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Kriffing stars, you two!” Bodhi exclaims.

Jyn and Cassian spring apart, so abruptly Jyn makes a sound like a startled animal and Cassian almost falls off the pilot’s seat, as if that would be good enough to erase what Bodhi had seen when he stormed into the cockpit.

“Can you guys save this for later? Like when you have a room?” Bodhi continues, fully aware of the red rising in Jyn’s cheeks, matching the angry looking marks on her neck. He loved teasing new couples. 

“Is everyone okay? I heard a lot of noise for a person delivering a status report to two peo- oh Jyn, your body temperature is rising rapidly,” Kay leans in the the doorway. 

“I’m fine, Kay,” Jyn snarls. 

“You don’t look fine.”

“She’s fine Kay. Bodhi, take Kay back with you.”

“You don’t look fine either, Cassian. Your heart rate is much higher than your normal resting rate, and your face is incredibly pale. Should I administer treatment for shock?” Kay continues. Bodhi couldn’t tell if Kay was doing it on purpose, but couldn’t help but chuckle. 

“Kay. We’re good. Go take Bodhi with you to check the inventory. We’re set for landing soon.” 

“Actually, Cassian, we still have approximately two standard hours bef-” 

Kay.” Cassian looks pained. 

“Let’s go,” Bodhi says, pulling Kay by the arm, failing to hide the smirk on his face. “He knows how to get Jyn back to normal, right Cass?” Jyn looks mortified.

“I don’t think his methods would be better than mine,” Kay replies and Bodhi doubles over with laughter. Cassian glares at Bodhi as he and the droid head back to the hold. 

New couples, man. Wait till Luke heard about this one. 

Verb Explanations: Haber

¡Hola! Today we’re going to talk about the Spanish verb Haber. Haber is one of the verbs that are ESSENTIAL to learn due to the usage in idiomatic expressions and compound tenses. In this post, we’ll explore the various forms of Haber and their usages.

Infinitivo: Haber

English Definition: To have (done); to be (state of being, idiomatic)

Participio Presente: habiendo

Habiendo olvidado, no respondió al mensaje.

Having forgotten, he didn't respond to the message.

Participio Pasado: Habido

Han habido incidentes.

There had been accidents.

Presente (Indicativo):

He hecho la comida.

I have made the food.

This tense is a very widely used due to its usage as an auxiliary verb. In perfect tenses (I have…), Haber serves as the auxiliary verb. The translation of this form to “have” is confusing for many, because it is not the same thing as tener. Tener is a transitive possessive verb meaning to have something; however, haber is used as the auxiliary verb saying this action has been completed and it is in the past.


Hubo una tormenta.

There was a storm.


Había cocinado solamente la carne cuándo él comió todo.

I had only cooked the meat when he ate everything.


Habrá tráfico hoy.

There will be traffic today.


Yo habría hecho eso si regresara.

I would have done that if he had returned.

Presente del subjuntivo:

Ojalá que haya trabajos para mí cuando salgo escuela.

I hope that there are jobs for me when I leave school.

Imperfecto del subjuntivo:

Yo estaría feliz si él hubiera hecho esto.

I would be happy if he had done this.

Las frases idiomático:

Hay que —- It is necessary to

Había una vez —- Once Upon a Time

There you go! A short explanation of this very useful verb in Spanish!

I wanna stream for bastille day but we might be seeing Tamachan’s new show…would people still be interested if it’s a couple days late XD

Basically it’s just gonna be berubara heck…possibility of eritandre if i watch through the next 7 years’ worth Really Fast but otherwise kaname and mori/icchan for sure, maybe junko/taako and komu (various andres available!), and i’d really like to inflict 2001 takahana fma on y’all

(2001 fma is one of the only takahana shows that can be used with the verb ‘inflict’ lol they gave it their all and it was NOT ENOUGH but i bet it’d be funny in a group viewing)


Get your mind out of the gutter on that last one. :p

Thank you all so, so much for 6,000 followers! I’m so sorry it took me a few days to post anything about it. (I’ve been out of town doing bridesmaid stuff. :3) Honestly, it floors me every time I hit another milestone like this. I’m just so, so glad you all like the blog, even as it’s branching out somewhat beyond parks&rec. Always, your comments and messages mean so much to me, and it means the absolute world when I can make somebody laugh or brighten their day a little. You guys are all awesomesauce. <3 I freakin’ love all of ya. 

Please enjoy this weirdo photo-edited wordplay nonsense. Once I realized, I couldn’t resist. X3

  • Me when I started learning English : I have to be careful and use the right tense and the right vocabulary and the right prepositions omg what if native speakers make fun of me because I used the wrong word or spelled it wrong? My English has to be irreproachable.
  • Me now : lol what is verb preposition who. meaning is fake sweatie :) bie

Jun eating takoyaki, burning his mouth, and feeding kissmes~ (´艸`〃)

SUCCUMB - (suh-kuhm) - verb


  • to give way to superior force; yield
  • to yield to disease, wounds, old age, etc.; die

Related forms:

  • noun - succumber    

Example sentence:

  • Most victims of animal bites survive the initial blood loss, only to later succumb to an infection.

Stovenly thinks:

  • if you take just the last two panels that’s basically how i flirt
  • nurse and all
BTS’s comeback trailer 花样年华/화양연화 means ‘the age of blossoms’ or ‘the flowery years’, a very ephemeral concept to describe the years in one’s youth, alike to blossoming flowers, pretty, yet not everlasting. If you break it down, 花/화: flower, 樣/양: appearance, 年/연: year, 華/화: blooming. In the song, Yoongi is expressing his life as fleeting, subtlety, yearning and lasting, how terrifying he was as a ‘seed’, all clean and grand, yet also desolate, and how the time in his life is blooming like flowers, and that his most beautiful and happiest moments in his life is right now,
—  with BTS