lol we went to the same school

almost nobody interesting lives near me and the only people i enjoy talking to are people online who live like, hundreds of miles away from me sadly

and it’s been like this for years basically? i have friends from high school that i talk to but we don’t necessarily have the same exact interests and we just got along because mutual friends but it just feels


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OMG I'm so salty and bitter af. Earlier we were on a school trip to Gardens by the Bay and some of my classmates saw D&P but i didn't even get a glimpse. They even took selfies 😭

Oh geez sorry to hear that >.< I went to Japan at the SAME TIME as them (not on purpose though, obviously) - even ate crepes on the same fricken staircase in Harajuku, and went to the same maid cafe in Akihabara, but we never ran into each other lol. Sometimes the universe is just against us, y’know? 

(I hope you had fun though, despite not running into DnP!!)  

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Hi so basically I went out with this girl last August for a date, she ignored me and then broke up with me via text. She now glares at me and makes me feel unwelcome in my own school environment. Said girl also outed me when I was 14 (I'm 16 now) and I only dated her bc I was frustrated w my identity and I felt sorry for her. I want to get back at her but I don't know how??? And neat tips so I can so??? Thanks boo

Same anon again lol. After we broke up she also started to brag about how she hooked up with loads of guys in summer camp (in front of me and my friends) so like yeah

tbh? outing people is unforgivable and she deserves a slap in the face. but I don’t condone violence so here’s the fun, family friendly way to get back at her:

ruin literally everything for her. tell her spoilers about her favorite books and movies. if she confides in you with any sensitive information (that won’t get her seriously hurt), tell your friends while she’s in the room and pretend you forgot it was a secret. unfortunately, for my plan to work, you’ll have to play nice for a little while, so I hope you’re exceptionally skilled at biting your tongue.

any advice, followers? 

Quick Update

From Sunday I’ve been so busy with work and dealing with family issues that I am in full on zombie but pretending to be a human mode.

But I did want to squeeze in a quick story about a date I went in on Saturday that tumblr kept on eating.

So this is like the second (maybe third? Can’t quite remember) boy I’ve ever met through tinder because OkCupid is my main app for dating and tinder is the same as looking through a magazine in my opinion lol.

Anyways, from the very beginning it was super comfortable! I thought he was gyopo, but then I learned he went to high school and college in the states. I didn’t really know what he looked like either, because in every photo he looked slightly different. It turns out it’s the same way in real life! From one angle to another, with glasses or without, he looks like a completely different person to me it’s kind of fascinating ^^

We were only supposed to meet for coffee because he had to study for his new job that started on Monday but then he asked if we could extend the date and have dinner. Of course I said yes~

We’ve only been sparsely texting because we are both so damn busy and he’s already forewarned me that he is not the best at responding quickly, but we already have plans to go to the river on Sunday if the weather is good.

So maybe my dating life is finally going to go well?

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hi i'm so sorry but i gotta ask 😂 i know you're american so is high school on usa just like on tv shows? like girls dress like that ( fashion tm) and do you guys have like prom night and balls and dances like tw and tvd?

hi!!! well some things are the same like we definitely had dances but they werent as big a deal like on teen wolf lol. no one really went and the people who did go either just showed up wasted or showed up so they could get wasted after. no one actually danced either LMAO. 

there were specific girls who would wear skirts and dresses but they were always the “popular” girls and they would be known for wearing really cute outfits. i just wore jeans every day and so did a lot of people because even though when people get up for school its bright out in shows lets be real IT IS PITCH BLACK. like you wake up for school at the crack of dawn.

people also dont spend like 10 minutes in the hallways chatting. where i went to school there was just this huge flow of people trying to get to class and there was no space or time to stand off to the side.

plus the way you can just walk out of class or ditch isnt realistic. if im gonna be honest beacon hills high school reminded me a lot more of my time in college LOL :D

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There's this one @nti @ntis post about @ntis wanting partners to be the exact same age down to the second or else it's p3d0 and one of them agreed to it??? The odds of finiding someone your exact age down to the flipping second is crazy let alone you also like them!!!

