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Prompto's underwear
Final Fantasy XV
Prompto's underwear

Prompto: Awww man! My underwear’s soaked. (;へ:)

Noctis: I… really hope that’s from the river…  (°-°;)

Ignis: Weighed down a wee bit.╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ "


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Broken Promises’

One of my sexy followers wanted to make sure the ass is real…I’m def the guy in the pics and videos #inreallife lol…underwear provided by 🍑💯👀

Mr. Teen Lawrence

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to pick our very own Mr. Teen Lawrence! Everyone, please, grab a beer and find a seat as we announce our competitors!”

In which Charlie is way too persuasive and Dean wonders how he’s going to survive judging an impromptu Mr. Teen Lawrence pageant. (1.6k)

A/N: I just finished rereading ten things we did (and probably shouldn’t have) and I got ideas. :D So this is based on the Mr. Teen Universe scene.


“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to pick our very own Mr. Teen Lawrence! Everyone, please, grab a beer and find a seat as we announce our competitors!”

Charlie and Jo were flushed and grinning as they shouted to the crowd gathered by the lake in the center of Lawrence Community Park. Four guys were standing at the edge of the dock: Victor was smiling and waving at everyone watching, Kevin was blushing – from alcohol or embarrassment, it was hard to tell – Ash was flexing his muscles and hamming it up for the crowd, and Cas? Cas was smiling at the antics of the others, though he caught Dean’s gaze for a brief moment and winked. Dean flushed and turned away, hoping that the red in his cheeks wouldn’t be obvious in the late evening light.

Cas didn’t know that Dean had been harboring a crush on his friend for the better part of a year. He didn’t even know that Dean was bi. Only Charlie did, and that was only because she’d borrowed his computer once and saw his Google search history. He knew it was his own fault for not clearing “is it weird to like guys and girls” and “how do i know if i’m bi” from the results, but still. He’d sworn her to secrecy and so far she’d done a great job of not telling anyone.

Until now, that is, when she’d decided that Dean would be the perfect fourth judge for her and Jo’s impromptu beauty pageant. He’d glared at her and said he would do no such thing, but she’d frowned and pleaded, “But we need a fourth judge!”

“Pick someone else then,” Dean had said, glancing at the chosen contestants. He couldn’t judge a beauty pageant, not when they were choosing between guys, and especially not when one of the guys was Cas. “Besides,” he said, hoping to change the subject, “Charlie. You’re a lesbian.”

She shrugged, and Dean wondered how much she’d had to drink. “So? Doesn’t mean I can’t pick out a hot bod. And anyway, at least my opinion will be objective. Unlike some people’s.” She poked Dean in the chest and winked, and Dean felt his face turn red.

“If I do this will you stop teasing me about Cas?”

Charlie tilted her head, considering.

“At least for a week?”

She grinned. “Deal.”

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fire emblem tryna tell me Camilla rides a dragon in bikini bottoms and high heels ?? ?