lol well i can dream right


It was this amazing actress, beautiful and I was dreaming about it. I felt the luckiest, I was 12 years old. I arrived and I was very nervous and i was just like well I hope she likes it. And after the scene because I know its not going to be sex, but something can start from there right? And then I get there and I see 40 people looking at me with their camera.

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This is so random but I was wondering what kind of moments you'd like to see between Eren and Levi should they interact in any future chapters after the timeskip? Any scenario would be great.

I’m so scared of thinking about this, because since we have no info at all about what has happened during the past 3-4 years, anything is possible, and probably anything I speculate about will be totally wrong, haha.

But at the same time I can’t stop thinking about it, and it’s really exciting, so I can’t help myself!

So well these are more like personal wishes and probably unlikely to happen, but hey we can dream, right?

The first thing I would like to see and that probably won’t happen is at least a few pages of peace, lol. I feel that the timeskip’s purpose was to fast forward that time of calm, preparations, etc., before the war, and that we will probably jump into action again right away. But as much as that makes sense, I would like to get some character interactions before they’re all in the middle of battle again.

Just a simple conversation between Eren and Levi would make me really happy. Especially if they’re alone and talking about something relevant to their relationship and their bond, like for example reminiscing about Levi’s old squad like I mentioned on my post from earlier. I just want some meaningful interaction between them!

Another thing that I’m curious about is how the Survey Corps works now, and what’s their hierarchy. I assume they have probably gotten new members, and trained them. So the 104th could now probably be squad leaders, and be in chargue of training new recruits. Squad Leader Jaeger sounds so good *having flashbacks to that comic from Lena*. Yup yup really good haha. Eren would technically still be Levi’s subordinate, but I wonder how this would change how they interact with each other.

And speaking of training, what about sparring together? Maybe they didn’t do it in the past, but now they’ve had 4 years, I can’t believe that Levi never personally tested Eren’s hand to hand combat skills!

But well, Isayama seems to be in a bit of a rush to finish the manga, so like I said it’s pretty unlikely that he will take he time to show any of this…

But since we’re going to see the war for sure, then I would LOVE to finally see Eren and Levi in real action together! We got so many official arts of them in fighting stances, or with Levi fighting along Eren’s titan form, but we’re still waiting for Isayama to give us the two of them side by side like that in the actual manga! If he finishes the story without an epic scene like that, I will be so dissapointed, haha.

(I guess I also have a list of less realistic wishes, that are less platonic than these, like hints of feelings between them, moments where they show special concern or protectiveness about each other, or even something more physical like a hug. But I don’t want to make myself cry lol).

Anyways, I hope we will see them again soon and we will know if any of these wishes come true!

omg so i’ve been out all day and i have been waiting for a chance to write about the dream i had last night. my thoughts are most likely gonna be all over the place cuz ima write it all in one shot, so just a warning LOL. alright well basically my dream took place in a wendy’s (i have no clue why I haven’t been there for years lol). a friend (aka taehyung lol) and i walked in just to buy the whatchamacallits…those icecream things…i know there is a specific name for them but i just can’t remember right now. but anyways we walked in and we went up to order and freakin jimin was the one who took our order. except the dream me didn’t know it was jimin, just like how dream me didn’t know taehyung was actually taehyung, they were just my friend and a random boy, respectively. but after we ordered taehyung looked at eachother and started talking about how jimin’s smile was so cute and whatnot while we were waiting off to the side. out of the corner of my dream eye i realize there were 2 more ppl to my left waiting for their order too, and so cuz of my dream curiousity i turned and it turned out to be yoongi and hoseok (again it didn’t register in my dream that it was them lol). yoongi was wearing a black hoodie and hoseok was wearing one of those space cats t-shirts, but the funny thing was that hoseok had his arm draped around lil yoongi’s shoulders (i feel like all the yoonseok stuff I’ve seen on tumblr since the bbmas had manifested itself in my dream tbh lmao). they legit looked like a couple and in my dream mind i was thinking it was like the cutest thing i had ever seen next to jimin’s smile. but yea they both smiled at us and me and taehyung gave eachother looks confirming that they were indeed cute af, and right after we did that we were called up by jimin to get our icecream things and when he was about to put them on the counter he tripped over something which made them fly outta his hands. the contents spilled all over the counter and like little droplets had gotten on my shirt, as well as taehyung’s. dream me was kinda frustrated cuz the shirt was brand new and i could tell taehyung was lowkey fuming cuz not only was his shirt brand new, but expensive af (ya’ll take a wild guess at what brand it was lol). however, i told myself i wasn’t gonna be mad at this nice boy plus he looked all flustered and kept repeating sorry, so i definitely didn’t wanna make him feel bad and i nudged taehyung to let him know that too. he got us new icecream things really quickly, and we left to find a place to sit near a window. as we were walking by we saw seokjin (didn’t know it was actually seokjin forealz) through a window. he was outside sitting by himself eating chicken and fries, while drinking this huge ass drink. the thing is it seemed like he hadn’t eaten in like 37 years or something and so it looked like he was inhaling everything. at this point dream me was shocked cuz i hadn’t seen anyone eat so quickly in my whole damn life, and so i unintentionally looked at him for too long and he gave me the dirtiest glare ever and went back to eating lol. taehyung pushed me from the back urging me to keep going and to get away from that window saying that he would prolly eat us next if we didn’t get a move on. so we kept moving and found another table where we sat down and started eating. like 5 or so minutes later this guy sits down like 2 tables to right of us. we didn’t pay any mind to him, but you know that feeling of being watched? that’s what i felt, so i turned and there sat namjoon wearing a striped polo shirt, glasses, some slacks with a belt, and sandals (ain’t kno it was him. u know i shoulda just made a disclaimer explaining that i didn’t know it was any of them instead of inserting all these side commentaries ah well lol). but he was literally just staring and smiling at us, and I felt so uncomfortable cuz he didn’t have any food or anything. he just sat there with his hands crossed over his book, staring and smiling. and it looks like yoongi and hoseok noticed this as well from where they were sitting and they were giving us “wtf is goin on?” looks. then when namjoon wouldn’t stop staring, they motioned for us to come over to their table, so we grabbed our shit up real quick and headed on over. we sat down on the opposite side of the table from them with our backs facing namjoon, so we had no way of telling if he was still staring or not. apparently he still was cuz yoongi flashed a really scary “ima kill you” look over my shoulder in namjoon’s direction, and like 20 seconds later namjoon was scurrying out of the wendy’s. the last things i remember from my dream were that jimin came over to ask about namjoon running outta the restaurant, jimin quickly getting distracted and complimenting hoseok’s space cat shirt which somehow led to us talking about how hoseok and yoongi were #goals, taehyung criticizing namjoon’s clothing choices and jokingly telling jimin he owed him a new shirt, and then jimin complaining about how seokjin’s table had hella crumbs all over it when he went out to clean it. i dunno why jungkook was m.i.a, but i guarantee you he was busy lifting weights in a dream gym or something. omg A FROSTY IT’S CALLED A FUCKIN FROSTY.