LOL I saw the person who agreed with that post. It’s like “umm you realize the post was made to parody ant/ logic, right?” The point went right over their head. That, or they’re trolling.  

I’ve never met someone with the exact same birthday and birth year as me (I knew one girl in middle school who we had the same bday but she was a year older). 

I’ve known one person who’s birthday was close to mine and that was my neighbor friend growing up. We kind of had small childhood crushes on each other, we would like hold hands and all that. We were born only 5 days apart. I’m older though, so could I date him, or would that make me a pedo?? Even though we’re both 24 now. I mean, I was 5 whole days old when he was a literal newborn, that’s so gross!! /s

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I went to the same high school at Jordyn (we graduated a couple weeks ago) and she doesn't really have to greatest reputation there. She known to of hooked up with a bunch of hockey players and she throws Austons name around all the time to get attention. At our grad she kept going on "I wish my boyfriend Auston was here" and basically complained that he wasn't there the whole time lol! She's hooked up with Jakob Chychrun and Clayton Keller too but she uses Austons name the most

Omfg what the hell

@hufflepunkxvx i mean i was in high school at the time, and she’s like 6 yrs younger than me, so we weren’t in the same age group at all and i interacted with her only tangentially…she would’ve been in elementary to middle school over the 3 years we went to that camp (it was a shakespeare camp lol)

but yeah it’s just crazy to me every time i see a picture of her

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Sorry but i'm curious. What is your relationship with en-jol-rasss? I love how you two reblogging each other.

You don’t have to apologise for being curious, Anon. Curiosity killed the cat but at least it died knowledgeable (look at how deep my words are lol)

I’m afraid the answer below may be a bit corny and/or silly. AND VERY LONG BECAUSE I LOVE TALKING ABOUT MYSELF. You have been warned.

I’ve basically known Jean (das his name) since forever. Seriously, almost since birth, although at first we didn’t see each other, only a couple times because he lived in Paris (that lucky bastard). Through the years we started bonding and seeing each other more and we even went to the same school for some time until he graduated. Growing up he was a lot of things that I could not be even in my best dreams, so I was slightly jealous, and for some fucking reason that only made me want to be by his side more. You know, to learn or whatever. And he was chill with it so we got pretty close during those years.

Nowadays we’re seeing each other much more and I don’t say we’re technically a couple (you need romance for that and we just enjoy goofing around doing stuff… lol) and he’s most definitely not what I’d call a best friend (because someone very special already holds that position) sooo I guess we’re just weird old friends you know. I’ve had him to hold me through thick and thin along the years and he’s had me too and I guess to me that’s what real friendship is, not some other bullshit (and they say sentimentality is dead). We also like the same stuff so I guess that helps. I haven’t really thought about that until I started putting my feelings to words (or words to my feelings idk) so I’m not sure this is solving any doubts you had Anon.

Also I don’t know how he feels because I haven’t asked him and honestly after the embarrassment I’ve put myself through by making this post I don’t think I’m ever gonna lmao. So that’s it. I hope you appreciate what I do for you, Anon (jk)

I just randomly remembered that when Samy and I were 13 and we only just met each other, we tried to convince everyone in the YouTube-Story-Community (which was kind of new back then) that we both lived in the same neighbourhood and that we went to the same school. In reality we barely knew each other. x’D
One year later we finally confessed that this wasn’t true and that I actually live somewhere completely different.

Nobody really cared, lol.

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1. First impression: Oh man I don’t even remember meeting you we’ve known each other for a long time we both went to the same elementary school right?
2. Truth is: It’d be neat to hang out sometime but I’m not sure how often I’ll be back in our hometown
3. How old do you look: You look like 21, I had to go to facebook to find a picture of you tho lol
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes!
5. Have you ever made me mad: No
6. Best feature: You always have such good fashion and hair, you look very good!
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Not that I recall
8. You’re my: Friend from HS
9. Name in my phone: It’s just your name
10. Should you post this too? Yeah sure!

