can we talk about the shot composition here for a minute? I mean just a few details I’ve noticed. I placed a rule of thirds grid over the shot and I love how well it is put together.

Look at how this shot frames the room. Look at how the table/desk in the center column perfectly fits in between the two vertical markers. I also like how if Dean were to sit up straight his eyes would line up perfectly with the cross of the top horizontal and right vertical markers.

Notice the symmetry of the room. The two columns in the back of the room followed by the two pillars closer to the camera create a trapped feeling, which helps the viewer get into Dean’s mind here. The repetition of arches also pops out at me, from the archway leading to the telescope, to the arch that the table makes to the arches that the chairs make as well.

Then notice where the symmetry of the room breaks. It strikes me as interesting (whether intentional or not) that the lamp on Dean’s table/desk is off center compared to the other two lamps on the tables in the distance. This creates a discordant feeling/mood for me, again, helping the me/audience identify with how Dean feels.

Finally I love how long this shot is while also feeling very small and trapped. I assume a long focal length was used to pull in and compress the background while at the same time the repetitive table/lamp/chair combinations make it all seem like a reflection (Dean going through the same thoughts in his head?)