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hey, i was wondering if u could recommend me some bl manhwa.. i'm new to all this, i've only read killing stalking, and never understand. i would rlly appreciate it !!

Haha okay~ 😊 Actually I also dont read that much but there are some i could recommend.


Because it is really good. It is a mystery bl. I read it non-stop even tho there was a really important exam after that day  😅 I also read it again and again because whenever I read it I notice a new thing. About summary, the guy with blue eyes (Jesse) lost his memory due to some circumstances. He wakes up in the hospital without his memories and you are trying to find truth with him. And there is the exteremely suspicious blonde guy (Law) says he is Jesse’s lover. For a while you are doubting Law but after some time you are even doubting Jesse who actually narrates story. I mean basically your brain is gonna explode  😝

You can read the prologue here.

At The End of Road

I also really love this webtoon. I’m gonna go to summary right away. There is a boy (the boy on left: Siwon) who gets bullied everytime at school so much that he wants to end his life. So he jumps in front of a truck.  Then there is another guy (Taemin) that lives alone and does his best to live literally opposite of Siwon. And this guy also hit by truck. Then everything changes… This two guys change their bodies. Taemin finds himself in Siwon’s body and of course in Siwon’s life. While Taemin trying to find true and deal with guys who bullies Siwon (I mean its actually Taemin now in Siwon’s body of course :D) then Taemin meets Woojin (the guy on the right) who was his old and very precious friend that he didnt see for years. He hides the truth from everyone but cant hide from Woojin. For Woojin, Siwon’s behaviour reminds of Taemin so much that he starts to suspect something. This is really good. AH!!!

You can read the first echapter here.

A Guy Like You

Basically Jinha (the guy with silver hair) follows Siwon (other one) in his dreams but this dreams just feels so real. He says there is something happened between them before about 2-3 years ago that Siwon doesnt remember because he was drunk. Lol you can say what he forgot right anyway.. They meet in the dreams but in the college Jinha behaves like nothing happened. Siwon searches for meaning of all this dream. And throughout the story Siwon realizes that ‘the thing happened between them 2 years ago’  is not the only thing that he forgot about Jinha but there was also a ‘promise’ between them. This is also one i love so much. 

Yes and the prologue is here!

Ah sorry if i couldnt explain very well because English is not my main language so I hope I could’ve give the point. And thanks for asking. All is yours! Enjoy! 

nct reaction: telling you they still like you when you’re married

Can I request a Hyungline NCT reaction to you waking them up in the middle of the night and asking them if they still like you and you’re MARRIED to them like wtf right lol. anyway thanks in advance!

i’ve actually never done reactions before so let’s hope this goes well lol. 


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Taeil would sit up in bed and repeatedly shake his head as he tells you that he loves you lots. You keep asking him and he repeatedly tells you, “Yes, Y/N, I like you, otherwise we wouldn’t be married!” Constantly reassuring you it was simply a bad dream, he gives you a kiss on the lips and the two of you then go back to bed. 


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Hansol wouldn’t quite understand what’s going on. You’re married after all, and although there are times when you doubted yourself because he’s not really the type to actively show that he loves you, he always makes sure to let you know how much you mean to him. Kisses, cuddles, and even Aegyo™ he hates doing it but for you he’d do it as many times as you like until he sees that smile on your face. 