Based on True Events

Teacher: So has anything interesting happened over the weekend?
Classmate: I went to my grandma’s house to bake cookies for the homeless!
Classmate 2: I went to my best friend’s birthday and we got to watch all of the Star Wars movies!
Classmate 3: I got accepted into a really prestigious art school!
Me: I found out that everytime I listen to the MysMe theme in English I start crying really violently lol

My thoughts while watching PLL 708

First post about PLL 
It’s just getting too good! I needed to share my thoughts. Hopefully they make sense. 

- Spencers face in Hanna’s dream sequence at the beginning. Hanna says “Noel’s got more A-ness than any of us” and Spencer says “I wouldn’t put it that way Hanna” then looks forward with kindof a smug smile hiding. wtf? I know its a dream sequence but wtf?

- Hanna’s eyes when she wakes up are fucking scary

- Mary’s DNA is definitely the only thing they can recognize from the lockbox because they’re going to use it later to run a DNA test on someone

- Caleb giving them new phones is definitely a little sketch. Or some weird plan he has that hes not telling the girls about to ~protect~ them

- “ok i think im going to leave” ya emily maybe you should have left when ezra walked in instead of awkwardly standing there

- the writing on ali’s teacup is facing the camera perfectly. whhhhhhyyyy? im being over analytical now but seriously is anything a mistake idk?

- How did Ali’s students know about the black hoodie thing? Its common knowledge in town that they went through something but would the hoodies have been on the news? mmk..

- If this blonde doctor is meant to be the same chick named on the file at the school later (class of 2012) that would make her the same age as the girls. can someone go all the way through med school that quickly? if only we could all get jobs as fast as these girls right out of highschool

- Hanna’s eyes when she woke up at the beginning look like Grunwald’s lol

- when I saw this the first time I thought we were supposed to think Grunwald doesn’t have a reflection hahaha

- they def want us to think Grunwald is implying Caleb is bad

- Spencer is looking for a huge office space for her mom. hmm.

- Why can’t blonde doctor afford to have her office ransacked again? Is she just afraid of getting in trouble at work or is it something else?

- Hanna’s jacket lol

- The “dark” person has a connection to the Radley - i don’t think Grunwald would say this to have it just be someone staying there now or recently, i think its definitely someone who went to before it was converted

- someone punch this brat student in the teeth

- why would they call a teacher to the office in the middle of a class just to ask her how shes doing? wait until freaking class is over - now her class is unattended?

- “take any country drives lately?” wtf are we supposed to take from that

- i def think grunwald is ~passing her vision~ to hanna, trying to imply Noel was the one with the electrocution wand thingy?

- the nosebleed is very Bonnie a la TVD lol

- so did Noel actually push the girl or not?

- “oh thanks pam” lmao

- lmao how addicted to alcohol are you that just seeing a bottle makes you turn into a dog

- weird freaky clown vase/bottle beside aria in the creepy apartment

- what does his mug say? is it just “TGI - (every day of the week) or does it say something else? why is "thank god it’s” a thing in this ep? (thank god its danish day)

- “patients weren’t treated very well and that caused problems” - ive seen others suggest this guy raped mary at radley, but i dont think he’d phrase it this way if that was the case. maybe someone else raped her?

- “that baby was a fighter. UNDERWEIGHT but tenacious” - ok so whoever the child is is SMALL in size/frame. I dont think someone like Andrew for instance would be born underweight and then grow up to be that HUGE. And they wouldnt mention underweight unless it was relevant. (Aria? Spencer? Wren?)

- If hes a doctor or whatever there why is he dressed like fucking Sherlock Holmes lmao

- why would he become a liability at Radley?

