lol well this is horrible

We accept your request.
(and the new arc begins x] )

Hetalia CAH Tonight;

[[ So, as you may have witnessed last night, @danskdanish and myself had the idea to put together a CAH deck ourselves to use IC for hetalia themed fun! Obviously it’s all jokingly put together, it’s CAH after all. It’s a horrible game for horrible people. lol

   Well last night we put it all together and it’s rather amazing from the rounds we did as a test. Amazing in all it’s glory, I looove ittttttt!

   So tonight we are going to be doing the IC game, and I’m not sure what time exactly. But I’ll update it with a time or something once I know!

   ALSO; if you would like to be informed of when it starts, please comment here and I’ll tag you in the official ‘its starting soon’ post so you can come! ]]