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Being the jokester that he is, the first thing Johnny does is laugh. He’d be all “LOL Y/N you woke me up just to ask if I still like you???” All laughter fades aside though when he sees that you’re seriously asking him such a question. He’ll bundle you up in his arms and murmur one thousand and one reasons why he married you and all the things he likes about you, doing so until you gradually fall back asleep from hearing his comforting voice. 


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Taeyong would sit up in bed immediately the moment you woke up in the middle of the night, asking what was wrong and listening to you attentively as you asked him whether he still liked you. Taking your hand in his, he’d kiss your cheek softly and promise you that he married you for you, that he will always love you and never abandon you no matter what the circumstances are. Not to be that person, but there will probably be a bit of Deep Talk™ before the two of you go back to sleep–he wants to see all your insecurities gone and the best way for that is to talk it out so that there won’t be any misunderstandings in your marriage and relationship. 


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Yuta wouldn’t quite take you seriously at first because he’s not one to shy away from showing you that he loved you, whether it be hugs or kisses and other acts of affection. Such a question would baffle him, so after asking you to elaborate he’d coo and call you a cutie for thinking such silly things. He’d lowkey sass you too, “Of course I love you, if I hated you then we wouldn’t be married!” You’d slap him but then one flash of the healing smile and yup, you loved this man and he was totally in love with you too if he had this much energy late at night to sass you for it. 


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This sweetiepie would be freaking out when you wake up suddenly at night, eyes wide and asking you what was wrong. When you ask him if he still liked you, a loud “OF COURSE!” is his instant response. Like Johnny, he’d then ramble about why he loved you and you two will then go on a trip down memory lane, laughing at all the fond memories you made together as newlyweds and interesting anecdotes such as the time he nearly cut his finger off chopping carrots and the time you completely destroyed the 7th sense choreo by making your own version of it and accidentally sending it to all the other members of NCT, making a fool out of yourself in the process haha.


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Doyoung is a bit brash, so his first reaction would be something along the lines of “that’s stupid why would you think i don’t like you?” But he’ll quickly convince you that he didn’t mean to sound so harsh, peppering you with kisses here and there and making you laugh with puns and a mini Vroom Vroom segment vroom vroom is the shit ok. You shove him away at his silly antics but appreciate at his efforts to cheer you up. 

Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: @143amberrose

Imagine: Hello! I was wondering if I could get an imagine, well it was actually a dream I had of Peter Parker. Lol I had a dream that I was with Peter, and he stayed the night at my house. But I woke up way before him, and I was laying down on the couch on my stomach watching tv when Peter woke up. He just walks over to me and lays down right on me, and I just say “Peter I could care less if you lay on me, but you can at least get your elbow out of my kidney” It was a very random dream lol

A/N: that’s actually pretty awesome how you had that dream, i would love to have a dream like that!! || it’s long ;3

Warning: None

You could feel the wind blowing in your hair, as Peter leaned in real close, he lays a kiss on your cheek. He uncovers your eyes and the darkness turns into light, but as you saw where you were, your eyes went wide and you about lost your balance. You were on the edge of a tall building, it was a beautiful view but you were afraid of heights. You turn around and saw that Peter was smiling at your reaction.

“Peter! Don’t do this again!” you whine, tightning your grip on his shirt.

“Don’t worry, I won’t drop you.” peter smirks.

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blazingscarlettigrelily replied to your post “I had this dream that a Steven Universe movie aired, and it was WICKED”

it would be the greatest thing ever if this were to come true!!

Well it sure would be if it was anything like my dream. I can’t even believe how specific it got lol.

It started out with Steven and the gems trying to hunt down a new gem that had landed on earth from home world. It was all intense right up until they found her– sitting and visiting with Greg under the shade of a tree, talking and catching up like they were old friends.

Then it got even MORE intense, as Greg had to explain who it was and how they knew each other, and it jumped to this flashback.

There had been some lies to Steven, and the rebellion was still relatively active for some time, even once Rose had met Greg. Being the leader, Rose had a lot to do, but other gems knew about her fondness for this human, so she always tasked someone to stay behind and watch over him, usually this teal colored gem who wasn’t one for fighting.

They did this a lot, and Greg and this teal gem had become pretty good friends, usually through talking about Rose at first since that’s what they had in common, and then through music, and food. She was quiet a lot of the time, and he had no idea what to do with this random alien staring over him, but for the most part they got along just listening to music and eating, and enjoying company, and not really talking a lot unless Greg was saying something. This gem ended up becoming a good friend a lot like Vidalia was with him.

One day they were doing this, and the teal gem became alarmed at someone approaching, and I remember thinking ‘oh it must be some big bag quartz’– no it was straight up all three diamond hand ships and one of them abducts young Greg.

Apparently this was just a prologue because it went through this whole dramatic intro sequence which was REALLY weird for a dream. It was like genuinely watching a movie.

Greg was prodded at and tested for health, and then tossed in a whole gladiator’s ring to fight other gems and beasts, which he was obviously very bad at, but very good at running away, though he did get one good hit in so he could escape through a crack in the walls.

He ended up squeezing through walls, and accidentally sneaking into this huge important meeting, hiding in the back of all these fancy important gems, with the three diamonds in the middle. Blue was Still grieving, Yellow was angry and defensive, and White was being absolutely savage, calling up all these charges against Yellow for making the situation worse with her temper, raising her voice, and demanding some sort of accountability.

