lol what are flaws

We could erase our imperfections
if only
we were sketches made with pencil

We could mold ourselves in any shape 
if only
we were sculptures made of clay

We could rewrite our flaws into strengths
if only
we were the result of someone’s imagination

We could exist as flawless masterpieces
if only
we were mere pieces of art
unfortunate to have never known life

—  If Only, Shikha Singh

warlordess  asked:

Just curious, what are some of the series that you love but still manage to have maaaajor flaws? You don't have to feel obligated to discuss what those flaws ARE (not yet anyway, lol) but I was just curious about the series you saw them in. ^^ ;;

Well, I have a large number of fandoms, and to varying degrees it could apply to a number of them. I’m the kind of person who absolutely loves and gets very emotionally involved in stories…but I also have the ability to step back and assess the quality of storytelling, separate from my own emotions about it. A few of the series I adore but feel have major flaws include:

- The Pokémon anime. I know, I know, it’s not supposed to be high art to begin with… I’m aware of the context of its flaws and totally acknowledge those. It exists primarily to advertise the games and merchandise, it’s aimed at children, and it’s been going on so long that expecting it to have strict continuity is pretty silly. Still, from a storytelling perspective, it’s a mess, and there’s so much I could complain about that it’s hard to even know where to begin. I have mostly accepted these flaws to a degree where it’s not something I dwell on much, but, well, the flaws still exist nonetheless.

- X-Files. This is my favorite live action series, and when it’s good, it’s really, really good. However, the final few seasons (particularly season 9) are a trainwreck of bad writing and dubious story decisions. The “mythology” part of the series in general is intriguing and exciting for a while, but ends up gradually derailing and feeling unfulfilling, convoluted, and bizarre. The second movie and season 10 (with the exception of Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster, which is fantastic IMHO) were awful and I mostly pretend they didn’t exist…

- Wolf’s Rain…to a lesser degree? It’s one of my top favorite anime series, and it’s an odd case because I feel like you’re either on board with it or you’re not, if that makes sense. To me, it’s an amazing series where even the flaws don’t bother me or detract from it, even though I see the flaws and know what they are. But I feel like if you’re not entirely into it on an emotional level (or don’t care for the atmosphere or something), it goes in a lot of odd directions and it can be confusing. It’s the kind of series that I’ll wholeheartedly recommend to the right person, but avoid recommending to many because I recognize that it won’t work for everyone, and I’m aware that the writing could have been better.

There’s a ton of smaller examples (i.e., I think Macross Frontier is fairly silly and the animation is inconsistent but I really enjoy it anyway, the plots of the Fire Emblem games are forgettable and sometimes ridiculous but the characters and gameplay are a lot of fun, and so on and so forth), but I feel like the first two series I listed are good examples of what I’m talking about. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to love something and also be aware of its flaws and be willing to talk about them.

Arin liked one of my very first animations on Twitter, and that keeps me going tbh


What if the mating bond only snaps in for the male? Think about it - it snapped in for Rhys’ dad, Rhys, and Lucien without the females sensing it (of course, Rhys’ mom was getting tortured essentially and Feyre and Elain were brand new to the fae world, so there might be a flaw to this theory lol). But what if the mate bond snapped in for Azriel and Mor already, but Azriel had never felt good enough for her to tell her? He always felt that he was a bastard born that was never wanted, so he feels like he doesn’t deserve her. #majorfeelsalert