lol underwear

i love how men like to bring up the most extreme and outlier examples when you argue with them about women issues? like legit they will be like “women shouldn’t be walking around with just panties on it’s illegal!” like son when have you seen a woman walk around in public with nothing on except underwear lol? like they have to use worthless examples that almost never happen to get their invalid point across lmao

Bitty's Hot Mess Hazeapalooza

I couldn’t sleep the other night, so I jotted down some notes about how I imagine “hazeapalooza” going with Bitty as captain.

  • It starts out the same as always. They break off into small groups of two or three guys to kidnap their newest recruits.
  • The boys are blindfolded and walked to Faber.
  • Where they are given cozy sweaters.
  • A blanket is also laid out on the ice so that it’s a little more comfortable to kneel on.
  • There IS pie in hazing. The newbies are “forced” to eat an entire pie each as part of their hazing, but the pies are so delicious that nobody minds. 

Bitty: “Now is the part of hazing where everyone states their food-based allergies or dietary restrictions! Mwahahaha!”

  • Bitty also quizzed them all earlier about their favourite flavours/dietary restrictions/allergies/etc but he wanted to be sure nothing was missed.
  • Everyone is still expected to howl, but Bitty remembers Jack’s "shouldn’t frogs croak?” challenge from when he was hazed with the frogs. He knows Jack would be pleased if Bitty changed that nonsensical part of the tradition.
  • He starts to change it to “croak” but remembers these aren’t frogs or even tadpoles. 

Bitty: “Make the best approximation of what you think a frog’s egg sounds like! Hahaha! Quiet gurgling? A squishing sound? It’s up to you!!”
Nursey: “Yo, Bits. What are frog eggs even called?”
Bitty: “Oh, um…”
Freshmen: *various squishy sound effects* *one guy gargles some beer and starts coughing* *another dude just croaks because he doesn’t know what to do* *the fourth guy howls because why not?*
Chowder: “Wikipedia just calls it ‘frogspawn’ but…”
Whiskey: “Ew.”
Dex: “Do what you want, but I’m not calling any guys 'spawn.’ Just putting that out there.”
Tango: “Why not?”
Chowder: “Maybe we should just call them 'eggs’…”
Bitty: “Agreed.” *turns back to the freshmen* “Now y'all be good little eggs and finish your pie or else you won’t be getting any dessert.”
Egg#1: This is the best picnic ever.
Egg#2: Dude, totally. College rocks!
Ollie and Wicks: *fistbump*