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He wasn’t !! lmao

Me, writing a story about a mage: THEN HE REACHED FOR HIS STAFF AND–

Me to myself: Where was his staff?  Was it conveniently nearby?  Was it magically stuck to his back like in every video game with wizards ever?  Should I go into great depth and explain this?  Will my readers care?

Me, waving hand noncommittally and continuing to write: –ANYWAY, IT WAS THERE, AND HE REACHED FOR IT

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Omg you guys something amazing occurred to me just now

My mom once told me that when she was a kid she fell in love with the movie The Sound of Music, but she hated that you never found out what happened to the characters after the movie ended. So she told me that she wrote a bunch of stories about what happened afterwards.

And it didn’t occur to me until just now, but… Fanfiction. She was writing fanfiction.

I have never been prouder to carry on a family legacy. Fixing canon is officially in my blood.


better watch your mouth boiii ;)

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