lol wft is this

If you were human, if you were, who I assumed you were,
You wouldn’t have done this.
I thought I did something,
But you would do anything to bring me down.

You say, that you love me,
But you act like you don’t.

Don’t take this the wrong way,
You put me in harm’s way.

You were my dream
The way we would fuck
You like to think, but when pushed through the back
Ignoring the problems, used to hold what we had


That’s what happened at the institute while Xavier and Hank were alone


Seolhyun and Heechul for Gmarket

Please fire me. Today a customer threw his 84 cents in change at me claiming “What…you don’t know how to count change?” This was after he told me his name for the order was “Asshole.” Btw his change was correct.

Please fire me. I have a collection of Japanese iwako erasers at my desk to cheer me up. My associate loudly refers to them as “the zoo” and whenever she notices a new one on my desk she sneers and says my desk is “too colorful”. Meanwhile she leaves half-eaten potatoes, apple cores and 100% brown bananas on her desk for weeks.