- Why do we give a shit about this guy and his daughter? no offence

- It looks like the “you can’t deny human nature. you always return to family in the end” quote freaked out spencer. or was focused on her face for some reason while he said this specifically

- lol ok so literally every person from previous seasons is coming back now. wheres sydney at?

- lol yes paige, she was probably surprised to see you, YA DUNCE

- did we already know that emily and paige were together again? i thought we hadnt seen or heard from her since she got on a plane

- why did she even want Noel’s file? what help would it be to find out shit about him from highschool?

- Nicole is going to be alive and Ezra is going to have to choose and its gonna be all dramatic

- wtf is Hanna doing?

- That kiss from Ezra def came off as a “goodbye forever” type of kiss

- the wedding dress looks kinda prommy

- why is Spencer randddddomly looking at an album?

My LKFF Experience

Sooo! I was requested to do a post/fanaccount thingie from my point of view. I will add some extra things (but they are just for myself since I want to write them down). Here we go!

I arrived on Wednesday evening and just went straight to my hotel. The room was extremely modern and clean, but I found out my wifi was really bad. Every third message I sent just disappeared, and I got sooo frustrated! I couldn’t even update the page.

Suddenly a friend of mine (ELF meet up organizer) posted a photo on FB that she met Donghae. I went crazy since I couldn’t just walk out of my hotel and go after them x_x I was squealing and I felt even more excited than before. He was in the same city as I was ;__;

I still couldn’t believe I was travelling alone to a foreign country though. I spent my evening talking to other ELFs (just barely), and luckily managed to sleep although I didn’t want to. The next morning I woke up, did my things and decided to check out Leicester Square first.

When seeing the theatre itself I was like ‘omg, it’s gonna happen here’. I had never attended a kpop concert or an event like this before. I wasn’t even sure what to expect. I just went around, taking photos and killing time.

When I got bored, I went to use Burger King’s wifi and ended up meeting a friend ahead of scheduled time. We chatted for a while until even more ELFs appeared. When it was time to separate, me and my friend dragged ourselves to a restaurant called New China (where the ELF meet up lunch was going to happen).

The lunch was a success! It was fun talking to the others and finally actually USE English. The staff was also REALLY friendly. The waitress even took photos of us with my camera ^^ When that was over, our whole group went back to Leicester Sq and met others in front of M&M’s World. We just hung around after that, talked and got to know each other. We visited a few kpop shops (Seoul Bakery included) until it started getting dark.

Back at Odeon I went to see the friends who had my ticket, and got it. Banners were also being given out at that point. I got it too and decided to once again snap a few photos of the exterior.

Soon it was already nearing 6pm, so we decided to visit a cafe nearby and have a toilet break. When we came back, it didn’t take long until I got my D&E lightstick too. Then we were all let inside.

I could NOT believe it. I knew I we had front row seats, but actually seeing it and sitting on the seat.. It made me so happy ;; I don’t think I can ever explain the joy I get when I have front row.. The venue was nice since we got to move around and didn’t have to queue or fight to keep our places. We blew our balloons and switched our lightsticks on.

At that time a cameraman came and asked if he could interview us. He said 'this is going to be sent to SM’ and I was like omfg interview me, me me me, pls! In the end I even got to hold the mic. My hands started trembling because of the excitement XD We answered questions like where are we from and who are our favourites, and are we here just so see the boys.. It went well and now I’m just wondering if that clip is ever going to be aired somewhere? (or put on a dvd? documentary? idk!)

When we had calmed down a bit, the mini concert started. The venue turned blue, screams filled the air and we all looked to the back where the boys came from. I could not believe it was happening. They were real people, just like us, looking exactly the same and as beautiful in real life as they do in the pictures. I concentrated on their walking, since it was NORMAL walking and they were still behind the fans. Just like seeing ordinary people in a crowd, exept they had their hair and makeup done, and they were wearing their performance clothing.. They didn’t stand out that much until they were on the stage, on a higher platform than us. (i know this doesn’t make any sense but that’s what i was thinking. and forgive me, i have not seen them before ;_;). It’s really like.. seeing a character from a painting come to life. Just like that, they were there.

