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Sim AU lance non-canonically flirting with Elias would be hilarious too (even tho, none of them seem to be all that flirty)

Awkward robot flirts with local mechanic kid

I. I can dig it, yo

In the distance we see Keith glaring furiously and holding up the controls for Lance’s balance parameters

And in the immortal words of Jared Padalecki:

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What hurt you anon? What makes you hate the idea so much? Why do you feel the need to come to peoples inboxes to spew your hateful bullshit? Honestly you are the one who is pathetic. Go get a life outside of hate.

Its not about buttsex you ridiculous cretin (if that’s all it is to you then that’s called homophobia. The rampant sexualisation of queer love and couples is a major scorn on society and you are in the midst of it. Grow up and learn to differentiate between love and sex.)  

Anyone with any ability to analyse and study media can see the romantic tropes. We have countless comparisons between male friends in story telling and destiel and one is not like the other. You are the delusional one. You and all your anti cretins in your hateful little tumblr hole are so hilariously pathetic at this point your tantrums bring us quite a lot of glee (when we can be bothered to even bat an eyelid at you that is). Unlike you we actual prefer to revel in the ideas of love and goodness and decent story telling and character development. We devote our time to creating art and fantastic works of fiction and we bond and share in our LOVE of this show AND this ship AND the characters and there is no hateful nastiness in our midst. I honestly pity you.

What do you do on tumblr? You go into people’s inboxes to rant and attempt to bring them down? All because you don’t like the fact that countless numbers of people share in their love and passion for this show and this ship? That it has support from lots of media sources as well as the cast and crew of Supernatural itself? Is whats bothering you the fact that destiel has been building up so much traction in media and getting so much publicity nowadays that you are fed up of seeing it everywhere? That the show itself is making a huge deal out of Dean and Cas’s relationship that you have to watch it blindly hidden behind your delusion to deny what is clearly a deep and profound relationship built on foundations of love that has been made VERY clear in the text that it is far different to the love between Sam and Cas (whose love is canonically, textually, a brotherly love?)

Is THAT what bothers you? The fact that all this build up is making you so uncomfortable that you have to storm into a meta writers inbox to try to make them see the ‘light’? Call them deluded and path’a’tic because you can’t bare the truth that they are most likely correct in their assessment? Exactly what did you expect to gain from this? Did it make you feel better to send that ask? If so then I REALLY pity you. Go get yourself a Snickers or something, and maybe watch a different show. Because you are REALLY not gonna like where this one is going.

Prompto's dream . The
  • Prompto, coming out of the tent: Oh man, that dream was weird.
  • Noctis, overhearing: What did you dream about?
  • Prompto, very shy of actually telling: Okay this will sound weird but we were kinda... Having sex?
  • Noctis: Oh man that's so gay. I wouldn't sleep with you so don't worry.
  • Prompto: You wouldn't...?
  • Noctis: Well unless you want to-
  • Prompto gets surprised,
  • Noctis: No No nevermind.
  • Noctis:
  • Noctis: So do you want to?

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Remember this. When they finally understand what you are. This is how they will deal with you as well.

don’t you dare forget the sun, love

(angsty with a happy/fluffy ending ambreigns. roman has a bad day and doesn’t really know why, and dean tries to help out. word count: about 1800. warning for like, self-depreciating thoughts/feeling like you don’t deserve to eat etc. i hope you enjoy it <3)

Afternoon sunlight streams in through the small break in Roman’s curtains. He’s still in bed, curled up around himself and trying to ignore the way his heart fills with dread when the room to his door opens.

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No problem :How would Sakamaki boys beal with s/o who has DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder/dyspraxia : basically, difficulties for handling some motricity tasks and memorize movements). Have a nice day too~

I’m still not sure if I understood it correctly since it seems kind of unclear when I’m reading the descriptions… That’s why I won’t write much about this and please, don’t yell at me if I got it wrong. Explain calmly though, I will never yell back ^^”

♛ Ayato ♛

His first - and final - reaction is to laugh at you. He doesn’t really care about your state nor if it’s a bother to you, since he doesn’t expect you to be anything “better”. You’re a stupid human, after all. But since your attempts are so miserable, that’s only enjoyable for him. You’re clumsy and he will take advantage of it. The problem will be if you can’t make takoyaki because of the disorder… That will make him mad and he will end up yelling and saying all those rude things.

♟ Kanato ♟

At first, he just laughs at you, in this low, creepy voice telling Teddy how stupid and pathetic you are. When he notices that it happens often, he will tell you bluntly that you’re just stupid. He will laugh at you, making you do the things that are the most difficult just to see your face every time you fail. He doesn’t care about it much, but he will enjoy the view.

♞ Laito ♞

He doesn’t care much and laughs it off, maybe teasing you a little bit. When he realizes the problem, he will watch you more closely, being sincerely curious about your attempts and reactions. He wouldn’t care much, only tease occasionally and not do anything in particular to stop/help you. It doesn’t bother him.

♝ Reiji ♝

For him it’s obviously a MAJOR problem. How can you be so clumsy? It’s obvious that you should be able to do all the basic things. And if you can’t, he will teach you. By making you repeat all the things over and over till you faint from either stress or exhaustion. His trainings will last for long hours, until you finally learn it. He’s not supportive per se, he just thinks that everything can be fixed if you’re… motivated enough.

♚ Shu ♚

He honestly couldn’t care less. He will sometimes see you struggling and - if some things last too long - he will even cover you up just so you stop being noisy. But it has to really bother him, other than that, he most likely won’t even notice the thing.

♜ Subaru ♜

He’s pretty annoyed at first as you’re bumping into things (and walls) and doing everything so clumsily. He will threaten you a bit, but not care much unless you bump into him. He won’t understand the disorder, he will just find you incredibly clumsy. At some point he’d try to be supportive, but it’s still kind of unclear since at his age people like this would be just - probably - found stupid.

i dont even understand why people want to paint PD as this motherly figure who loves her gems just because Jasper was torn up over her death. Peridot literally talked about how great Yellow Diamond was and was super close to selling out her friends if her better judgement didn’t get the best of her.

Also having the diamonds be these evil dictators that use intimidation/manipulation to trick their followers into blindly adoring them without a second thought is way more interesting than “hey you remember how we set up these women to be horrible, calculating evil monsters? well JK LOL! THEY’RE ALL NICE AND GAY NOW!”