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Friend: If you speak to me in BTS lyrics again I’m outta this bitch

Me: No, not today! Don’t dasi run run run away from me on a beautiful Spring Day. I need u! I didn’t put my blood, sweat, and tears into this damn friendship for you to leave like a butterfly. I’ll be a lo-lo-lo-lonely whale, save me from the fire that is being awake, but alone. My day cannot begin without you *cries dramatically*

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kinda funny how most of ur followers actually followed u bc theyre interested in ur skin care tag and stuff and now that u got all the attention ur replies are just so... rude? like what would it cost u if u helped a girl with her skin care routine? honestly... replying with "pay me" isnt really nice lol,,,, where's ur "girl power" now? :/ idk ... lmao unfollowed

Do you ever read something and you can just feel the whiteness and liberal feminism radiating from it.
This is so funny for so many reasons because “now youve got all the attention” as if i need it or as if i didnt have it beforehand or irl.
also “what does it cost u to help a girl out with her routine” it costs fucking at least 45 minutes and me asking her 81929 questions beforehand. It costs me not doing productive things that i couldve done instead, like my actual fucking job, taking care of my grandpa and my 6 cats, cleaning, housekeeping, cooking, gardening, and much much more that i need to do every day.
Its sooo funny that you use “feminism” as your argument here because this is the most ignorant thing ive ever read. You expect me to do intellectual labour for free for everyone. All day. The fact that you obviously dont know how much work it would be do make a fucking routine up for someone from scratch as if im their personal fucking dermatologist and esthetician, who get paid like $100 for this shit and think ill just do it for free and the fact that you think that just because theyre women im not allowed to be rude when theyre ignorant is literally so fucking stupid. Also its so obvious that you dont know shit about this so why the fuck are you criticising me on MY labour that you dont know shit about? you dont fucking know what it takes or how long i spend reading and researching in a day and you have the audacity to send me angry ANONYMOUS messages about how “wrong” i am.
Also if my replies are “soooo rude :///”, what the fuck would your dumb ass do if you got 30 of the same fucking questions a day, that couldve been answered if some idiots scrolled down for 10 seconds.
Your “feminist” ass really thinks that women are supposted to do intellectual labour for free and arent allowed to be angry. Girl if you dont get your ass our of here.

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No offense bht ive been following u forever and u annoy the shit out of me likr the only reason i follow you is bc u reblog decent stuff

…. u r fully aware that this message is like not necessary lol and if I annoy you please fuckin unfollow me because 1) I don’t care 2) ur so rude???? 3) :// there r so many things that I worry about on the daily basis!! Being followed by some1 who has enough time to send shitty messages like this isn’t one of them . Thx u can unfollow me now

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Do you have any good ereri fics you can recommend? I am seriously lost and I can't find good ones anymore ;-; they could be one-shots, finished fics or still on going, whichever you want, but please help me ç-ç

oh my anon, u r in for a ride~~ i forgot way many fics off of this list probably, but hopefully u will find something to read here!! when it comes to fics i only read complete fics w fairly happy endings, and also for some reason i seem to prefer one/twoshots ??? and like i dont give a flying cock abt who tops/bottoms, ngl i am a huge slut for bottom eren but like i dont differentiate w ereri/riren

u’ve probably had the same couple of fics recced at u thousand times so here are also some lesser known ones that are way fuckin great in my opinion and deserve more recognition~~ i tried to avoid featuring more than one fic from each author but pls check out their other work as well!!

classic ereris

words are trivial - the first ever ereri fic i read and i was instantly i n l o v e like gdi they are so ic in this one and its super realistic tbh p l s read this its great, exactly how i would imagine ereris happening in canon

five years time - m an y e e s s !!! continuing with the classic ereris bc im always a slut for touch-starved eren tbh. the only problem i have w this fic is that i need like 100000k more of it

the misanthrope - this fic srsly needs to be recced more!!!! i dont understand why this isnt on every person’s rec list bc this right here is the very definition of classic ereris. canonverse au, cutie eren meets grumpy scouting legion veteran levi.

playing favorites - this is literally so what i am about ,this is everything iwant in life pls i need more ereri fics like this i cant function srsly when i think abt this fico kok, levi spoils eren bc lbr that boy deserves all the nice things

morning breath - maaan this is just really nice and smooth and leisurely, def a classic piece of ereri

not to curry flavor - two of my favorite things, ereri and descriptions of food~~ levi worries for his lil cutie and cooks him a meal

the art of wooing - okokok i dont like reccing several fics from the same author but this is too cute!!!! titan eren woos levi w rocks!!! pls read!!!!

cool ass aus

pastel eren - yyyYYWEEEEAAA pastel eren!!! i love pastel eren in case u havent noticed

wisdom lost - yeEEE this was super great and hilarious, eren gets his wisdom teeth remove and is rly damn high and then they fuck~~ 

look at me (the way i look at you) - MY CHRISTMAS PRESETN!!!! its super fluffy and cute, and u can def read this even if its not christmas. eren gets sick and levi cares for him and pines hardcore

always - do u wanna cry~~ short as balls and sad but also fluffy

window washer au - a number of drabbles abt window washer eren and office worker levi whos smitten w him~~ 

gross kinks

what a catch - pwp daddy kink, i have no excuses tbh u can judge me all u want lol

blood sticks - and now for something completely different ahahahahahahahhhhhh. sorry i know i am a terrible person and ok the violent descriptions kinda make me cringe but ngl i love a masochistic eren

precious gift - ok o kok so before u unfollow me for reccing this, pls consider a moment. theres some srs noncon and other fucked up shit right here, but the author recognizes it and doesnt try to pass it off as a healthy relationship. the petplay here is written rly damn well like a+++

the greatest view - ahahaaa compared to the others this isnt actually gross at all, some great bondage and dirty talk and praise kink and bottom levi

forest boy - frickles in the woods~~ idk somehow this has a rly beautiful mood 

dragon’s blood - rly damn sensual pwp, like holy hell man and omg i jUST NOTICED RIGHT NOW THIS IS BY RARYU???? WTF I DIDNT KNOW THIS WAS UR FIC OMG IM DUMB

coming clean - literally super filthy smut, oh my~~ 

didn’t find anything nice and now are forever disgusted by my tastes? here are some other peoples’ rec lists:

cat’s recs (both ongoing and finished and also pwps, quality person and an ereri connoisseur, we have remarkably similar tastes loool)

fuzzyporcupine’s recs (a fuckload of fics, rly damn well organized, most of them quality except for that one dentist au lol who even wrote that) (srsly this was the first ever rec page i ever found my stuff on and promptly shat a brick)

bfketh’s smut recs aaayy (so many dicks, also some erurirens so avert ur eyes if that isnt ur thing)

vaneh’s recs (rly damn aesthetic posts, will look way pretty on ur blog when u reblog them, well organized and described, the only downside is that a few of my fics r on here lol) (but tbh if ur following me then im p sure that u dont mind this type of content)

pom-pom-pomodoro’s fluffy recs (!!!!fluffy, u had me at fluffy)

kitty’s fic recs (rly damn quality person once again, a lot of well known fics but tbh u will probs find trashy porn as well bc she loves ass)

corporalmizuki’s recs (other ships than ereri also included)

and also the ereri fic rec tag, its p quiet there most of the time but ive found a couple of nice things there~~