The first song was Motorcycle. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that song tends to sound somehow different when performed live. The beat sounds different, just like the tone Donghae’s 'rrock, rrock..’ part. I can’t explain that either, but I heard the difference and it made me soooo happy. I like live versions of Motorcycle more than the studio one.. somehow..

I can’t even remember the order of the songs. Like I had already said - I had to concentrate on so many things at the same time. Firstly waving the lightstick, then trying to hold the balloon, then raising the banner during Still You and at the same time taking photos and videos.. And I wanted to watch the concert with my own eyes, not through the camera lens. I just kept shooting something, hoping that I could get at least a few good shots.

It didn’t get any better when the boys came towards us. I was like one meter away from both of them. In a concert, that’s the best part. I had my camera focused further back, so it was difficult to just suddenly change it while holding a lightstick.. Here are a few examples XD

I bet someone is laughing at my photograpy skills right now, but seriously that’s was how it was like.. That’s normal-people-photography-reality at a concert. (the good ones are inhuman ok?) It was always the same; at first they were far away, until suddenly I go from ’YES, HE IS RUNNING TOWARDS US’ to ’OH FUCK HE IS HERE ALREADY’ with an aftermath of 'OMG HIS CROTCH WAS RIGHT THERE!’.

Like really, Mister Lee Donghae, control your bulge and thighs PLS

All of the songs were over too quickly.. ;_; At first I was confused when they performed 1+1=Love since it’s a new song and I couldn’t recognize it XD Oh No was a blessing, just like Still You. Hearing those songs they usually don’t perform.. Ahh, I want to go back.. T_T During Oppa Oppa we were allowed to stand up, and so we did, and that allowed me to get even closer.. Then Donghae decided it’s a good idea to do this:


When the concert was over, it was MOVIE TIME!! BEWARE OF BADASS!HAE!!!

It was the best movie experience I’ve had, lol. We all reacted at the same time. We squealed and 'WOHOO'ed when Donghae’s face was first shown. He looked so handsome in that school uniform. (The smoking scene was HOT!! I secretly took a video of it..) There was also a scene when Donghae cried, and everyone went 'awwwww’.

The movie itself consisted of four different stories, made by different directors(?). It had lots of swearing, smoking and fighting. When someone in the movie got hit really badly, we all went 'OUUUCH’.. If there was a major plot twist, everyone went 'oooh’ XD And when someone pulled Hae’s hair and beat him down, we were like 'nooooo T^T’. It was so funny even though the movie was dark and a bit confusing at some points.

At the end credits we all screamed and clapped when we saw Donghae’s name ^^

There it is, somewhere in the top four names. (obviously my camera had decided to turn itself to manual focusing and made the picture blurry ..) After that it was time for the Q&A!

I don’t have much to say about that, except Donghae’s adorable shyness.. After fans screamed, he always got shy ;_; He looked like a brave kid trying to do something alone (without Hyuk lmaooo).. And he was so, so, SO gorgeous in his suit T_T While I was taking pictures, I was thinking 'HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO PHOTOGENIC’. That mofo looks perfect of every angle and his smile was just as handsome as his blank expression XD

When Hyukjae came onstage, fans went crazy about the lap sitting moment. It was the cutest everrrrrr! Hyuk put his hand behind Donghae’s back and looked at him sweetly..

In the end they stood together on stage and just talked for a bit. They mentioned their new album too. Not sure if the word 'DNA’ has something to do with it. (like holy shit my mind is only taking that with a dirty meaning..). After a while the official photographers appeared, taking a picture of the boys and fans. Donghae decided to take out his phone too, and that’s when we all just ran to the front. I’m not sure if someone signaled us to do it or gave permission, but somehow we just did and I had my hands full of stuff. My camera was with me and apparently I took a photo of them (can’t remember that happening LOL) while Hae was getting ready to take his picture.

