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*I playful smirk with a ting of pink coloring my cheeks* A kiss?~ *grabbing Laito I pull him in for long sensual kiss* How's that for a kiss~ ;) (okay I'm crawling back to the cringy hell I crawled out of lol. I tried to make this one a bit more creative. My writing skills suck. Sorry for the late reply tumblr didn't give me a notification that you answered this. This for the birthday one I sent in. Hope you're having an awesome day :)*

Laito: Mh~ *kisses you back more passionately* That’s a good kiss, Bitch-chan~ nfu~

[MTK: Don’t worry and thanks :D]

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I'm not attacking you here bc I love your blog but how the heck can you call Emma tinkerbelle when she's literally a murderer?? It's just a lil weird

haha well tinkerbelle is known for being very feisty and sulky and one day this scene happened and i could never look at emma without thinking of tink again

she’s tiny and feisty (and a murderer) and i really like her. i know she’s not a good person (she tries tho lol) but she’s a good character, and i enjoy her a LOT


Finally finished editing my Allura makeup tutorial! It was so much fun to do, so I hope to make more videos in the future. It’s my first time making one so I’m a little nervous;; please tell me if you enjoyed it! Feel free to check out my youtube channel if you’re interested 💕 


lmao I forgot I made this so I finished it.
this was just a little inside joke I was discussing about sugar daddy Viktor being extra af