lol trolled u

Luke treating Calum like the baby he is

How Luke will allow Calum to do annoying things, but won’t yell at him and how he’ll treat him like a little baby that he is 

We all fucking know half of the things Cal does to Luke, he would have yelled if it was someone else. favoritism at its finest

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Or maybe you are just mad because the new Doctor isn't pretty anymore.


dude, what are you talking about, have you even seen the new doctor?



What if Villager Could Pocket Mega Man’s Final Smash?

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lol r u trolling them or r u forreal

lol i’ll be trolling when moffat was just “trolling” when he said he thought his own wife when she was fat from childbirth was disgusting, when he said sherlock and john just werent wired that way (which yall dutifully ignored even though he and the main cast said they arent fucking gay numerous times) but had no problem making a lesbian straight which yet again you annoying assholes all ignored and actually said that she somehow signified johns latent bisexuality, or that women are a bunch of man-stealing harpies who havent achieved anything in life until theyre married, 

or when graceebooks who is a LAWYER illegally by both state law AND 221bcon rules recorded AND published to youtube the 221bcon even going there specifically to bully people which she made a post fucking bragging about and made a CSA victim cry on stage since she had to relive her trauma because grace wouldnt let it fucking go. or the fact that shes a dusty-ass 31 year old STRAIGHT woman who screamed in public that she loves gay sex which is SO fucking disgusting and embarrassing. not to mention this old hag is assimilating with a bunch of minors and drug them along to make them way overly invested in a fucking tv show to the point where they were suicidal when,w o w, it didnt fucking happen just like the creators said it wouldnt!!! yet she takes no responsibility for (which she did before back when glee was a big thing; she basically took over the whole fandom for one gay ship and when it didnt end up happening that group of people kicked her the fuck out and she moved on to sherlock), or the fact that shes such an over sensitive petty bitch that she blocked me; not just unfollowed me, or had a discussion with me, but BLOCKED ME, for putting in a TAGGED READMORE that i couldnt watch the show anymore because i felt like it was too offensive.

or when all the tljcers were ‘just kidding’ when they bullied people in the group for shipping shitlock and john with any woman OR man, hated on any woman who came within 20 feet of those two characters and literally wanted all of them at one point or another to die, bullied female cast members they felt like they were getting too close to shitlock or john, bullied anyone who liked elementary that they had to make a whole new tag just to keep you fuckers out, or screamed ‘REPRESENTATION’ in the show yet didnt deem the proper representation or respect of women, people of color, and lesbians to be anything worth your concern.

so ill be just kidding when all of your bullshit was just kidding