And oh my god, I managed to get myself in it. Here it is, once more. Credits to the owner (BLESS HIM)

I’m the one with the Swing snapback. That is probably my new favourite photo of all time ;___; It’s a proof that I was there, so close to the people I cherish.. (you can see the camera in my hands lolllllll)

Then it was over. I was exhausted, but I didn’t feel like crying. I was so happy of all the things that happened! I just slowly made my way out of the theatre and talked to the fans I had met earlier. We were all too hyped to leave.

When I finally went back to my hotel, I just stayed in my bed, going through all the photos over and over again.

And that was my LKFF experience! Next up is SS6 ^^

Myojo 2014.3 NEWS Interview: “Criticism & Praise Urgent Meeting”
In their article this month each member talked individually about their own activities. I only translated their advice for the other members because that’s what I found most interesting :D

Criticism for Shige:
You’re good at seeing the bigger picture of things, but you don’t see anything within a 30cm radius. When you’re facing me and talking you’re constantly spilling the tea on the table since you’re only paying attention to me. Pay more attention to your surroundings!
Masuda: I think that lately the brands of clothing we wear have been too similar… The stores we usually shop at have always resembled each other, but what we wear has become even more similar than before. Anyway, please avoid wearing the same clothing as me when we meet (lol).
Tegoshi: Occasionally there are times when you don’t say the words “thank you.” When Shige asks me to hand over a magazine and I do it, I’m ignored. In junior high I went to a school where there were tense relationships between the older and younger members participating in clubs, so maybe I’m too concerned about this.
Praise for Shige:
Koyama: You were cool when you appeared on the TV program Qsama!! in the “Intellectual Ikemen Group”~. Even though Shige was second in turn to answer and you could’ve chosen a low difficulty question, you suddenly tried the most difficult level 10. You were shining!
Masuda: When we’re drinking alcohol together in private there are times I think “Shige’s really cool.” So I think it would be great if the fans could also see you being natural more. I want you to appear in a program where you’re followed around on a private trip or something!
Tegoshi: You have a good-looking face and are cool even when you’re not doing anything in particular. Because your eyes are big and bright I think women’s clothing would definitely suit you and I want you to try it! Let’s transform you into a beautiful model with a dark fashion style.

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Best Friends?

I sat on my couch watching my favorite movie, Coraline. I brought my coffee cup up to my lip and let the hot liquid soothe my throat. I let out a little sigh after I brought the cup away from my lips.

I hated being sick.

I paused the movie for a minute, even though I had seen it so many times before. I placed my coffee cup on the coffee table and walked over to the kitchen to grab my phone, from the counter. I had one message from my best friend, Jack Gilinsky. Yes I’m best friend’s Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson. I’ve been in school with them since we were 5. I thought they were the coolest kids ever because they both were named Jack and they were wearing the same shirt the first day I met them.

They helped me throughout everything I’ve ever been through. We all were in our senior year of high school and we were trying make it the best year yet.


you wanna chill today?(:

To Gilinsky🙈

i would but I feel like shit lol


I’ll be over in 10 with some surprises

God I love him

I took my phone and went back to laying on the couch. I grabbed a blanket curled up on the couch and watched the rest of Coraline while I waited. I felt myself dozing off.

“Wake up, sweetie.” I heard someone whisper to me. My eyes fluttered opened and I saw Jack standing over my along with his other best friend Sammy. I met Sammy in the 1st grade and we all became a big bunch of best friends. Sammy was extremely attractive and I’ve always had a little school girl crush on him but I mean what girl wouldn’t? He was one attractive kid.

I say up at and rubbed my eyes, immediately putting my hand on my head feeling overwhelmingly nauseous for a minute.

“Are you ok?” Jack asked concered.

“Uh yeah. I just got really nauseous for a moment.” I sat on the couch and grabbed my phone.

“So me and Sammy brought you some of your favorite thangs.” Jack said nudging me.

