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shakespeare / romeo & juliet

A glooming peace this morning with it brings;
The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head:
Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things;
Some shall be pardon’d, and some punished:
For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

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Robin x Sanji for the kid prompt? :3c




Annoyed and frustrated Yoongi

Hey anon! So…I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind but I tried LOL

~Requests for texts are open!

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It's kind of hard to tell what Jonghyun fansites are active and not. Do you have a list of all of? Them the old ones if that isn't too hard to do?

lucky for you, anon, i have absolutely nothing to do right now so forgive me if this list seems a little more in-depth than usual or more in-depth than you were expected (or wanting, lol). i tried my best to split them into four categories: active, semi-active, inactive / on hiatus and closed. you can use this page to find direct links to fansite tags on the blog but a forewarning that i haven’t updated it for … a long time. i’d say well over a year - if not close to a year and a half so there’s a lot of newer fansites that are missing along with fansites that are closed that haven’t been moved into that category yet. i’m going to work on a new page for fansites when my university semester finishes tho! fansites that have a ♡ are ones that have opened in the last two months! it’s also likely that i may have skipped over one or two by accident but i think it’s pretty thorough otherwise.


active [criteria for: fansites that actively post. fansites that have posted either high quality or preview fancams / pictures of jonghyun in the last month. bolded sites are most active.]

agape (jongtae)
bam (ot5)
close to you
dankanbang (ot5)
dans ma bulle (jongtae)
decalcomanee (jongyu)
flos paradiso (ot5)
guilty pleasure
illpjontaem2 (jongtae)
ideal boy
jbluezyh ♡
j for you
jonghyun world ♡
love belt
maruko / jjongdppp
miracle (jongkey)
moment shiny (ot5)
only you
peach planet (ot5)
perfect reason
savior (ot5)
soundshine (ot5)
spring fantasy (ot5)
touchdown ♡
total: thirty five

semi-active [criteria for: fansites that semi-actively post. fansites that have posted either high quality or preview fancams / pictures of jonghyun in the last four or so months. the cut off that i’m going to make here, date wise, will be the year end gayo festivals.]

babe powder
base on you (jongyu)
bling effect
by all means
counting night (ot5)
dear. tender boy
first and foremost (ot5)
four season
hahadoris (ot5)
jjong jjong jjong
must romantic
promise (ot5)
something special
sunflowers0408 (germany based)
sweet poison
zorro (heena)
total: twenty four

inactive / on hiatus [criteria for: fansites that have either confirmed that they are on a hiatus from posting or that have not posted either high quality or preview fancams / pictures of jonghyun in the last ten months. fansites that have not posted any of the aforementioned but still tweet or retweet material onto their fansite twitters during that timeframe also fall in this category.]

20080525net (ot5)
abnormal temperature (jongkey)
almightyblings (jongkey)
caprice (jongyu)
dazzling diamond (ot5)
evening glow
graze (ot5)
head over heels (jongkey)
hello pocket boy
hohyun (jongho) (china based)
hohyuner (jongho) (china based)
holyblood (ot5)
hyunstar (china based)
i’m sorry
kimkibumssi (ot5)
little crazy
melt on you (jongyu)
mjeijkei (ot5)
never guess (ot5)
perfect score (jongtae)
rock on killer
teaone (ot5)
sweet candy (ot5)
until forever (ot5)
total: twenty seven

closed [criteria for: fansites that have either confirmed that they have closed or that have been gone for more than ten months without posting anything on either their fansite twitter or website. a note that most of these fansites went inactive awhile ago. fansites that have closed or went 10 onth+ inactive in the last year will have a ♡ after them.]

2btogether (jongkey)
5 diamonds (ot5)
april dream ♡
aya0_0panda (ot5)
apple eye
b-612 asteroid (jongho)
beloved (jongkey)
best place
bling sprite
brillantez (jongkey)
bunch of flowers
company j
contract of kims (jongkey)
dark room ♡
fatal attraction (jongkey)
feel so good
goodnight moon
honeyspirit (ot5)
hyunmin (jongtae)
kiss just heaven
kim brothers (jongkey)
let me die (jongkey)
look at me (jongtae)
love thank you like
midnight blue ♡
ming with bling (jongho)
mix match (jongkey)
mong for j
may and miracle
no doubt boy!
one in a million
onjong (jongyu)
panic station (jongkey) ♡
pink rabbit (ot5)
pride of j
temptmint (jongyu)
rainbow star
shineeing (ot5)
soul and sense
soulmate (jongkey)
strange romance (jongtae)
sympathy for jonghyun
take me out ♡
the bling
yoyoyuan (ot5)
total: sixty one


Finally finished editing my Allura makeup tutorial! It was so much fun to do, so I hope to make more videos in the future. It’s my first time making one so I’m a little nervous;; please tell me if you enjoyed it! Feel free to check out my youtube channel if you’re interested 💕 

Happy Motivational Monday everyone! Sorry I missed last monday, but I figured  Arin would be a good one next for yall, and as a bonus, as per the grump, heres the rest of his tweet aahaha

psa for the yoi fandom: russian names & how to use them

I’m going to start by swearing this isn’t me just complaining but a general resource for the Yuri on Ice fandom because I’ve noticed some mistakes in the naming conventions used among the fandom and want to help correct them. Especially in how the fandom treats diminutives. I absolutely love seeing the huge amount of interest in Russian diminutives, etc. in fanart and fics and hopefully this breakdown will help continue that trend and interest and even spur some more ideas in fandom content.

So let’s go through some important details below the cut!

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