I’m very sad because it ended like right with them finding out Greg was in there, but the dream heavily implied that Rose was bulldozing her way through gems to get to him.

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Name?: Laura
Nicknames?: Lolo, Lol (yes…this is not a joke), Hamtaro, Princess…
Zodiac?: Scorpio
Sexual Orientation?: Straight
Favorite Fruit?: Watermelon, Banana?
Favorite Season?: Winter (or Autumn maybe)
Favorite Flower?: Roses? Orchids? I love flowers so much i can’t choose
Favorite Scent?: well i like sweet smells but i don’t really have examples right                               now lmao maybe the smell of freshly baked pastries? ^^
Favorite Animal?: Hamster
Cat or dog?: I’m a dog person
Dream Trip?: Japan, Italy
Number of Followers?: 4,466
What do I post about?: Animanga/Otome game/Drama cd/BTS sometimes
Do I get asks on a regular basis?: haha no
Favorite Band?: The Pretty Reckless, ONE OK ROCK, Sum41, The GazettE
Aesthetic?: pale pink, space, glitters, lace (tbh i don’t know lol)
Fictional Character I’d Date?: don’t even get me started with that… but since i’ve watched the Orange movie a few days ago, I’d say Suwa Hiroto!
Hogwarts House?: Slytherin 

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Okay so a lot of people are talking about how they met Dan and Phil and I thought I’d share my story too.

It was Saturday morning and I wore this Sharknado shirt and a red blazer just for the ironic YOLO and so Dan and Phil would laugh because they were in that youtubers react episode. And I met up with my online friend and we were three hours in advance and about 40 people from the front of the line. Keep in mind this was a four hour meetup so we knew we were guaranteed in. All of a sudden the security guards started telling that there was a fire hazard and everyone had to evacuate the building. I didn’t want to lose my place in line so me and my friend went and hid in the bathroom. We came out 5 minutes later and the security had formed a barricade around a group of girls that were to meet Dan and Phil and no one was allowed in. I was extremely upset because they were the main reason I went and I had just been waiting two hours all to be literally shoved by huge guards out of line! I was crushed and everything seemed hopeless. I knew Dan and Phil didn’t walk around because of the mobs of fans and I wasn’t staying in their hotel so I couldn’t even try to catch them in the lobby. I tried three different things on Saturday and nothing worked. I truly believed I would never get to see my heroes. Then on Sunday night, by means I am not allowed to say ;P I got into the hotel lobby that was all top secret! I was talking to another of my favorite youtubers, craigtdillon, when I spotted dan and Phil’s figures. I quickly said goodby to Craig (I had met him 3 time already) ad rushed towards dan and phil as they walked out the door. Then it happened. I heard phil say “where are cat an Joey?? We are supposed to be meeting them for dinner’

I tapped on Dan’s back and said rather quietly "dan?”
He turned around quickly in surprise and looked at me. I was suddenly very embarrassed because I was not looking my best but he then broke out into a huge grin. “Hi! He replied and without me asking pulled me straight into a hug. I was so happy that I just started saying things. After Dan hugged me I went straight to Phil and got a hug from him. Then I said "I’m so glad I met you guys! I lost hope after the security thing happened.” I assumed they had already heard about how crazy it all was but oddly enough both of them looked confused. Dan came closer and urged me to to go on and Phil half confused and half angry said ‘what security thing?’ I explained to them what happened but then a huge crowd of girls found us. Even thought they were all screaming phil still looked me in the eye and dan was giving me his full attention even as girls were brandishing phones and sharpies. After I finished phil said “oh that’s awful! I’m so sorry! I’m so glad we met you!” *btw I had already taken the group selfie*then the other girls pushed me aside and started taking pictures with phil and he kept looking over like he was sorry so when I asked for a picture with him he went straight to me and hugged me. Then I noticed Dan kept looking back and I asked for a selfie really quick and he came over to me too. And before I lost my courage I asked Dan for a hug because I had to go because the girls were crowding me against the wall and security was coming. And then Dan looked surprised that I would actually want a hug from him on my terms and then he blushed and giggled I REPEAT DAN HOWELL GIGGLED and said 'well of course you can!!!’ And then he bent down and gave me an extra long hug and it was the best hug I have ever had.

Dan smelled so good. Most youtubers didn’t really smell like anything but Dan smelled like angels and chocolate not going to lie. And they weren’t as huge as I imagined. I was surprised Dan was so shy and cutesy while phil was confident and mature. (Lol a girl can dream that Dan was acting nervous because he thought I was cute, right? ;P) an Phil is so like attractive and so honest and down to earth and ahhhh.anyways they are so down to earth and loving and kind to all of their fans and they made everything better. It was great meeting them and even though they probably don’t remember me I’ll remember them forever.

PS their hair and eyes are even better in person

amazingphil danisnotonfire

Imagine Merle making a bet with Daryl on who could sleep with you first, only for Daryl to have real feelings for you (Smut)

(So hope I got this request right and you all like it :D Yay for both brother’s wanting us XD PS. I honestly would’ve given Merle a little chance/ Lol you can see the disappointment in Merle’s eye in the gif XD Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owners.)

You were cleaning your cell and from across, Merle couldn’t help but stare at you.

Since he got to the prison, he had dirty thoughts and dreams about you and wanted to make it all happen.

