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  • J Hope: What's you greatest weakness?
  • Yoongi: I am uncooperative.
  • J Hope: Give me an example.
  • Yoongi: No.

That world, and the people inhabiting it, was a reflection of your own desires. What might have been if Komaeda Nagito lacked his good fortune and led a quiet, uneventful life.

the first time i drew my actual daughter gylwen lavellan 2 years ago (holy crap), I said stuff about elves and backlight going hand in hand. I have realized that this is still very true

I really like the idea of Keith being born looking mostly Galra, but being proportioned like a human, making him tiny in Galra society. So his dad (Thace) uses druid magic to have his human genes be seen as dominant, and his parents send him to Earth, where he’ll live a better life than within the Empire.



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Myka loving Helena [x]

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team too many bears and buns


We're going down down in an earlier r o u n d
and SUGAR, we're goin down S W I N G I N G

【I'll be your number one with a bullet】
A 〖loaded〗 god complex
c.o.c.k it and pull it

sisloc wip maybe