lol what are flaws

We could erase our imperfections
if only
we were sketches made with pencil

We could mold ourselves in any shape 
if only
we were sculptures made of clay

We could rewrite our flaws into strengths
if only
we were the result of someone’s imagination

We could exist as flawless masterpieces
if only
we were mere pieces of art
unfortunate to have never known life

—  If Only, Shikha Singh

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what i want to know is how junkrat still has perfect teeth. you'd think he'd have lost a couple in explosions

Dude, his teeth are nicer than mine tbh.

Something about them fangs man


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Inuyasha was jealous and possessive which is why he was upset with Koga putting his hands on Kagome, and he routinely called Kagome, Kaede, and Sango rude terms in the manga and anime both...Inuyasha isn't mean to women overall but you're interpreting him wrong if you think he's a saint in regards to women. He's not precious lol.

  • “InuYasha was jealous and possessive which is why he was upset with Koga putting his hands on Kagome”

I never mentioned Koga putting his hands on Kagome in my post. What I said was,

“I love how much respect InuYasha has for girls and how he tries to protect them. Like how he always bashes Miroku for womanizing, yells at Naraku to not to put his dirty on hands on Kikyou, and gets pissed tf off at Koga for humiliating and trying to claim Kagome.”

Regardless, I think InuYasha had good reason to be jealous in that moment, considering Koga’s proclamation of love for Kagome. And, considering that Kagome has been kidnapped numerous times, one of those times being by Koga himself, InuYasha had a good reason to behave possessively then too. Though I don’t really think he was being possessive.

During the conversation between Koga and InuYasha during episode 37, right before Koga goes off to fight the Birds of Paradise on his own, InuYasha says, “You’re gonna pay for kidnapping Kagome!” to which Koga responds along the lines of, “You can leave but keep your hands off my woman.”  

After Kagome denies being with him, Koga goes on his rant about how he loves her and how she’d be better off with him and so on. InuYasha then yells, “Nobody talks down to Kagome like that with me around! How dare you humiliate her! She’s not your property!”

Shortly after that Kagome assists Koga with finding the Bird of Paradise he’s after, which InuYasha can’t believe because Koga had kidnapped Kagome, treated her like property to be claimed, and humilated her in front of numerous people, and then she continues to help Koga even after the fight is over and InuYasha has saved them. When Kagome tries to explain why she helped Koga, InuYasha doesn’t understand where she’s coming from at all because from his point of view Koga just “kidnapped her and almost got her killed”.

He was worried about her, and concerned with saving her and making sure she wasn’t hurt, so he was angry and confused when she helped the demon who had kidnapped her and put her in harms way. InuYasha may have been jealous, but he was more trying to protect Kagome, then be possessive of her.

  • “and he routinely called Kagome, Kaede, and Sango rude terms in the manga and anime both"

In the beginning of the anime, InuYasha probably meant the things he called the girls. But as the show progresses and you get to know the characters better, you can see that part of InuYasha’s crude attitude is a defense mechanism. He doesn’t want to let people in, for fear that he’d be betrayed or things would go wrong, the way they did with Kikyou. And there’s also the fact that InuYasha can just be a real ass.

  • “InuYasha isn’t mean to women overall but you’re wrong if you think he’s a saint in regards to women”

No, InuYasha isn’t mean overall, to woman or anyone else, because he’s not a mean person. He’s protective, a worrywart, a total goof ball and quite sensitive. He’s brash, he acts without thinking and swings a big ass sword around slaying demons all day. He sulks when Kagome goes home, he worries about Miroku when the wind tunnel in his hand gets hurt, and he tries to help ease Sango’s grief and pain after losing her family/friends. When Kaede tries to go after Kikyou’s ashes on her own, InuYasha tags along to ensure she doesn’t get hurt, despite everything that happened 50 years ago. He helps get to the bottom of what’s eating the villagers where Jenengi lives, so that Jenengi won’t be blamed anymore. He helps slay demons that are attacking villages and assists in burying those who’ve passed on. And he’s terrified of losing himself to his demon side and hurting people, especially the ones he cares about. You’re right, though, dear anon. InuYasha is no saint.  But he is one hell of a good person, despite his flaws.

  • “He’s not precious lol.”

Lmao what are you even talking about, InuYasha is absolutely fucking precious.


Murasaki & Art: Differences 2/2

The one who finally understood Nice and accepted himself in the end

And the one who did neither.

Because Nice would still be his partner even if he had no Minimum, because Nice never wanted Art to be killed, because in the end he never managed to accept his own weakness

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiggggghhh I really try to be nice about the people who are getting deceived by big larries and I know it’s confirmation bias and how much they’ve been lied to and bad assumptions and it’s hard to get away from it.


Come on.

This post has 700 notes and this one has 350.

Apparently we’re not supposed to feel bad about violating Danielle’s privacy because, “she drove past the photographer taking her picture as she got out of the car and stood in the driveway for several minutes letting him get shots that identify the rental house.”

I’m sorry but this is a mess on so many levels that it makes my brain hurt. First off, she has to get into the house???? Whether she saw the paps or not? She has to use the garage. Second off, you have no fucking clue how long she stood there? Remember that video where you could hear that paps take like a million pics per minute? I guess she did shit with the garage door open but maybe that’s cos she had shit to do?? And also - third off, and I can’t believe I’m linking to this post already, but it looks pretty clear that the photographer was trying to conceal themself. I kind of think she looks a bit skeeved, but she actually really may not have known anyone was there!!

And finally, as ever, Larries’ fucking desire to tell themselves all this is fake is NOT A GOOD REASON TO MOCK PEOPLE’S RIGHT TO PRIVACY. This is one of the problems with them acting like they know this shit for real without any doubt, as if they don’t have to at least try to be respectful just in case they’re wrong.

As to the other post, they say, “the more she calls the paps to be papped there, the more she confirms Louis doesn’t live not even near where she pretends to stay”

Just two things on this one. One: what the actual fuck??? “The more she gets photographed there the more obvious it is that she’s only pretending to live there and Louis isn’t nearby.” Um. Of course in their minds, this is based on their absolute certainty that she is calling the paps. But here in the real world, they have absolutely no fucking way of knowing that and it’s just something they made up to soothe themselves. So here in the real world, this would be looking at evidence and declaring that it proves the exact opposite of what we see. That’s not a great foundation for an idea.

Two: bph apparently knows they live on a goddamn cul de sac and has a picture of it but we’re not supposed to believe paps could just find Louis’s house on their own?? And bep gets in a dig at UAs for not caring about privacy when larries are supposedly posting pictures of the street Louis lives on???


What if the mating bond only snaps in for the male? Think about it - it snapped in for Rhys’ dad, Rhys, and Lucien without the females sensing it (of course, Rhys’ mom was getting tortured essentially and Feyre and Elain were brand new to the fae world, so there might be a flaw to this theory lol). But what if the mate bond snapped in for Azriel and Mor already, but Azriel had never felt good enough for her to tell her? He always felt that he was a bastard born that was never wanted, so he feels like he doesn’t deserve her. #majorfeelsalert