However, he noticed his brother, Daryl, looking at you as well and how talkative he’d be when he was around you.

He knew he wanted you too and wanted to play some sort of game to make things more interesting.

He looked over at his brother and walked over to him.

“Hey…YN’s not with anyone..right?”

Daryl glanced over and nodded.

“Yeah…What do you want with her?”

Merle turned his gaze over at you and chuckled.


Daryl knew it was a lie, especially by the way he questioned him and looked at you.

He sighed and went back to doing what he was doing and said “I know what you’re thinking…Leave her alone…she doesn’t need someone like you bothering her…”

Merle laughed and got closer to Daryl and put his arm around his shoulder.

“What? Scared she might have a thing for me?!”

Daryl got a little piss that Merle would ever think you had some sort of attraction for him and pushed his arm away.

“No! She’ll never have a thing for you…Stop being delusional! she’s nothing like you…she’s kind… smart…pretty…”

His action and words surprised Merle a little bit.

“Oh…so you like her too…”

He then leaned in to whisper into his brother’s ear and continued “Well, i’m sorry baby brother…but I bet you I can hook up with her and make her have a “thing” for me…or you could try and prove me wrong…But I doubt you can ever do that…“

Merle smiled and then walked away from his brother’s cell to go and see you.


Daryl got nervous thinking about what Merle had just said and really didn’t want to see you end up with someone like him.

Although, He didn’t like the idea of you being treated like a simple game, he truly started to believe he had to win you over before his brother gets you.

He saw Merle with you and knew that if he just walked over and started to hit on you, you’d know about the bet.

Not wanting you to feel upset of being treated that way, he decided to come up with his own plan to persuade you into having sex with him.


In your cell, Merle had made himself comfortable on your bed while you were still cleaning.

You chuckled looking at him just laying there and staring at you. You walked closer to him and crossed your arms.

In a playful tone, you asked “What the hell do you want Merle? Don’t tell me you just came here to ruin the bed I just made!”

He gave you a smug look and made himself even more comfortable on your bed. With one arm behind his head and the other on his stomach, he said “Well…what i’m about to ask you, involves just that but i’ll be needing your help…if you know what I mean?”

He patted the side of the bed and it made you chuckle and shake your head.

“I get what you mean but…i’m not into that kind of thing…at least give me a good reason…”

He frowned and tried to persuade you even more.

“A good reason? i’’ll take care of you…i’ll relieve your stress…I see you working around here all day i’m sure you feel a little lonely at night…”

You smiled at him and replied “Thanks for the concern…but maybe try again next time…you know with a better reason…”

You pulled him by his arm to get him to his feet and lead him out of your cell. He protested the whole way but actually liked that you weren’t giving in so easy and just let you have it.


After supper, you sat on your bed thinking about Merle’s suggestion earlier and wondered if you should at least give him one night.

You had your eyes on Daryl for a long while but he just didn’t seem to understand that you actually liked him.

So you thought that Maybe if you hit it off with Merle, you might just find the right person for you and be able to share some good moments together.

You thought about it long enough and wanted to go see him. As you were about to leave your cell, Daryl appeared in the door way.

“Hey…can I come in?”

It surprised you to see him here so late but looking at him, you just couldn’t turn him down.


He walked in but waited for you to sit on your bed before doing the same.

He chuckled nervously and looked at you in the eyes and said “About Merle earlier…sorry about that…i’m sure he made some inappropriate comments or something…”

You laughed and nodded.

“Alright…I accept the apology!”

He nodded and then started to talk to you about other matters and you both talked for quite a long while.


Somehow you both got comfortable and ended up revealing embarrassing facts about yourself and laughing about it.

He laughed as well and said “That is pretty embarrassing…but not as embarrassing as what i’m about to tell you…”

“Really? You think you can beat that?!”

He chuckled and Suddenly, in a low tone he admitted “Yeah it beats that…the thing is…i’m a…virgin…”

Your eyes widen in shock and you didn’t hide your surprise to the news at all.

“No…no…stop joking with me…”

“I’m not joking…i’m really serious…never had sex before…”

You narrowed your eyes and wondered if he was just trying something to get you.

He looked into your eyes and repeated that he was serious.

“I’m not joking…I just always wanted to wait to be with the right person you know…even in a world like now i’d rather wait…I mean what’s the point of sharing such an intimate moment with someone if you don’t truly love them…”

From his tone and expression, you couldn’t help but believe his words and find it endearing of him to be this way. With him admitting this to you, it made you wonder if you might have a chance with him at happiness.

You put your hand on his and whispered “How about me? Do you like me?”

He chuckled and looking downwards he nodded.

“Yeah…I’ve always liked you…just got a little shy of admitting it…until now…”

You lifted his chin up and slowly inched closer to him. You pressed your lips to his and slowly kissed him.

You moved your lips and tongue around his lips and expected for him to at least try and kiss you back but he didn’t seem to know what to do.

As you backed away, he whined in disappointment and it made you chuckle.

“You’ve never even kiss someone?”

He was all red and sweaty from the heat and shook his head.

You approached him again and kissed him again. With your tongue, you managed to part his lips and just kiss him deeply.

His hands slid down the side of your body and pulled you closer to feel you.

He pushed you to lay down on the bed and climbed on top of you. Hesitantly he backed away from the kiss and seemed in deep thought.