“Sooo we got you,” he paused and reached into his Target box. “Some Skittles.” He said smiling. I giggled and grabbed them from him.

“I picked those out.” Sammy said sitting on the other side of me.

“Thank you Sammy boy.” I said messing with his hair and putting my head on his shoulder. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jack’s jaw clench. I gave my attention back to Jack and he looked out a smile back on his face.

“We also got you Mean Girls, because we know that’s your second favorite movie. We also got you some medicine and a shit load of candy for us to smash on while we watch this movie.” Jack said putting everything on the coffee table. I pulled Jack and Sammy into for big hugs.

“You guys are the best people ever.” I said

“Now let’s watch this movie!” Sammy said getting up and slipping the movie in.

We were in the middle of the movie and it was getting late. I yawned and laid my head in Sammy’s shoulder, cuddling into him. Jack stifled a cough but I brushed it off. Sammy kissed my head and positioned me to lay on his lap. I laid my legs on Jacks lap and my head on Sammy’s lap. Sammy started to play with my hair and I was drifting to sleep. I stirred a little but when I heard Jack get up.

“Are you ok Jack?” I was.

“Just great.” He replied not making eye contact with me.

“Well then.” I mumbled.

I heard a phone go off. It was Sammy’s.

“It’s getting late. I think I’m gonna get going hon.” He said and I got up of his lap slowly to avoid another migraine.

“Thank you so much for coming over Sammy.” I said hugged him. He kissed my cheek just as Jack walked in.

“No problem babe. I’ll see you at school on Monday.” He left and Jack came and sat next to be still not looking at me.

“Jack what’s wrong?” I said scooting closer and touched his arm. He immediately pulled away.

“Nothing. I’m fucking great.” He said in a sarcastic tone.

“Jack what’s your problem? You’ve had this fucking attitude ever since the movie started.”

“Why don’t you go ask your little boyfriend Sammy?” He spit at me.

“W-what?” I said confused.

“You heard me.” He said getting up.

“Woah, woah wait. Sammy and I are not a thing. Even if we were why would you care?”


I just looked on in complete shock.

“Y-you love me?” I said quietly.

“No y/n. I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you every since I first met you. You were the most gorgeous person I’ve ever laid eyes on. But that doesn’t fucking matter because you deserve Sammy. Someone who is more attractive and will give you everything that you want. Not me because I jus-”

I cut him off my kissed him. He was stiff for a minute but them immediately put his hands on my waist, deepening the kiss. I put my arms around his neck. I pulled away for a minute and whispered in his ear.

“Sammy doesn’t have shit on you Jack.” I said giggling.

“You don’t understand how happy you make me.”

“I think I do-”

“But y/n, you don’t get it. I’ve loved you since the moment I laid my eyes in you in kindergarten. You little hair was flowing just past your little shoulders and your little sundress made me heart flutter. To me you’ll always be the most beautiful girl ever. I want to spend my life with you and kiss you whenever I want. I want to show people that your mine. I just love you so much.” Jack said.

I pulled him in for another kiss.

“I couldn’t have said it any better, Gilisnky.” I said. He kissed my nose and we cuddled on the couch for the rest of the night.

My phone went off.

you make me so happy. @y/t/n

and it was a picture of you laughing at the movie you guys were watching.

You kissed Jack on this cheek and cuddled into his chest.

"Mine.” He whispered in your ear.

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I was at work and a boy came to my checkout, and I immediately recognized him from Grindr. I didn't say anything but I wrote my username on his receipt and he messaged me later that night to ask me out. I told him I was afraid to ask him out during my shift and I apologized but he said I didn't need to because he felt the same way. we're meeting tomorrow night for our first date. bowling and ice cream ftw 😍

This is adorable tbh sksbskbdks
One of my coworkers (who has since left my job) always used grindr and one time he found someone who went to my high school and then the kid from my school literally came in the next week and we were both screaming, it was amazing (and oddly similar to your story except they didn’t end up together lol)