You were both breathing heavily and you asked him if anything was wrong.

He shook his head and grinned at you.

“No…there’s nothing wrong…it’s just I can’t believe i’m about to do this with you…you’re so beautiful…”

He leaned in to kiss you again starting softly and slowly building to your desired pace.

He grinded on your body as he kissed and you felt how hard he was for you and you wanted to feel him even more.

You slowly raised up and helped him out of his clothes and just as you he did the same for you.

He then went to attack your neck with kisses and licks. You moaned in delight and clung onto him.

Arching forward, you tried to feel him as much and get as close to him as you could.

You noticed him smiling and grinning as he kissed you and couldn’t help but feel the same.

He trailed his kisses down your body and at your breast, he stopped and seemed to hesitate as to what to do.

It made you chuckle to see him so innocent and brushing his cheek, you told him he could keep kissing anywhere as he liked.

He understood and proceeded to pleasure you. He encouraged you to let out your voice and soon started to part your legs.

He put his hand on your womanhood and looking into your eyes, started to slowly rub your folds.

“Does it feel good, Y/N? Tell me…”

You felt yourself getting even more wet and bit your lips to avoid making too much noise. You nodded to reassure him you were feeling amazing from him and grabbed his wrist to dictate the perfect rhythm.

He chuckled seeing how excited you were and inserted two of his fingers to get more of you.

You felt yourself slowly tightening around him and were practically begging him to make you come.

He grinned at you and shook his head.

“No…i’m gonna do that…but another way…”

He settled himself between your legs and had his arms on both sides of your head.

Staring deeply into your eyes and smiling, he said “You’re really beautiful Y/N…I love you…”

Slowly he guided himself into you and you felt yourself stretching to his length.

Feeling your heat and your walls, he groaned and started to feel the urge of taking you.

However, not wanting to ruin the moment, he slowly pushed in and out of you.

To distract from the overwhelming feeling, he started to kiss your lips, your neck and your collarbones.

You enjoyed every instant of it and held wrapped your arms around him. Soon his pace picked up and you felt him hitting your sweet spot right.

Your hands roamed his body and suddenly your gripped at his back and his hair as you felt your walls tightening around him.

He felt it as well and was ready to let himself go.

As he panted, He got closer to your ear and whimpered “I love you Y/N…I really do…I-I love you…fuck…”

You moaned and trying to get a good look at him said “I-I love you too Daryl…I love you…”

Wrapping your legs around him made him feel even more confident and made him fastened his pace.

In a few thrust, he managed to make you come at the same time as him. It totally surprised you yet at the same time made you extremely happy to be in love with him.

You were both out of breath and he just stayed on top of you, resting his head on your chest.

He hugged you tightly and seemed to not want to move over. You thought it was sweet and cute of him to want to sleep this way.

You hugged him back and decided to stroke his hair. Your action made him even more sleepier and comfortable to be with you.

After what had just happened, you chuckled and said “Wow…for a virgin…you weren’t bad…”

Your comment slowly woke him up bit in a sleepy tone, he chuckled and replied “Guess I just got the right person…”

You laughed and ended up falling asleep with him in your arms.


The next morning, you woke up to the sound of someone gasping and cursing.

“What the fuck? How could this happen? Damn it! I knew I should’ve been more persuasive…”

You looked to see who it was and it was no one else but Merle. He was genuinely disappointed and didn’t ever expect to see you two so comfortable.

Daryl lazily raised his head up and immediately remembered about the bet. He felt guilty about it and didn’t want you to find out from the mouth of his brother.

He threw a pillow towards Merle at him an told him to shut up but he suddenly let it slip out.

“Alright! I get it! I get it! What do I owe you now? I can’t believe this… How did you convince her?“

“Merle shut up! Just go back to your room!”

Merle did just as he was asked and was just in shock of what he witnessed.


With all the ruckus, you had pulled the blanket to cover yourself and you wondered what did Merle meant.

Grabbing Daryl’s wrist tightly and looking him in the eyes,you asked him “Daryl, what did he meant by “I owe you one” and “how did you convince her” ? Tell me the truth or I’ll never speak to you again…”

He felt bad but couldn’t look away from you to tell you the truth. He sighed and propped himself on the bed and said “The truth is…Merle made a bet saying he could make you sleep with him and later have a thing for him as well…He said I could try and prove him wrong but it’ll never work…but I just couldn’t let him be right…So I came up with my own plans to get you…”

“So you…you lied to me about you being a virgin and everything just to get with me…to prove your brother wrong… What do you even take me for?“

It shocked you to learn you were just some kind of game to him and his brother. In a fit of anger, you slapped him on the cheek hard.

He didn’t seem to be angry but just accepted the punishment,

He looked you in the eyes and admitted his mistake. “I’m sorry for lying but I really couldn’t ever stand seeing you with Merle of all people…you deserve better…”

He tried to get a grip on your hands but each time you pushed him away and suddenly he got a hold of you and said

“Y/N! Listen…yes I lied to you… I lied to you about being a virgin…but everything else I said to you…about me loving you for a long time…how you’re beautiful…I mean it…it’s the truth…I love you…”

A Different Debrief- Part 1

I can’t be the only one who wonders about Finn and Archie’s friendship, right? Or wonders if Finn talked to Archie about all the stuff with Rae. I mean, I’ve got no idea how real male friendships work, so this is all speculation. But it makes sense to me that Finn would turn to Archie for help understanding Rae, since Rae and Archie are close. So this story imagines that, I guess. It takes place the evening after the disabled toilet disaster.It’s funny how it kind of ended up like the flip side of the first chapter of Say The Words That I Can’t Say, though it’s not a part of that series/world/whatever. I just think Finn and Rae are pretty similar and probably wrestle with the same kind of thoughts. 

I’d love to hear your feedback. I’m concerned that I’m getting a little repetitive, so please feel free to let me know what you think or like/don’t like. Also, this has a second part that I’m writing right now. I bet you can guess where it’s going, lol. Let me know if you want to be tagged in the next part, or in the other fics that I’m writing. 

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THANK YOU to @imargo_CEO on Twitter for these. Other stuff, in case this isn’t enough for you to understand what TOny is telling you: “Fitz has no idea about abortion and there are no plans yet for him to find out, at least not in scripts he’s read. And if Fitz found out he would be devastated”.

So in case you don’t get it, Tony is making sure that people KNOW what is ahead and tune the hell OUT because if they don’t, NONE of this is going to change, and IT IS going to be just and only the Mellie as President show.

Still don’t get it and still planning to watch? You can’t be helped and you ARE effectively sabotaging Tony, Kerry and all the Olitz fans by watching. It’s that simple. And miss me with any BS about Kerry being happy about ANY of this. Start distinguishing between spewing the party line and what she really thinks.

So as we have ALWAYS said… until ratings REALLY go down? No change. People went back to watching WAY too quickly and didn’t listen to us this season when we said WAAAAIIIT, wait to see if it’s consistent. And this is the result. Let me be clear right now, unless the ratings go to around 7 mln or less? NOTHING is going to change. In fact, they need to be below 7 mln. And I mean IMMEDIATELY as the show comes back. Otherwise, dream about any change. Either way Tony has already told you exactly what’s going on when they come back, so if anyone plans on watching THAT, well we can all forget about anything changing EVER. LOL. And let’s make it clear: this shows yet again and once and for all how there is NO JOURNEY WHATSOEVER for OLITZ. And OLITZ, and NOT OLIVIA alone, was the PREMISE for the show. The TITLE of the show IS OLITZ. SCANDAL. The Scandal IS OLITZ. Or was. LOL.

On this note, I am off to laugh because I didn’t expect anything else and I sure as hell haven’t watched even the first part live, let alone the second. We told you. I and others who know this business told you. I’ve been telling people the writing has gone down the tubes since the second part of SEASON 2. Now maybe people will get it. And if not oh well, there is MUCH better stuff to watch on TV anyway.

The only thing I will eagerly keep an eye on are the BTS shenanigans regarding the show. Cause this, in case you don’t get it, is the art of refined PR war. Tony spilled it all for a reason.

*im about to get real sappy*

today is the 23rd of nov 2014 and it has been 365 days since i took my life into my hands and tried to end it. i spent 4 hours of that night cutting my wrists, legs and stomach, downing bottles a pon bottles of sleeping pills, and even trying to hang myself in my living room. that night was beyond tragic and i cannot even remember why i was so god damn upset that i tried almost everything to get out of living

today, 1 year on, i can officially say i have recovered. from the help of my best friend, some of my greatest friends and lots and lots of encouragement from teachers, my parents, my brother and the company of my dog, lol. in a whole year, i have accomplished things i never ever dreamed of. i saw 2 of my favourite bands perform live, i lost the weight i wanted at a moderate level, i became a healthier person, i planned holidays, i build friendships, i broke friendships, i made mistakes, i learnt from them.

nothing is too messed up in my life anymore where the only way I can cope is to, well, not cope and get out the easy way. my life has improved so much. i have grown up, i have matured and my life right now is nothing that can’t be fixed by a slice of garlic bread and a crappy magazine. All I had to do was wait until the right moment for my life to decide for me ‘it gets better’.

OH THE CLICHÉ, but honestly, it does get better. and i love every single one of you for helping me. i wouldn’t be here without you. X

Day 1: hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days with a picture of yourself

Wow, it’s another year. I could still remember the first thing I did on the 1st day of last year, I checked the horoscope! I don’t really believe in such things but I needed some luck and encouragements because that time I was still nervous that PSICOM will change their idea on publishing my book (I was still on the process of revising DNP). Guess what the horoscope told me that day? I will be successful on the field I chose as long as I work hard for it and it was really true, my books got published and I got a movie deal plus the booksignings! It’s probably because I prayed it to God as well on the first seconds of 2013.

I will treasure 2013, it was the best and somewhat worst year for me so far. It was a roller coaster year. Thank you, 2013.

2014: Why, hello there!

I hope to be friends with 2014 as I have been friends with other years in my life.
I only hope for a few things: to be happy, to be healthy, to be surrounded by the people I cherish, to be successful and to find myself.
Well, they aren’t really that few.

What about dreams?
This year, I dream to find the right path.

And plans?
My only plan is to be true to myself this year. And maybe sleep more (LOL)

I think my answers are a bit vague but for someone who’s always been lost, it’s the clearest answer I can give to myself.

Ps. That’s my first selfie shot of the year, LOL

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Serena overall?

Sit yourself down buddy, cause this is gonna be a long ‘un. I am all for Serena as a character, for a number of reasons.

Primarily, my main interests in her lie in her influence on/implications for Ash’s character. I know this doesn’t sound like the greatest and most valid reason for liking a character, but hear me out. (EDIT: Though I used the words primarily and main interest, that it because it is important to me, but not necessarily the most important or best thing about her character in general, keep reading to see why I love her for who she is, regardless of Ash!)

I worked out the other day that I have been watching the pokemon anime for almost 15 years now. That’s like over 70% of my life really. And I suppose I can relate to her in a way, as when I was a 10 year old girl I too had a huge crush on Ash lol. Like probably for the same reasons as her, he’s just this loveable, completely selfless, goldenhearted idiot, a character that has appealed to so many people, and one of the main reasons I, and many others are still invested in this show.

However, I was always a little disheartened when a new series would start, and ash would still be ten. The basic plot has never changed. I personally always wanted this show I loved so much to grow up with me, kind of like how the Harry Potter books grew up with our generation. Instead, pokemon remained perpetually in childhood, with very little deviation from the status quo.

Of course Ash has had character development, from his bratty original series self to the more ‘mature’ and experienced present day self. However these changes have been incredibly gradual. If amourshipping becomes even close to canon, if Ash shows even the tiniest hint of reciprocated feelings, it would be monumental character development for our protag boy. A tiny step away from his denseness, obliviousness and childhood naivety on the subject, in other words… Growing up? Haha I just think it will be very exciting if done right and written well (and if they can keep Ash in character )

But anyway, enough about Ash, of course I love Serena too! As I already mentioned, I find her very relatable on a number of levels (we even have the same hair colour lol)

Firstly, I find that her ‘crush’ and all resulting behaviour is very well written. From personal experience, it’s exactly how a girl of that age with her first crush acts, with plenty of awkwardness, and embarrassment (but also the dreaming/fantasising part too!) A lot of people give her stick for being too clingy and almost stalkerish, but they are over exaggerating, and missing the fact that it’s all very innocent, silly and realistic.

Secondly, and finally moving away from the crush part, I think Serena’s journey to find her dream and ambition to be extremely relatable. Like, really how many people have a clear goal, a clear dream in mind when becoming an adult, let alone as a child! At the start of the series, she not only had no idea what she wanted to do, but also had pressure from her mother to go down a path she simply had no interest in, again something many of us will go through, as opposed to Ash, with such a burning ambition and the freedom to achieve it.

Now that she has found a dream to latch on to, becoming a pokemon performer, I think it’s gonna be super interesting to see how it pans out. I’m hoping it will be really difficult, like that she will lose the first ones very badly. (Again, realistic with most dreams) But, I believe that she has a growing strength in her character, and that she will, to quote a certain someone “never give up until the end” be able to overcome this, and hopefully fulfill her goal! (All hail the queen)

I know her character is far from perfect, Like her writing in the earlier episodes is not particularly exciting or great, and that she certainly needs more flaws highlighted (can we see more of her brattyness that we saw with her mother in the first few eps please?), and to endure more hardships (like horrendous failure in the tri pokealons), but I really like her.

Like, I’m not the girliest of girls but that’s no reason to not think that things like baking and performing aren’t cute, or valid interests. I actually think it’s refreshing how she doesn’t bicker with ash, or anyone else in team twerp. I love her sisterly relationship to bonnie. She doesn’t battle that much? So what! It’s not for everyone (and regardless, she is becoming much more confident and adept at it in more recent episodes )

Ok I’ve gone on for way to long here, but you get my point. I think Serena’s great, and I can’t wait to see how her journey and ambitions (both dream and crush orientated) transpire in the future.

anonymous asked:

I gotta say this even though I'm going on anon to do so. Last night I had a sexy dream about you. That sound pretty normal right? Wrong. I'm a straight male. At least I thought I was until last night when I woke up in a hot sweat and couldn't go back to sleep rethinking my whole life. So yeah, just wanted to share that with you and I guess tell you that you're a really attractive guy.

Ohmai. Well, that is rather interesting. You can be straight and still find your same sex attractive ^ ^ though thank you for the rather large compliment lol.

Nakanishi Yuuka's Ameba Blog - 07\02\2014

Because I found it funny :3
I guess most of you already know about Mai’s captures, anyway XD

Nakanishi: Captuuuuure

Good evening, Nakanishi here.

Lately, something called “Capture” became quite popular (well, pretty much just for MaiMai lol)

The other day as well, she was capturing Mizuho\(^o^)/

But one day,

I found someone doing a capture, and it was not MaiMai!!!


It’s Masana capturing Nanako\(^o^)/

(I took the pic from quite a considerable distance\(^o^)/)

And well…it’s that, you know?
By looking at the expressions of the captured ones, I can see how the love invested in the “capture” is of the unrequited kind lol

Anyway I decided I should follow this trend too so…

I tried to capture Egochan!( ^ω^ )

But…I feel like Egochan accepted it without no problems, so maybe this doesn’t count as a capture… ^ω^ )←

Next time I’ll ask MaiMai to teach me the right way of doing a capture!! lol

Well then, sweet dreams!♪